The Top 60 Cutest Anime Girls!

Anime characters can be made cute and attractive These characters come in several types of personalities. The shy girl, the insecure, the childish short temper, and the socially awkward nerd. Every aspect of a character is amplified with cuteness. Features like eyeglasses, cat or maid costumes, shyness, insecurities, and cheerful energy are all considered cute by pop culture.

Well, today we’re presenting you with a list of the cutest anime girls.

60 Cute Anime Girls

1. Rize Kamishiro

cute anime girls

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

A beautiful anime girl with glasses. Rize is kind of the ghoul next door type. She is shy and spends her time reading books.

Fact: Ghouls like to eat human flesh and drink coffee, but Rize was one out of those ghouls who used to tear her organs out and give it out like free food to random people. Sadly she never got a happy ending.

2. Ruru Amour

cute anime girls

Anime: Pretty Cure

A stoic part-time worker for the “Criasu Corp.”

Ruru has a cute cat motif to her. She’s one of those characters with purple hair resembling cat ears and also has a cat theme in her room.

Ruru wears purple clothes and has purple eyes, and she’s frightfully competent in nearly every area imaginable provided that it doesn’t pertain to interacting with others or matters of the human heart.

3. Mio Akiyama

cute anime girls

Anime: K-ON!

Mio is a shy bass guitar musician sweetheart. She’s smart, attractive, popular, and talented, but suffers from her anxieties and is very shy.

Mio is private and soft-spoken, even amongst close friends, and seems to enjoy time alone, which she often dedicates to songwriting. Otherwise, she’s a very organized and mature girl.

4. Mirajane Strauss

cute anime girls

Anime: Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss is often seen serving food to others but she’s also known as the Demon.

Mirajane is an S-Class Mage and a part of the ‘Fairy Tail Guild.’ She’s also a very beautiful, slim, young woman who often poses as a model for the powerful Sorcerer Magazine.

5. Chihaya Ayase

cute anime girls

Anime: Chihayafuru

The protagonist of the anime series Chihayafuru.

Chihaya dreams of becoming Japan’s best ‘Karuta’ player, a game that involves memorization, skill, and speed.

Though it doesn’t seem like an actual sport, Chihaya creates a school club for it and ropes in as many as she can into it, so that they can compete in various tournaments.

Chihaya is a beautiful energetic tomboyish girl. She is known as “Beauty In Vain” at school due to the lack of self-awareness she has for her own attributes.

She is really is a fairy descended from heaven.

6.Yuno Gasai

cute anime girls

Anime: Future Diary

A heartless killer and obsessive stalker. Yuno is really a mouse in wolf clothing. And I admit it, whenever she says Yu-ki,’ it makes me the happiest person in the world.

The pink hair character, for the most part, is sweet, feminine, and sometimes shy. But Yuno has a dark side, she’s also crazy, delusional, and obsessed with one specific person.

7. Satsuki Momoi

cute anime girls

Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball

The manager of ‘Tōō Academy‘ and the previous manager of the ‘Generation of Miracles,’ is one of those cuties. She has long pink hair and beautiful pink eyes.

Satsuki is very passionate and great at analyzing her opponents when it comes to basketball. If you love pink-haired girls then you’ll love Momoi.

8. Hiyori Iki

cute anime girls

Anime: Noragami

Hiyori is just your ordinary middle school girl who one day encounters a god on the street and becomes a human-spirit hybrid after getting run over by a car to save him.

Many found her a very cute ghost.

9. Kaori Miyazono

cute anime girls

Anime: Your Lie In April

The leading character from Your Lie in April is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. She always encourages others around her despite the fact that she suffers from a severe illness.

Karoi is a free-spirit violinist girl. The only thing she cares about is to reach people with her violin playing and heal people’s hearts.

Literally, this girl’s entire existence is to be adorable.

10. Azusa Nakano

cute anime girls

Anime: K-ON!

Short, kind, caring, and has a sugar voice. Azusa is also responsible, capable of taking care of others, and musically gifted. And she makes a great leader, too!

11. Honda Tohru

cute anime girls

Anime: Fruits Basket

Honda is a demure, soft-spoken, kind-hearted, sensitive, down earth, and the cutest girl. She is a memorable character.

In a nutshell, she is a girl who will give her everything for anyone.

12. Zero Two

cute anime girls

Anime: Darling in The Franxx

One of the cutest girls to ever bless anime, she is a pink hair mysterious girl with horns on her head known as Zero Two. She’s an artificially-created life form who aspires to become fully human.

13. Shinobu Kocho

cute anime girls

Anime: Demon Slayer

She is the smallest character and can’t cut a demon’s head due to her weak physical strength, so she uses poison to kill demons.

Kocho has a pale complexion and large, compound-like eyes that lack pupils, only a haze of gradient purple, making her eyes appear similar to those of insects.

14. Nezuko Kamado

cute anime girls

Anime: Demon Slayer

“No no, I’m just another girl with bamboo in my mouth just running out there you know Hmmmh…hmph… Hmmm”

Nezuko from Demon Slayer is the cutest demon girl ever! The fact she doesn’t talk and grunts instead are hilarious lol. she loves her brother, the skilled anime sword-fighter Tanjiro Kamado so much she refrains from becoming a full demon is so heartwarming in and of itself.

Nezuko is too pure for this cold dark world.

15. Yui

cute anime girls

Anime: Sword Art Online

She is not a weirdo!

Yui is an AI (fairy) character from the VR game ‘Sword Art Online.’ She’s also the virtual daughter of Kirito and the swordswoman Asuna.

She was created to monitor players’ mental health after they were trapped in the game. Yui is a real gem, She says almost all kinds of silly things that are adorable.

16. Hinata Hyuga

cute anime girl character

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

The cutest Hyuga ever!

Hinata is an awesome character that won the heart of a certain hero all us naruto fans love. She has come a long way from her rookie days.

She’s extremely sweet, shy, innocent, kind, caring, considerate, compassionate, she has a heart of gold. what kind of person wouldn’t like her?

Hinata is extremely beautiful, she has the eyes of an angel (greyish-green eyes) if you saw her, you’d think she’s an angel sent by God himself to Earth.

If you are looking for cute girls, she has the traits you would look for in a romantic partner or a wife.

This girl is the only one that can be annoying and lovable at the same time!

17. Yoshino

cute anime girls

Anime: Date A Live

A shy, emotional, and kind.

Yoshino is a spirit and one of the main characters in the ‘Date A Live’ series. She looks like a young 13 to 14 years old girl.

Yoshino lacks self-confidence and is unable to articulate full sentences and express herself well. Yoshino carries a rabbit in her left arm, she named him Yoshinon. The rabbit is her alter ego who protects her from the bad guys.

According to the show’s wiki “It is also said that Yoshino created Yoshinon in order to restrain herself from hurting humans.” Too adorable!

18. Emilia

cute anime girls

Anime: Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

SMOL Emilia is too precious for this world must be protected at all cost!

Emilia’s father was an elf and her mother a human but also a witch. She is a silver-haired half-elf girl who is one of the candidates to become the next ruler in the royal election.

She has a heart full of hope, a pocket full of dreams. Don’t let Emilia’s cute appearance fool you. She is also very strong, she lifted a rock half of her size.

in her smile, you’ll see something more beautiful than the stars.

19. Alice Nakiri

cute anime girls

Anime: Food Wars (Shokugeki No Soma)

Not a lot can beat Alice’s cuteness. She is a beautiful silver-white hair girl with a very sweet smile. She can be pretty competitive when it comes to cooking.

It’s really sweet when Alice says “Nani yo! nani yo! nani yo!”

20. Yamato Rinko

cute anime girls

Anime: My love story

Yamato is proof that even if girls are portrayed as pure and innocent that doesn’t mean they ain’t thirsty as hell.

Yamato is very cheerful. She’s in love with her hulk-like boyfriend, and always does sweet things for him, like baking him cookies.

21. Erina Nakir

cute anime girls

Anime: Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma)

She might appear to be haughty, cynical, thrasonical, and rude in the beginning and middle of the series but she has a golden and tender heart.

22. Misaki Ayuzawa

cute anime girls

Anime: Maid-Sama!

She is an extremely hard worker, but Misaki has an intimidating side. She is a very caring person and loves her daughters very much.

I think we can all agree we need a Misaki in our lives.

23. Esdeath

Anime: Akame Ga Kill

The villain that everyone loves. Esdeath has a huge appetite for battle and a sadistic nature. But Esdeath is also the cutest, nicest, most caring girl. Even her mature voice is kawaii.

24. Yukino Yukinoshita

cute anime girls

Anime: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Yukino is the leader of the ‘Service Club.’ She has a curvy figure along with flowing black hair and is nicknamed the “Ice-cold Beauty” for her icy demeanor.

But it’s her personality that really makes her cute.

25. Megumi Tadokoro

cute anime girls

Anime: Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma)

One of the main protagonists from “Food Wars,” Megumi has some flaws. She lacks courage and confidence in her cooking. She may be shy and nervous, but she’s the cutest character.

26. Eru Chitanda

cute anime girls

Anime: Hyouka

Hyouka is incredibly nice, and throw her,“come on please” expression, in there, and you have a great waifu.

Eru Chitanda’s curiosity and cheerful nature are infectious.

27. Sae

cute anime girls

Anime: Twin Star Exorcist

A surprisingly sharp for her five-year-old age. Sae wears her hair in a pair of twin braids because they look cute in a little girl like her.

Spoiler: Sae is not human. She’s a branch that was broken off the ‘Ame-no-Mihashira’ and took a human form as a result. And she’s always making everyone around her happy and cheerful.

28. Sagiri Izumi

cute anime girls

Anime: Eromanga Sensei

Sagiri is socially awkward, she makes adorable noises.

The innocent blue eyes girl is secretly the illustrator for her brother’s light novels and is popular on the web, though nobody knows that she is actually a 13-year old girl.

29. Rikka Takanashi

cute anime girls

Anime: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Short purple hair and chubby cheeks, Rikkka’s voice will make your life happy again you’ll wanna hug her so much.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai is maybe the anime with the most lovable characters you’ll ever watch.

30. Yazawa Nico

cute anime girls

Anime: Love Live

“Nico Nico Nii” If that ain’t cutest, tell me what is?!

Nico Yazawa is one of the nine main girls in “Love Live!” Despite her childlike stature, she is actually in her third year in ‘Otonokizaka High School.’

The scariest thing here is how her personality changes from adorable tsundere to a sweet girl.

31. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari

cute anime girls

Anime: Little Witch Academia

Simple, carefree, fiercely determined, and annoyingly persistent. But above all – the little witch Akko has a big heart. Atsuko Kagari is training to become a witch, despite not having “natural” talent for it. Her stubborn nature is the key to overcome she simply never gives up.

32. Yui Hirasawa

cute anime girls

Anime: K-On!

Her only flaw is that she’s not real. If Yuri was real you would hug her and never let go, like never!

Always looking for fun, she likes everything cute, and makes a lot of physical contact with others like holding hands or hugging.

33. Noa Himasaka

cute anime girls

Anime: Wataten

A squad isn’t complete without the cute one.

Noa is so cheerful, you’ll drown in sugar, and you’ll need a lifetime of medication to balance it.

34. Miss Beelzebub

cute anime girls

Anime: As Miss Beelzebub Likes

Challenge! Get to the end of this show without getting diabetes. Never before has Hell been so nice and comfy, and all of its denizens so cuddly, and friendly.

Miss Beelzebub is a revered demon who rules over the Pandemonium with unmatched might and grace. When watching this series, I had to stop every 5 minutes to scream and cover my face…. it has the cutest girls.

35. Kate

cute anime girls

Anime: Sketchbook: Full Color’s

Just look at that face!

Sketchbook features a lot of feel-good moments and cats. It’s just the kind of series that puts a smile on your face.

The main protagonist Kate is a transfer student from Canada, and a member of classes 1-10. She is very shy who loves to sketch life as she sees it, as it happens.

Kate has a bright and cheerful personality. She likes animals, shopping, and Japanese sweets. She has a Persian cat, named Buchi. Buchi can only speak in “cat English.”

36. Chifuyu Himeki

cute anime girls

Anime: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

This cuteness is not to be underestimated. Chifuyu is a fourth-grade student, but she still carries a stuffed animal with her everywhere she goes, including to school.

But if her doll is taken away, she acts shy, blushes, and feels embarrassed.

37. Konata Izumi

cute anime girls

Anime: Lucky Star

One of the main characters of Lucky Star.

Konata is a high schooler who loves to fool others into thinking she’s a child. She has dedicated large portions of her life to excessive gaming of every genre.

Konata is much more interested in video games, anime, and manga than doing actual school work.

38. Taiga Aisaka

cute anime girls

Anime: Toradora

She’s a short 145cm (4’9″), doll-like face and she can beat the crap out of you if you mess with her.

Taiga gets upset easily and is considerably clumsy. However, being a child of privilege barely prepared her for dealing with domestic chores.

39. Nanoha Takamachi

cute anime girls

Anime: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoh

She was one of the cutest characters ever – it’s not just her appearance.

Without giving too many spoilers, Nanoh quickly learns the basics of magic and defeats the monsters for breakfast. Her solution to everything is “blow the crap out of it, and anything nearby.”

40. Ushio Okazaki

cute anime girls

Anime: Ushio & Tora

The most adorable character, Ushio has an outgoing personality but is unusually well-mannered.

Ushio’s mom died giving birth to her, so she never knew her. You’ll want to give her a big hug whenever she cries.

41. Cocoa Hoto

cute anime girls

Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit?

She’s a happy character who wants to spread happiness. Cocoa always makes me smile from the inside, her name even resembles a sweet drink.

42. Kanna Kamui

cute anime girls

Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

The opening and ending to “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” always put me in a really good mood!!! The “parappapaparapa” part is so addicting.

Kanna Kobayashi s one of the main characters in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She is a young female dragon, who is exiled from her world as a consequence of her pranks.

Kanna is my fave because she is so darn adorable!

43. Squid Girl

cute anime girls

Anime: Squid Girl

Squid Girl is the best.

I mean, just look at her! The series is about a squid girl from the sea, with a weird vocabulary that’s hilarious to witness.

44. Miku Nakano

cute anime girls

Anime: The Quintessential Quintuplets

Miku is an emotionless person with medium-length brown hair that has strands of hair hanging over the right side of her face.

She’s silent and reserved who has a pessimistic way of thinking and low confidence, even to the point of belittling. She doesn’t believe in herself.

45. Kumin Tsuyuri

cute anime girls

Anime: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions

Kumin is in the second year of high school student attending ‘Icho Private High School.’ She likes napping very much and she considers it her hobby.

In her first year, she tried to form a “Nap Club” at her school but failed because no one was interested in joining. her napping expertise came to the club’s rescue during season two, she’s the cutest character.

Kumin is generally very laid-back and rather naïve, which is probably at least partly because she was home-schooled for many years.

46. Kiki

cute anime girls

Anime: Kiki’s delivery service

One of the most heartwarming girls.

The central protagonist of the Ghibli film, Kiki is a magical girl/witch/spellcaster. She hardly ever uses her magic, apart from flying. Kiki is a smart hardworking clumsy girl, especially when it comes to flying.

47. Chihiro

cute anime girls

Anime: Spirited Away

Chihiro fades from existence. She is a living being in the spirit world who spent too much time in the spirit world and has trouble returning to or staying in the living.

She’s just 10-year-old but manages to survive being in the Spirit World. She was quite spoiled and didn’t know anything about hard work. But Chihiro like Kiki changes gradually.

48. Arrietty

cute anime girls

Anime: The secret world of Arrietty.

Arrietty is a 4-inch borrower, she is a little person and has an understanding of various herbs. Her size would come in handy to acquire things in hard-to-reach places.

49. Menma

cute anime girls

Anime: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

The fictional character we missed most. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is where everyone cried.

Menma was of a mixed Russian and Japanese ancestry who died in an accident as a child but appears later as a ghost.

She cherishes her childhood memories and the friendship she once shared with others and recalls her memories of her friends and family.

Menma has an air-headed nature, and she often worries about others before herself. Fans all over the world really didn’t want her to go.

50. Kosaki Onodera

cute anime girls

Anime: Nisekoi

Kosaki is simply put, an absolute goddess of purity and warmth. Whenever she’s on screen, my heart starts to flutter to the great beyond.

Kosaki is the best. She is thoughtful, and innocent and always wants to help others. She’s such a precious character in the whole series. The type of personality I always want in each and every story.

At times, Kosaki lacks self-confidence and often needs support.

51. Neko

cute anime girls

Anime: K-Project

“I’m a cat, I’m Neko”. Anime girls are not characters based on humans, they’re all based on cats!

Neko is a pink-haired creature who comes in two forms. She has one green and one blue eye, and can also instantly transform into a small pink-colored cat.

Neko prefers to run around naked but also wears dresses from time to time.

52. Yona

cute anime girls

Anime: Yona of the Dawn

Yona, from knight anime Yona Of The Dawn, is a strong warrior yet kind with an unprecedented strong sense of justice. But, would it be justice to forget this beauty’s name in this list?

53. Chuchu

cute anime girls

Anime: Show By Rock!!

With a name like that, Chuchu must be on this list.

Chuchu is a pale-skinned rabbit girl. She’s also a guitarist and leader of her band. It’s easy to make friends with her.

54. Shana

cute anime girls

Anime: Shakugan no Shana

She is the female lead of Shakugan no Shana. Shana is one of the cutes anime girls, but she’s also a badass anime swordswoman with enough preternatural strength to save the entire universe.

55. Akame

Anime: Akame Ga Kill

Akame is one of the best swordswomen in anime. She has a very calm and yet strong and impressive personality.
Akame’s powerful relic makes her the most feared and deadliest woman in the entire land.

56. Nagisa Shiota

anime traps

Anime: Assassination Classroom

Yeah yeah, she’s an anime trap, but look at her I mean him! She’s soo cute. In my defense, even the girls in his class didn’t know he was a guy. A lot of gals aren’t as adorable as Nagisa.

57. Historia Reiss

cute anime girls

Anime: Attack On Titans

The little kitten ends up being a worthy queen.

Often referred to as an angel because of her appearance Reis is a petit and extremely shy. She has big blue eyes and a sweet smile.

58. Sawako

cute anime girls

Anime: Kimi no Todoke

Kuronuma Sawako is completely misunderstood by her classmates. Her timid and demeanor is often mistaken for malicious behavior.

This is due to her resemblance to the ghost girl from ‘The Ring,’ which has led her peers to give her the nickname Sadako.

59. Kushina Uzumaki

cute anime girls

Anime: Naruto

Kushina would become one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

She has red hair, wide eyes, and a round face. Kushina is tough, observant, all the while cheerful with an aura of low intensity.

60. Inori Yuzuriha

cute anime girls

Anime: Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown’s Inori Yuzuriha is one of the sweetest characters on this list. She may appear emotionless, especially at the beginning of the series. but later on, she becomes a girl everyone likes.

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