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Top 40 Cursed Kirby Images

Top 40 Cursed Kirby Images

Kirby is a popular video game series that features a cute pink-colored character whose homeland is at risk, and he

superman vs superman

Superman vs Superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an all-out blue superhero battle! In this epic battle extravaganza, I Faceoff everything Superman

Take Over The World Gru vs Dr. Evil

Take Over The World

They want to be in charge of everything and everyone. Talk about ambition. Their plans of world domination are motivated

Cats and Dogs characters

Cats and Dogs

Meow! Though they pretend not to care a whit—because, you know, cats—what would movies and TV shows be without that

warriors with tails

Warriors With Tails

Having a tail could really be of use in a fight! It all depends on the type of tail, of

Sadistic Psychos

Sadistic Psychos

Some characters in fiction are just plain sadists! And I’m not talking about those who are just horrible people who

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Trying to cope with growing up is confusing enough! You got to deal with rampant hormones, ups and downs, high

10 best laser gun warriors in movies and tv shows

Laser Gun Warriors

What’s the coolest thing about any sci-fi action movie? Lasers. There is nothing like a good pew that makes movie