Top 50 Best Anime Boys With Long Hair

Long hair expresses something far more significant in the anime universe. Have you ever wondered why feudal Japanese samurai characters had the longest hair? It’s because it symbolizes dignity and power. Most anime guys with long hair stand out and draw everyone’s attention, it just screams husbando material.

So, if you enjoy watching handsome anime guys with long hair, then keep reading because we have compiled a fantastic list and all of the top 50 anime boys with long hair!

1. Himura Kenshin From Rurouni Kenshin

himura kenshin anime guys with long hair

Himura Kenshin is a hot anime boy with long, red hair tied up in a ponytail, what makes him stand out is his exceptional talent as a skilled swordsman. One thing that adds some extra charm to his personality is the scar on his face which was itself a testimonial of his skills.

He may appear to be a rude person, but he has never hurt anyone with his words and has always been concerned about other people’s feelings. Himura is the perfect example of “Never Judge Someone By The Way He Looks”.

2. Sebastian Michaelis From Black Butler

sebastian michaelis anime guys with long hair

Next on our list, we have the hottest bad boy! Sebastian is a demon that has the appearance of a butler, he literally gives off the vibe that he will protect you and also hurt you in a sensual way. Make the deal with the devil and he might just eat your soul literally. But when needed, this guy will become a ruthless killer at the one command of his master. He has black hair that woos even the grim reapers.

3. Edward Elric From Fullmetal Alchemist

edward elric anime guys with long hair

Have you ever seen characters that just by looking at them, you know are pure-hearted? If you haven’t, don’t worry because you are going to witness one.

Edward Elric is one of the most renowned males that can make everyone fall in love with him, and seeing him on the screen is probably the finest experience for many viewers. He usually wears a coat, and his long blonde hair symbolizes his wisdom. He is short in height, yet it does not stop him from confronting formidable opponents. He grew his hair to look taller, however, that never helped him.

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4. Eren Yeager From Attack On Titan

eren yeager anime guys with long hair

Without the hot anime boy with long hair like Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan, the list would never be completed. This guy’s hairstyle has grown so trendy that many men are trying to copy it.

However, since all good things come to an end, you’ll have to wait until the end of season three to see Eren in his new look.

All that sorrow in his eyes gives him a badass look. He usually ties up his hair in a man bun, but I can’t tell you how magnificent he looks when he opens his hair while fighting!

5. Katsura Kotaro From Gintama

katsura kotaro anime guys with long hair

Katsura is one of the strongest samurai warriors around. He has long dark black hair that reaches down his back and profound eyes that tell us a lot about him. He has to disguise himself in various outfits, which is where his long hair comes in handy. Katsura also has a lighter side to him and a large number of followers.

6. Tomoe From Kamisama Kiss

tomoe anime guys with long hair

I know what you’re thinking, Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss? Why he’s appearing on this list? But that’s because you are not familiar with Tomoe’s past life when he is a hot anime boy with long hair that could make everyone gaze (especially females).

Tomoe is a mean, cold-hearted yokai fox that only cares about himself. He’s the most manipulative male character since he can easily fool everyone with his charisma. Everyone thinks of him as an innocent guy but in reality, he is just a cunning man. Furthermore, Tomoe seems to be between the ages of 18 and 20, despite the fact that he is over 100 years old.

8. Neji Hyuga From Naruto

neji hyuga anime guys with long hair

The Hyuga Clan’s bright, powerful, smart, and handsome guy comes up next on our list. We’re talking about Neji, one of Naruto’s most significant supporting characters.

Neji is a calm-headed anime guy with long hair who has a grudge toward Hinata’s father due to his clan’s traditions. After he fought Hinata during the chunin exams, he became the most despised character in Naruto, but when his backstory was revealed, he became one of the most sympathetic characters. Not only that, but Neji had long hair that drew the attention of many girls. Neji is the representation of “Beauty With A Brain.”

9. Kurama From Yu Yu Hakusho

kurama anime guys with long hair

Kurama is frequently mistaken as a girl by many Otakus, he appears to be a hot anime guy with long hair who can convince anybody with his charming words, but doesn’t be fooled by his beauty; what dwells within Kurama is actually a clever fox who has taken the form of a human.

Kurama is an exceptionally strong guy with a sharp brain. He is generally seen wearing a suit that matches the colors of his hair, and his most intriguing feature is his long-length crimson red hair. He has the potential to make any woman fall in love with him simply by smiling. He is without a doubt the hottest man out there.

10. Howl From Howl’s Moving Castle

howl anime guys with long hair

Howl is just a spectacular hot anime boy with long hair. Otakus goes berserk every time they see the stylish and beautiful blonde guy. He wears green earrings that symbolize his calm personality, and with a smile on his face, he can easily make anyone fall in love with him.

What makes him more appealing is his gentle heart, with which he wins over everyone. When Howl speaks, it is like the flowers are blooming, and the popularity of any anime series will certainly double if they start having more characters like him.

11. Ukyo From Amnesia

uukyo anime guys with long hair

Ukyo is a stunning character with long hair who gives viewers plenty of reasons to admire him. His bangs slide down to his cheeks, while a lengthy braid on Ukyo’s right is tied together with a white hairband.

He usually has a sad face and the reason behind this sadness is the death of his girlfriend. He used to be the happy and fun guy, but the loss of his Heroine made him vulnerable.

There were times when he simply wanted to end his life but because of his strong will, he fought back and resented his twisted personality taking over his head. He later got dark circles under his eyes, yet this does not reduce his attractiveness.

12. Grell Sutcliff From Black Butler

grell sutcliff anime guys with long hair

At number 12, we got another entry from Black Butler, and this guy is seriously the embodiment of CRAZY.

Grell has a beautiful long hair, and his eyes say everything about his craziness. He is a Grim Reaper who is obsessed with the color red. There is a saying in his community that the color red denotes beauty, which is why we see him wearing all red clothing all the time.

He appears like a maniac preparing to destroy the earth as he smirks with those sharp shark teeth. He’s a dumbass with a pretty face but a dull mind. He is also a violent and unpredictable individual, capable of killing anybody he desires.

13. Ren Jinguji From Uta No Prince-sama

ren jinguji anime guys with long hair

Ren never misses an opportunity to flirt, you can instantly see that he is a very attractive male! Nature has blessed him with an amazing and soothing voice with which he sings and wins the hearts of everyone. He is a fun, easy-going guy who is constantly surrounded by groupies.

14. Victor Nikiforov From Yuri!!! On ICE

victor nikiforov anime guys with long hair

Victor Nikiforov is one of the main characters in Yuri On Ice, and he is simply too hot to handle.

We’ve generally seen him with short hair, although in certain flashbacks, we see him with long silver hair hiding his left eye (the emo look) and giving him an icy appearance. You would fall in love with Victor at first sight since he is both handsome and tall.

He usually wears a black T-shirt and jogging pants. He layers them with coats in chilly weather. He is considered an ice skating legend and one of the best in the anime sports universe. By the way, Victor Nikiforov is named after a real-life ice hockey star who won gold in the 1956 Olympics.

15. Byakuya Kuchiki From Bleach

byakuya kuchiki anime guys with long hair

I’m not sure why, but I have a thing for hot anime guys with long hair that never show any emotion, so here’s another cold guy from Bleach named Byakuya.

He is the head of the Kuchiki clan, and he is not just any regular person who happens to be the leader by chance; he earned this position and is the greatest candidate for it.

Byakuya has long hair that he leaves open most of the time and a scarf around his neck that represents his nobility. He has always been concerned about his family and friends, and he can cross any limit to save their life.

He is usually sympathetic to others, and he hates it when people pronounce his name incorrectly, so be careful while calling his name; one small error and you’ll have to run for your life.

16. Hyakkimaru From Dororo

hyakkimar anime guys with long hair

Hyakkimaru from Dororo will blow your mind if you like guys with long hair. As a result of a contract between his parents and the demons, Hyakkimaru was born without limbs and other body parts, making him the world’s unluckiest child.

But he survived, and if he wants his organs back, he must fight and kill all the demons. Eventually, he received prosthetic body parts and trained himself to fight with them. He was without a doubt the most interesting character, and his long black hair just adds to his attractiveness.

Dororo’s bravery and ability to never lose hope distinguish him as a unique individual. He is a man who has firm beliefs and hopes.

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17. Kanzaki Hideri From Blend-s

kanzaki anime guys with long hair

Before I start telling you about the cutest girl, Kanzaki, let me share a deep and heartbreaking secret with you guys. Please have a seat before I reveal the truth to you, and the truth is that Kanzaki is a trap, he’s actually a male with extremely long white hair who prefers to dress up as a girl and can’t get enough of cute things (sorry if I broke your heart).

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be on this list, look at this handsome gorgeous guy!

18. Gai Tsutsugami From Guilty Crown

gai tsutsugami anime guys with long hair

We keep getting more and more wonderful male characters as we progress up to our list. Gai is a charming man, but something about him is not right and that thing is, Otakus (including myself) can’t keep their eyes away from him while watching Guilty Crown because he is so gorgeous.

With his sweet words and appealing nature, he is easily the type of guy who can make anyone fall for him.

His personality is reflected in his beautiful blond hair. Gai is undoubtedly one of the hottest characters, because of his tall height, excellent hair, amazing fashion sense, and last but not least, his flawless smile.

19. Astolfo From Fate Grand Order

astolfo anime guys with long hair

By appearance, Astolfo appears like an innocent anime femboy, yet what lurks within him is a monster thirsty for blood. He has various abilities other than looking cute, which is the second reason for him to be on this list; however, the primary reason is his long pink hair, which merely shows his energetic and lively personality.

20. Light Yagami From Death Note

light yagami anime guys with long hair

Brace yourself, because we’re about to introduce you to a character who serves as both the protagonist and antagonist.

One day, Light Yagami, Japan’s most intelligent student, stumbled upon a book that was intentionally left by a shinigami named Ryuk. But this was not an ordinary book; it was a book that could end anyone’s life simply by writing their name into it.

Light Yagami always wanted the earth to become a better place, so he began writing down the names of criminals and Japan’s most corrupt people in that book.

21. Alto Saotome From Macross Frontier

alto saotome anime guys with long hair

Alto enrolled in Mihoshi Academy with the goal of one day becoming a pilot. He is a tall guy with blue hair that is tied in a ribbon behind his head.

Since he has a feminine appearance, his classmates call him many names, including “queen.” Alto, on the other hand, doesn’t care about what others think of him. He only cares about turning his dream into a reality.

22. Atsushi Murasakibara From Kuroko’s Basketball

atsushi murasakibara anime guys with long hair

Have you ever seen a 16-year-old guy that stands 6’10 inches tall? Well, neither do I, but in Kuroko’s Basketball, we are introduced to Atsushi Murasakibara, an abnormally tall guy.

Atsushi is one of the most admirable personalities on the list, with his tall height, shoulder-length long hair, and high enthusiasm on the basketball court.

In addition to his height, his charm comes from his humor and jolly personality. We’ve seen him cracking jokes to reduce tension during tense situations, but his jokes generally backfire. He has a childish personality and is only interested in eating sweet things.

23. Yu Kanda From D.Gray-man

atsusyu kanda anime guys with long hair

Yu Kanda is a Japanese swordsman, he is one of the hottest characters in anime. His cold attitude toward others is what makes him a fascinating character.

He is an arrogant man who shows no emotion (that makes him even hotter). He is even willing to leave anyone alone for his own benefit. He is just concerned with one thing: getting ahead of everyone. People may portray him as selfish, but I think he’s a great guy.

24. Soubi Agatsuma From Loveless

soubi agatsuma anime guys with long hair

Soubi Agatsuma is by far the most mysterious man in Loveless, as little is known about his past. When Ritsuka Aoyagi was working on the investigation of her brother’s murder, he just joined her.

What distinguishes Soubi is his personality, and what a tremendous personality he has. His long hair, which goes in well with his attitude and glasses, is the definition of perfection.

25. Karou Saionji From Gakuen Heaven

karou saionji anime guys with long hair

You have heard of prince charming but have you ever seen him? If not then you are about to. Karou Saionji has long pink-colored hair that is separated from the top by a hairline. He has pale green eyes and frequently dresses in white to give him a royal appearance.

He is the most intelligent guy in his school because of the way he calmly responds to everyone. Because of his good behavior, everyone loves and respects him. Karou is one of those characters who can be trusted by everyone.

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26. Alucard From Hellsing

alucard hellsing anime boys with long hair

A powerful head of an organization in charge of protecting the royal queen against malicious vampires, and zombies, Alucard is a Vampire who changed sides and fought to keep humanity safe.

He is no ordinary vampire, nor does he like humans, he has his own reasons for fighting alongside humans. Alucard’s hair change has been an issue of heated debate.

His hair grows longer throughout the anime, because he’s a shapeshifter, and the longer his hair gets, the more powerful he is. Alucard’s long dark hair could be considered a visual metaphor for his wild and unexpected nature.

27. Ryo Shishido From Prince Of Tennis

ryo shishido anime guys with long hair

Ryo Shishido, a prideful character that overestimated his skills at one point in the show, got kicked out of the team, and from then on Ryo Shishido put his pride aside and trained and worked his way to becoming the best in tennis.

Initially, Ryo had long brown hair that he tied back. He was a charmer to all the ladies. But to show his determination in the sport, Ryo cut his hair short and focused more on his training.

28. Sai From Hikaru No Go

sai hikaru anime guys with long hair

Did you ever feel like having a crush on a ghost? If not, be ready to fall in love because the big brain prodigy Sai is here to impress you with his Go skills.

Sai is a Heian period Go prodigy that for some reason could not pass on. His lingering spirit now sticks to the MC Hikaru, acting as a Go instructor.

Sai is represented as a very tall, beautiful guy with very long, silky black-purple hair. He often ties his hair up with a white ribbon. I might be just saying but if you are into some supernatural husbando stuff, Sai is your guy.

29. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel From Noblesse

cadis etrama anime guys with long hair

With those red eyes, anyone would fall for a guy with red sparkly eyes. Noblesse is a manhua series that introduced us to Raizel, a noble who is attending high school and is the master of Frankenstein.

I mean, with a master like that who wouldn’t want to be a servant? Raizel is a very handsome man with the utmost elegant manners.

He has long black hair that could charm anyone on first impression. One amazing fact about Raizel is that he loves to wear silver cross earrings that make him even more charming. He is not only a looker but also a protector too.

30. Kars From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

kars anime guys with long hair

Jojo is already filled with muscular guys with long hair. But if we are being really choosy in our perfect man, that has to be Kars. He is a very intelligent, ruthless, sadistic guy. He is a genius among all men. He is very muscular with very long purple hair that just screams evil and those eyes, he has eyes that could make anyone faint.

31. Arthur Rimbaud From Bungo Stray Dogs

arthur rimbaud anime guys with long hair

Arthur Rimbaud is our mysterious tall spy of Bungo Stray Dogs, working for the Japanese military to keep Japan safe from terror.

Arthur has a handsome appearance with long black hair. But beware, because this guy is also a skilled assassin.

Cold or hot, Arthur always wears a long coat with white earmuffs and a red scarf around his neck. It seems this man is too cold for the weather and too cold for the ladies too. Arthur focuses everything on his work and has no time to play around.

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32. Asahi Azumane From Haikyuu 

asahi azumane anime guys with long hair

Asahi is such an underrated character, but the calm and gentle Volleyball player should get more credit for his team’s success.

He’s a tall and strong guy, with quite a unique appearance among his teammates with his long hair which is usually styled as a bun behind his head. Asah’s hairstyle has changed throughout the anime. In season four Asahi received a new hair design that took away from his samurai-looking vibe.

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33. Kuroh Yatogami From ‘K Project’

kurou yatogami k anime boys with long hair

K project is rather a very unique anime that might not suit everyone’s taste but it did give us one of our favorite long-haired characters, Kurou Yatogami.

Kurou is a very powerful hot anime guy with long hair, with the eyes of a hawk. If looks could kill, he would be the guy. His common outfit is his black jacket with gold trimmings and his signature black pants with white shoes.

He is literally a royal knight in shining armor if you look at him closely. He carries his sword to protect his allies and end his foes.

34. Ken Ichijouji From Digimon Adventure 02

ken ichijouji anime guys with long hair

This man is a dream come true. He is the one that made everybody try out bad boys and fix them with their love.

Ken is the final member of 02 DigiDestined. He holds the Crest of Kindness and is now trying to atone for his past sins. He was formerly a bad boy with an edgy personality.

He has medium-length purple hair and wears a silver outfit. He likes to keep things neat and clean even. He might just have OCD because everything has to be perfect with this guy. It’s nice seeing a dude contemplating his past wrongdoings and trying to make things right.

35. Mokuba Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh!

mokuba kaiba anime guys with long hair

What would happen if you find out the most hyped-up characters of anime had a little brother and he’s adorable?

Mokuba Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! is the younger brother of Seto Kaiba and he is the only one Seto Kaiba shows his love and affection towards.

Mokuba’s long black hair looks unbrushed for ages but this guy definitely pulls off the look. He was initially very mean and cunning but later on, he opens up more and loves playing games with his friends.

We all assume Mokuba would become a devilishly charming man when he grows up.

36. Jin Matsuoka From Gakuen Heaven

jin matsuoka anime guys with long hair

This one is an old gem that I haven’t visited in a while. Jin Matsuoka is our mysterious hot anime guy with long hair, a school nurse that makes everyone want to get sick in class just to get a glimpse of him.

Jin is also a former tutor, but what’s interesting is that he has a dark secret that nobody knows and he will do anything to fulfill his agenda.

He is a 35-year-old man with very long silver hair. He has sharp eyes but his look with his glasses looks even better. Just so we are clear, Jin has a CHAD jawline that nobody on this list has.

37. Yudai Yamato From Prince Of Tennis

yudai yamato anime guys with long hair

Not much needs to be said about this character as I’m pretty sure most fans went crazy when Yudai Yamato was first shown in the anime.

Yudai is our fan-favorite prince charming for the anime and he is very philosophical at times too. Yudai is very experienced as well as wise when it comes to tennis. He was once the captain.

He has orange hair that’s tied like a ponytail. He has several piercings and used to wear glasses but now he likes to show off his dark grey eyes. At this moment I won’t even be surprised if this guy has a fan club in his school.

38. Sartorius From Yu-Gi-Oh!

sartorius anime guys with long hair

Now here is a dude that loves being evil 24/7. Sartorius or better known in Japan as Takuma Saio is our main antagonist in the Society of Light arc in Yugioh. He, later on, does leave his evil life behind and becomes an ally to the protagonist.

But I must know how does he keep his hair so shiny and silky with all that evil he had been planning? It shows in his face as he clearly doesn’t sleep because of all the evil he had been doing until becoming good.

Jokes aside Sartorius becomes a really cool side character that we definitely love.

39. Kunzite From Sailor Moon

kunzite anime guys with long hair

Truth be told, I did not expect a hot anime guy with long hair like Kunzite to appear in Sailor moon. Kunzite is the most powerful general and he is the 4th general in Shitennou. He is an antagonist but who knew that the fans would love him so much that they would go crazy over his fanart?

He is a humanoid with long white beautiful hair. If I could explain a fantasy prince, that would be him. So, no surprises there as to why everyone went crazy for him at one time. He has a bit manipulative personality but who cares when he looks this good?

40. Ayame Sohma From Fruits Basket

ayame sohma anime guys with long hair

Pretty sure everyone has heard of the fantasy romance anime Fruit Basket by now and if you haven’t it is a very wholesome show with lots of hot guys, and I mean LOTS! So, it is not surprising we see one of our favorite characters from Fruit Basket here.

Ayame Sohma is the kinda guy that will come to your home cuddle with you and leave just to come back a few days later.

He is a recurring male character that gives off a bubbly vibe. He is very charming, tall, and has beautiful white long hair that charms every woman around him.

41. Undertaker From Black Butler

undertaker anime guys with long hair

Moving on, we have the most intriguing male character, Undertaker, who is basically Black Butler’s spotlight. He’s one of those long-haired guys that seems mysterious just by glancing at them. He has a sharp face and silver hair.

Not only that, but he also has a deep scar on his face and throat. He becomes even more mysterious when he smirks with those keen eyes. He always seems to be planning something demonic. He may appear to be ordinary-looking, but he is fascinated with death. This handsome guy’s hobby is collecting organs from the dead in order to terrify others. He is a creepy but fascinating individual.

42. Gunter Von Christ From Kyo Kara Maoh

gunter von christ anime guys with long hair

Gunter Von Christ is the definition of royalty. He is a very beautiful man with long eyelashes and very shiny long hair. He is one of the ten aristocrats and a teacher as well as an adviser.

He is as handsome as he is skilled in his swordsmanship. Not only that he can also use all elements of magic. If you google perfection, you might end up with an image of Gunter Von Christ.

43. Kuga Kyosuke From Prince Of Stride

kuga kyosuke anime guys with long hair

Wouldn’t you want to be with a man who only shows you his soft side? Kuga is the delinquent of Honan Academy and he is considered a failure. But deep down he is actually a very kind man that just isn’t understood by everyone.

He is very motivated and at times takes it upon himself to solve others’ problems. Sure, his methods might be different, but it gets the job done. He likes to play the villain and his evil eyes with a cold personality.

He also likes to tie his pinkish-white long hair behind making him look like a literal stud.

44. Mathias From Neo Angelique Abyss

mathias neo angelique anime guys with long hair

Mathias is one of those hot anime guys with long hair that you would be unironically attracted to and want to follow him around. He is the handsome leader of a religious organization, but as it turns out he was just acting as the leader as there was still a hunt to find out who the true leader was.

Mathias is a combination of great acting with a brilliant IQ. He has a great memory to pull off a task like faking a leader in front of everybody. He has greenish blonde long hair and green eyes that make him look and feel nobility.

45. Sinbad From Magi

sinbad anime guys with long hair

I never thought Japan would actually bring Sinbad into the anime universe. Talk about being rich with power and being very intelligent. He likes to wear traditional clothes and jewelry. He has very long purple hair and golden eyes.

The man has everything if I say so myself, looks, money, power, and a thirst for adventure. What more do you need to live? Magi is one of the best fantasy interpretations and everyone should definitely give it a try.

46. Hakuren Oak From 07-Ghost

hakuren oak anime guys with long hair

Hakuren is a very handsome male character, he is very devilishly clever, and loves to be mean to everyone. But as the anime went on we found a gentler side of Hakuren that actually surprised a lot of us.

Hakuren has the eyes of an antagonist but the heart of a protagonist. He is very experienced in political views and will definitely rule someday with brains like that.

47. Modern Ninja From One Punch Man

modern ninja one anime guys with long hair

Speed-o-Sound Sonic or otherwise known as the Modern Ninja is one of the best side characters ever, and has the best haircut!

He is a ninja that strives to be the fastest man on earth. He yearns to become fast enough to not be seen by anyone in the world when he runs past them. But when he faces a wall, he finally gets the motivation that he was lacking and wants to become his rival.

Sonic is an anime boy with purple hair commonly seen in his stealth black suit with a scarf hanging by his neck that is going to be the death of him someday definitely. Like, imagine if a villain just pulls on the scarf and Sonic trips or chokes on his scarf.

48. Hikari Tsutsui From 3D Kanojo

hikari tsutsui anime guys with long hair

Here’s an emotional 18 years old schoolboy struggling to manifest his love, and a girl who manages to break him out of his shell.

Hikari Tsutsui is a socially awkward guy that finds escapism in video games. He gets bullied by the entire school all the time for being an otaku.

One day, he comes late to school together with Iroha Igarashi. It’s the classic story of the popular girl who falls in love with an unpopular guy. She is the first stranger that takes notice of Tsutsui’s long dark blue hair and has an unusual and awkward love story begins.

49. Twenty-fifth Bam/ Jyu Viole Grace From Tower Of God

twenty fifth bam anime guys with long hair

Just look at this guy’s long hair! Dropdead omg!

Tower of God is an Isekai anime with op mc that started a storm in the anime community as it was the first manhua to get its own anime. Bam the main character of the series was a pure, baby-faced guy that had been betrayed by his romantic counterpart.

After being betrayed, bam went through a character development phase or a training arc where he grew out his hair and he was later on known as Jyu Viole Grace. Our baby-faced Bam had grown up and gained immense power to get his revenge.

50. Byakuya Ishigami From Dr. Stone

byakuya ishigami anime guys with long hair

Finally, we have the world’s best dads ever! He is the reason that earth still has a chance to survive after the unknown accident that caused everyone to turn to stone.

Our hot anime boy with long hair Ishigami was smart from the get-go and Byakuya saw potential in his kid. He wanted to leave his mark on earth and become a shining star. That’s why Brakuya worked really hard trying to inspire Ishigami and actually became an astronaut.

Though Ishigami looks like a tired middle-aged man, trust me if I were stranded on an island, I would much rather have this guy with me because Byakuya is very smart and would have probably found a solution. He is a workaholic and doesn’t dress up that much.

He has dark red eyes and long white hair with black highlights at the end. To say the least, he is the best dad in anime ever.

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