30 Cute Anime Girls That Will Drown You In Sugar

Cute anime girls have several types of personalities: The shy girl, the insecure, the childish short temper, and the socially awkward nerd. Every aspect of a female anime character is amplified with cute features. Well, today we’re presenting you with a list of 30 Cute Anime Girls that will melt your heart!

30. Chihaya Ayase from All Worlds Alliance

chihaya ayase cute anime girls

A beautiful energetic tomboyish girl. Chihaya is known as “Beauty In Vain” at school due to the lack of self-awareness she has for her own attributes. She is a tall teenage girl with light brown hair, brown eyes, and full pink lips.

Chihaya is also an outgoing and ambitious girl. She dreams of becoming Japan’s best ‘Karuta‘ player, a game that involves memorization, skill, and speed. She is really a fairy descended from heaven.

29. Neko from K-Project

neko cute anime girls

“I’m a cat, I’m Neko”. Anime girls are not based on humans, they’re all based on cute cat girls! Neko is a pink-haired creature who comes in two forms. She has one green and one blue eye, and can also instantly transform into a small pink-colored cat.

Neko is carefree and playful, having fun when playing games with people. Neko prefers to run around naked but also wears dresses from time to time.

28. Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie In April

kaori miyazono cute anime girl

The leading female character from Your Lie in April is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Kaori is a teenage girl with blonde wavy hair that reaches down her waist and beautiful pale indigo eyes. She is independent, unpredictable, and short-tempered.

She always encourages others around her despite the fact that she suffers from a severe illness. Karoi is a free-spirit violinist girl. The only thing she cares about is reaching people with her violin playing and healing people’s hearts. Literally, this cute girl’s entire existence is to be adorable and… depressing.

27. Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul

rize kamishiro cute anime girls

Rize Kamishiro is a tragic lead female character in Tokyo Ghoul. She’s an unusual villain who has the looks of the girl next door. Ghouls like to eat human flesh and drink coffee, but Rize was one of those shy ghouls who used to tear her organs out and give them out like free food to random people.

Rize has chest-length purple hair, purple eyes, and full pink lips and wears glasses. She’s a special cute anime girl.

26. Ruru Amour from Pretty Cure

ruru cute anime girl

Ruru has a cute cat motif to her. She’s one of those girls resembling cat ears and also has a cat theme in her room. Ruru has long purple hair, wears purple clothes, and has purple eyes, and she’s frightfully competent in nearly every area imaginable provided that it doesn’t pertain to interacting with others or matters of the human heart.

Ruru is simply a magical girl full of cuteness.

25. Mio Akiyama from K-on

mio akiyama cute anime girls

Mio is a shy bass guitar musician sweetheart with long black hair and black eyes. She’s smart, attractive, popular, and talented. But, she suffers from her anxieties and is very shy.

Mio is a private and soft-spoken cutie, even amongst close friends, and seems to enjoy time alone, which she often dedicates to songwriting. Otherwise, she’s a very organized and mature girl.

24. Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown

inori yuzuriha cute anime girls

Guilty Crown’s Inori Yuzuriha is one of the sweetest characters on this list. She is the beloved Idol singer, the vocalist of the band Egoist, and a vessel for the apocalypse. She has light pink hair that turns pink at the tips.

She may appear emotionless, especially at the beginning of the series. but later on, she becomes a girl everyone likes. Inori knows how to show emotional support when needed. Inori may look like a cute anime girl, but she’s a powerful woman who can face off an entire army alone.

23. Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko’s Basketball

satsuki momoi cute anime girl

If you love cute pink-haired girls then you’ll love Satsuki. Satsuki is very passionate and great at analyzing her opponents when it comes to basketball.

This girl is the manager of ‘Too Academy’ and the previous manager of the ‘Generation of Miracles,’ is one of those cuties. Momoi has long, bright pink hair that reaches her lower back. Her large eyes are also pink. She is full of energy and sometimes acts flirty. But she can also be a naive girl with a fantasy romance conviction.

22. Hiyori Iki from Noragami

hiyori Iki cute anime girl

Hiyori is just your ordinary middle school girl who one day encounters a god on the street and becomes a human-spirit hybrid after getting run over by a car to save him. Many found her a very cute ghost. She has Light magenta-colored eyes and long dark brown hair.

When she leaves her body, a dark pink (black in the manga) tail-like “cord” that resembles a cat emerges from her lower back. She is one cute anime girl!

21. Tohru Honda from Fruit Basket

tohru honda cute anime girls

Tohru is a demure, soft-spoken, kind-hearted, sensitive, down-to-earth, beautiful girl. She’s a hard-working mother of three. Tohru paid her tuition by cleaning people’s houses. She hates being a financial burden to her relatives.

This character is considered to be cute. She has waist-length, straight, brown hair and an eyebrow-length fringe that frames her round, brown eyes. In a nutshell, she is a cute girl who will give everything to anyone.

20. Alice Nakiri from Shokugeki No Soma

alice nakiri cute anime girls

Not a lot can beat Alice’s cuteness. She is the best waifu! Alice is a cute anime girl with beautiful silver-white hair girl with a very sweet smile. She’s the underrated character that specializes in fermenting stuff. She’s just too cute when she’s in her school uniform.

She can be pretty competitive when it comes to cooking. Alice is an expert in the field of molecular gastronomy, she highly values not only the culinary aspect of cooking but the artisan aspects as well. It’s really sweet when Alice says “Nani yo! nani yo! nani yo!”

19. Yamato Rinko from Ore Monogatari!!

yamato rinko cute anime girls

Yamato is a very cheerful young woman who is in love with her hulk-like boyfriend. She always does sweet things for him, like baking him cookies.

Yamato is a beautiful, charming cute girl with fluffy collarbone-length strawberry-blond hair and brown eyes. She’s too kind and feels embarrassed whenever someone does something for her. Yes, she has a lovey-dovey personality, but that doesn’t mean she lives in a fantasy world. Yamoto is also smart, she knows how to play her innocent looks to her advantage.

18. Yukino Yukinoshita from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

yukino yukinoshita cute anime girls

Yukino is the leader of the ‘Service Club.’ She has a thick figure along with flowing black hair and is nicknamed the “Ice-cold Beauty” for her icy demeanor. She comes across as an Ice queen character. But it’s her personality that really makes her a cute anime girl. She finds it hard to move forward and be herself.

Yukino is best described as reserved. She is afraid to show affection and unable to articulate her feelings even to the people who are most close to her. What is appealing about Yukinoshita for me is that she is so relatable as a genuine character. She’s a cute girl, yet down-to-earth She’s strong, intelligent, stubborn… yet she’s lost and vulnerable. What’s not to like about Yukino?

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17. Eru Chitanda from Hyouka

eru chitanda cute anime girls

Hyouka is incredibly cute, and throw her, “come on please” expression, in there, and you have a great waifu. She’s an extremely beautiful young girl with straight mid-back-length black hair and large indigo-purple eyes that tend to sparkle when intrigued. Eru Chitanda’s curiosity and cheerful nature are infectious. She’s always a polite and cheerful friendly girl.

Hee innocence translates to “childlike” behavior in many aspects. Eru is always positive. At the same time, she can become compulsively nosy when intrigued; become hyperactive, and have a tendency to glare and ignore personal space.

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16. Sagiri Izumi from Eromanga Sensei

sagiri cute anime girl

Sagiri is a socially awkward girl, She has the best adorable noises. The innocent blue eyes girl is secretly the illustrator for her brother’s light novels and is popular on the web, though nobody knows that she is actually a 13-year-old girl.

Sagiri is an extremely cute anime girl with porcelain skin young girl with long silver hair with big light blue eyes. She wears pink pajamas and sometimes has a dark green hoodie on them. She also wears pink slippers with bows on them. She’s always calm, sometimes she is seen embarrassed or smiling.

15. Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

rikka cute anime girl

Rikka is a cute anime girl with chubby cheeks. Just her voice will make your life happy again, and you’ll wanna hug her so much. She believes she is a sorceress possessed by the “Tyrant’s Eye” that will reveal her destinies.

14. Yui from K-on!

cute anime girl

Yui’s only flaw is that she’s not real. If Yuri was real you would hug her and never let go, like never! The guitarist has an extremely appealing eccentric character.

Yui has strong convictions, is always joyful, and doesn’t shy away from showing her affection to her friends. She has brown eyes and thick medium brown hair at shoulder length. Always looking for fun, she likes everything cute and makes a lot of physical contact with others like holding hands or hugging.

13. Konata Izumi from Lucky star

konata cute anime girl

This cute girl has long, shiny blue hair and green sleepy eyes. Konat lives in her own world and her connection with reality is very loose. She is much more interested in video games, anime, and manga than in doing actual school work.

12. Yazawa Nico from Love Live!

yazawa nico cute anime girls

“Nico Nico Nii” is this cute girl’s famous catchphrase. If that ain’t cutest, tell me what is?! Nico Yazawa is one of the nine main female characters in Love Live! Despite her childlike stature, she is actually in her third year at ‘Otonokizaka High School.’ She dreams of becoming an idol.

Nico is a cheerful girl who always has a smile on her face. She has a petite figure, with long black hair and crimson eyes. She is misunderstood as a character, Nico is more than just an annoying girl.

Her father used to sing “Nico Nico Nii” to cheer her up when she was sad. Since Nico’s dad passed away, she probably treasures the memories of all the times he cheered her up. The scariest thing here is how her personality changes from adorable tsundere to a sweet girl. Get yourself a cute anime girl like Nico!

11. Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

sakura cute anime girl

Sakura is a tiny cute and adorable girl, and she uses cards like magic. Her moe appearance and darling personality make her popular among others. She has some cute little “antennae” made of two strands of hair standing atop her head.

10. Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

kanna kamui cute anime girls

The opening and ending of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid always put me in a really good mood!!! The “parappapaparapa” part is so addictingly cute. Kanna Kobayashi s one of the main characters of the series.

She is a young female dragon, who is exiled from her world as a consequence of her pranks. She has white-lavender hair in ponytails and blue eyes.

Kanna has a soft-spoken nature and demonstrates most of her emotions through minute expressions. Kanna is my fave because she is so darn adorable!

9. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

asuna yuuki cute anime girls

Asuna is Life, Asuna is Love. Asuna is the cutest girl ever! what many (males) would define as the perfect girl. She’s the best at everything.

Asuna has long, orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes. She is a stunning cute anime girl, a gamer, a leader, smart, and an ace student. Indeed, she’s the cutest popular girl in SAO.

Everyone likes Asuna. No one is better than the goddess of the underworld for Kirito, and this is a fact!

8. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari from Little Witch Academia

atsuko akko kagari cute anime girls

Simple, carefree, fiercely determined, and annoyingly persistent. But above all – the little witch Akko has a big heart. The teenager travels to the prestigious witches’ academy ‘Luna Nova’ in the hopes of becoming a great witch like her idol, Shiny Chariot.

Despite not having a “natural” talent for it. Akko can’t fly a broom properly, but she occasionally crashes them. She has chestnut brown hair and large crimson eyes. Her stubborn nature is the key to overcoming she simply never gives up.

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7. Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi

kosaki onodera cute anime girls

Kosaki is simply put, an absolute goddess of purity and cuteness. Whenever she’s on screen, my heart starts to flutter to the great beyond. Kosaki is the best. She is thoughtful, and innocent and always wants to help others.

She’s such a precious character in the whole series. The type of sweet personality I always want in each and every story. At times, Kosaki lacks self-confidence and often needs support.

6. Emilia from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

emilia cute anime girl

Emilia is too cute for this world! She must be protected at all costs! She has a heart full of hope, a pocket full of dreams. Don’t let Emilia’s appearance fool you. She is also very strong, she lifted a rock half of her size.

Her father was an elf and her mother a human but also a witch. She is a silver-haired half-elf girl who is one of the candidates to become the next ruler in the royal election. in her smile, you’ll see something more beautiful than the stars.

5. Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

nezuko kamado  anime cute girl

“No no, I’m just another girl with bamboo in my mouth just running out there you know Hmmmh…hmph… Hmmm,” Another demon slayer on this list. Nezuko from Demon Slayer is the cutest demon girl ever! The fact she doesn’t talk and grunts instead are hilarious lol.

She loves her brother, the skilled anime sword-fighter Tanjiro Kamado so much she refrains from becoming a full demon is so heartwarming in and of itself. She cares for and protects humans who she sees as members of her family. She fiercely guards her brother and her allies. She has also developed strong willpower. Nezuko has soft looks and big pink eyes. She is too cute for this cold dark world.

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4. Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer

shinob cute anime girl

She is the smallest character and can’t cut a demon’s head due to her weak physical strength, so she uses poison to kill demons. Shinobu is a young pale woman with large, compound-like purple eyes that lack pupils making her eyes appear similar to those of insects.

She has shoulder-length wavy hair. She is a friendly and cheerful cute girl who always has a smile on her face regardless of the situation she is in. Her features hide the fact that this girl can be rather off when she teases people.

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3. Sawako “Sadako” Kuronuma Kimi no Todoke

sawako sadako kuronuma cute anime girls

Swasko is the main female character of the series Kimi ni Todoke. She’s a soft-hearted girl who cares for everyone even if said people try to humiliate her. She apologizes for her existence. Yes, she’s too cute when she cries, and Swasko opens the water taps quite often. She has pale skin and black hair. Swasko loves cute things, and animals, too bad animals hate her.

Kuronuma Sawako is completely misunderstood by her classmates. Her timid demeanor is often mistaken for malicious behavior. You can’t help but feel for her as she’s a naive girl who wants to save the world. We support Swasko!

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2. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

hinata hyuga cute anime girl character

The cutest Hyuga ever! Hinata is an awesome character that won the heart of a certain hero all us naruto fans love. She has come a long way from her rookie days. She’s extremely sweet, shy, innocent, kind, caring, considerate, and compassionate, she has a heart of gold.

What kind of person wouldn’t like her? Hinata is extremely beautiful, she has the eyes of an angel (greyish-green eyes) if you saw her, you’d think she’s an angel sent by God himself to Earth. If you are looking for cute anime girls, she has the traits you would look for in a romantic partner or a wife. This girl is the only one that can be annoying and lovable at the same time!

1. Miku Nakano from The Quintessential Quintuplets

miku cute anime girl

In my humble and biased opinion, Miku Nakano is the cutest girl of her quintuplet siblings. She is very shy and geeky, thanks to the games she plays. She loves studying history, Sengoku Warlords, and is rather embarrassed for anyone to find out about it.

Miku is initially the most withdrawn of the quintuplets (and is implied to have been bullied at her old school) and she’s always seen wearing headphones, though she only ever wears them around her neck.

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