26 Anime Characters Wearing Hoodies That Evoke Mystery

Anime characters with hoodies wear them for symbolic reasons like obscurity, concealing evil, insecurity, and mystery. The hoodie has a positive-and-negative impact, when worn up, it raises red flags, and vice versa, a hoodie worn down might just look cool or casual. Hoodies get linked to different types of characters ranging from executioners warriors, supernatural beings, shy girls and boys, devils and demons, royal figures, and even vampires. Here is a list of my favorite characters with hoodies that evoke the mythical and mystical.

Anime Characters With Hoodies:

1. Runa Yomozuki from Kakegurui

anime characters with hoodie

Runa is the head of the Election Committee, her character shines most when she is put in front of the camera broadcasting live. She has a hard time staying neutral and has the urge to voice her opinion if she spots cheating attempts. Runa’s fun side reflects through her clothes as she wears a large orange hoodie on top of her uniform. She has a cute voice, but she mainly puts herself above all.

2. Khamsin from Shakugan No Shana

hoodie anime characters

Khamsin Nbh’w is an unusual character. He was a prince destined to become a king, but political games determined his fate and he found himself confined to a small cell. That’s where he discovered his unusual powers. His go-to attire is an orange long-sleeved hoodie with black and white stripes drawn on its sleeves. Perhaps it’s a symbolic sign, Khamsin in the Arabic language means “hot as hell” and it explains his dark brown skin, and his hoodie resembles ancient middle eastern wear.

3. Yuto Akama from Mikagura School Suite

anime characters in hoodies

As a second-year actor and head of the drama club, Yuto is admired and respected by many. On the surface, he is a happy, charismatic, and agile character. However, due to past trauma, he has his share of insecurity, and most of the time he’s lonely. He is afraid to lose the people dear to him, causing him to fake his way into people’s hearts. Yuto’s character style revolves around black pants and a shirt which he pairs with a black hooded jersey.

4. Princess Hibana from Fire Force

Hoodie Anime Girl

Hibana has quite a temper, she used to be a cold woman obsessed with revenge. But gradually defrosted and became one of the good gals. As an orphan, she had to develop street-smart skills to survive. She is a realist and cynically views the world and mankind. That characteristic enabled her to make it to the top and she is just one of two female characters to command company 8. Habana stands out with her customized Fur-trimmed hoodie with blue lines adding to her allure.

5. Yuu Otosaka from Charlotte

Yuu Otosaka from Charlotte

Yuu doesn’t “reach his full potential” to do good, but he materializes his abilities into terrible deeds. He knows how to twist the system to his benefit, and how to craft a strategy to achieve top grades. He possesses the class genius to arouse an argument and spark a fight. Yes, Yuu is quite a hellish character, he has devilish laughter to fit his arrogant narcissistic side. As the anime progresses, he goes into severe depression and finds comfort in a dark red hoodie. When he comes out of his room, he discovers he has good friends and starts to make a change.

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6. Mairu and Kururi Orihara from Durarara!!

anime characters with hoodies

The crazy girls are inseparable identical twins, Kururi is the smart girl, and Mariu prefers to flex her muscles instead of her brains. When Mairu wears a dog-eared yellow hoodie, Kurur wears an opposite color scheme, a green cat ears hoodie. Despite their opposite nature, they don’t consider themselves individuals. Mairu and Kururi have zero tolerance toward any male who tries to harass them. Kururi usually kicks men in the groin, while Mairu flashes her panties.

7. Sotaro Kano from Maid Sama

anime characters with hoodies

Sotaro is the student council president and wears a white, (sometimes black), hoodie over his uniform. At the beginning of the anime, Sotaro is a loner character with gynophobia issues stemming from his father’s perception of women. He wants to keep women out of power positions, and he will go the extra mile to make sure no woman will threaten his insecure position. He is a handsome guy that can hypnotize innocent girls to achieve his goals. Later in the series, as a punishment Sotaro is forced to work with girls, making him slowly come out of his shell.

8. Yuji Itadori from JuJutsu Kaisen

hoodie anime characters

Following a series of misfortune, Yuji enrolls in Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical college. He pursues his life with passion but is also ready to sacrifice himself for others. He is a kind kid with good intentions and always wants to do the right thing. Yuji is a strong male lead character, he is so powerful that he can beat most sorcerers with his bare hands. His trademark is his red hoodie which matches his energetic personality.

9. Makoto Naegi from Danganronpa

hoodie anime characters

Unlike Yuu, Naegi is a ray of sunshine and a symbol of hope to mankind. He is the “Ultimate Lucky Student”, chosen randomly among thousands to attend a school for teenagers who are at the peak of their chosen fields. Makoto’s true talent is eternal optimism. He always maintains a cool persona in some of the darkest and bleak situations. He has a strong personality that helps him to survive the twisted “Killing Game”. The red gas mask symbol on the back of Makoto’s hoodie is intentionally the only notable feature of his outfit, it’s a hidden reference that has an important meaning.

10. Kuro from Servamp

When not in his cat form, Kuro’s face is laced with tiredness. He is a shut-in vamp who enjoys his time playing video games or lazing around. He drinks blood only when he has to fight. His views of himself are rather twisted as he calls himself a monster. Kuro mostly wears a blue hooded jacket that compliments his shoulder-length blue hair.

11. Chizuru Ichinose from Rent A Girlfriend

anime characters with hoodies

Chizuru is a literature college student who pays her tuition by working as a “girlfriend to rent” for lonely Japanese guys. It is no easy job. She has to keep up with the glam, and although she dreams of becoming an actress, she shies away from the stage lights. To charm her customers, Chizuru dresses up in all kinds of fits, but when she’s alone, she finds comfort in wearing a red hoodie. Chizuru is quite popular with the boys with her well-endowed figure and natural beauty.

12. Gin Akutagawa from Bungo Stray Dogs

hoodie anime characters

A black hooded ninja assassin, Gin is stealthy and quick with her knife work. While her casual attire is much less elaborate and adds to her feminine beauty, she is exceptionally stealthy. She earned the role of a leader for one of the battalions of the Black Lizard. She prefers actions over spoken words. Her androgynous appearance, cause many to mistake her for a guy.

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13. Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority

Ai wears a huge yellow hoodie which signifies her shut-in persona. She doesn’t go to school because she fears the brutal bullies classmates. They enjoy tourmate her and view her as a strange bi-person with multicolored eyes. But if they bothered to know her, they would learn that she’s actually a cute and cheerful girl, a good friend with a golden heart.

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14. Mikaela Hyakuya from Owari No Seraph

Mikaela’s life is a living hill. He was once a human who watched his family massacred by vampires. He later lives with the vampires and becomes a vampire against his will. This made him a soulless creature with very little regard for human lives. As an 8-year-old human child, Mikaela prioritizes his adoptive family a lot. He wears the famous Vampire cloak with an attached white hoodie. After the apocalypse, he wears the standard livestock uniform, consisting of a Capri, a hooded shirt, and a collar.

15. Gunji from Togainu no Chi

Gunji is a one-dimensional character, he’s not the smartest guy in the room. His whole world surrounds food, slaughter, and games. He wears a flaming red hooded jacket that exposes his tattooed Tarso, a perfect outfit that compliments his rowdy and violent nature. He fights with metal knuckles and is often confused between killing and eating.

16. Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi

hoodie anime characters

Kyoko has a practical view of magical girls as a whole, initially, she was a self-centered girl who loved to hunt down witches, but in the end, she is a good girl who wanted to save the world. She just masks herself by appearing self-centered when she is sympathetic toward her loved ones. Kyoko’s tomboy signature outfit consists of a crop top and a dark teal hoodie, unzipped at the bottom, showcasing her belly button.

17. Inga/Yuuko from Un-Go

anime characters with hoodie

Inga is a genderfluid character kid, he can transform into a mature woman. He/she was possessed by the devil and was forced to go on a strict soul diet. Luckily for his friends, they were off the menu. Inga possesses the body of a woman named Yuuko, a busty girl that values truth. A sort of true detective if you will, If she asks you a question, you have no choice but to answer truly. However cool this may sound, she needs to ask the right question to crack the case. She turns into a corpse when she does her magic trick, that’s enough to get anyone to spill their guts.

While boy-Inga usually wears his mittens and fluffy panda hoodie on top. When Inga uses his/her ability to transform into Yuuko, she has purple eyes and long purple hair and also has an adaption of Inga’s panda hoodie.

18. Asahi Kobe from Happy Sugar Life

Asahi is a devoted family-oriented boy who does his best to support his mother and sister.  His attire involves a dark green hood with white stripes that transitions into a black jacket with large white strips drawn vertically.

As a result of his father’s abuse, Asahi became bitter toward adults. Ultimately he wishes to spend a happy life with his mother and sister. 

19. Annie Leonhart from Attack On Titan

hoodie anime character

Annie is an anti-villain, she doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her giving her an upper hand over her opponents. She’s an idealist warrior on a mission to capture Eren. As a Female Titan, she’s an ace hand-to-hand combatant who slaughtered many soldiers. Her casual attire consists of a jacket which she tops with a hooded sweatshirt and gray pants.

20. Kaede Azusagawa from Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

hoodie anime characters

Kaede extremely loves pandas. She is often seen sitting around the apartment in her panda pajamas and uses the hoodie to get lazy and comfy. Before being affected by the adolescent syndrome, Kaede had a lot of friends, but after being diagnosed with the syndrome, she became a homebody who relies on her older brother a lot.

21. Yuna from Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

hooded anime characters

When Yuna finds herself transported into another world, she wakes up in an embarrassing fury armor set with a onesie-like bear hoodie. But that’s the flip side of her story, the good news is the suit grants her special powers! Without it, she’s weak and exposed, so it’s better to keep wearing it 24/7. She’s a skillful girl with sharp business intellect, a cook, and a children’s book author.

22. Yuzu Kurosaki from Bleach

hoodie anime characters

As one of the side characters, Yuzu appears when Ichigo is at home. Taking up the role of their late mother, Yuzu devotes her time to doing chores and taking care of the house. She usually appears to be calm but is stern when she needs to be. Yuzu detests violence. Her go-to style is green, red, and pink green sweatshirt hoodies.

23. Shinobu Maehara from Love Hina

anime characters with hoodie

When her parents divorced, Shinobu leaves her home to live alone. Quite a bold move considering she’s just 13 years old. She is a troubled girl with very low self-esteem, somehow she knows she is smart no matter what her low grades say. Shinobu is very sensitive to others and dreams of someday becoming Keitaro’s girlfriend. She had a huge crush on him when he helped her studies.

24. Kazuma Mikura from Air Gear

anime characters with hoodie

Here is another character with low self-esteem issues. Kazu’s apprehensive nature made him a weak warrior who lost too many battles. But, In the second half of the series, he gets over his fragile nature and becomes an In the second half of the series, he decides to stop being a wimp and man the fuck up. He even manages to beat …. and an accomplished fighter and Storm Rider. He takes charge as the second in command of team Kogarasumaru and gets a chance to lead the team. Many fangirls developed a crush on Kazu, and it’s no wonder. Just look at him, he is a blonde reserved blue-eyed teenager. His usual wardrobe consists of an off-white, pale blue hoodie pullover.

25. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

anime characters with hoodie

The Byakugan Princess is a sensitive character, she did her best to overcome her fear of rejection and reveal her true feelings to Naruto. Her lack of confidence meant that she was unable to lead the Hyuga clan. She comes as a soft person, even Naruto once called her ‘weird’. However, finally, Hinata transformed into a source of inspiration. She became Naruto’s wife and mother of the next generation’s hero. Hinata is a ninja and a modern girl at the same time, the clothing she wore varies from girlish hoodie wear to clothing that brought about an adult atmosphere.

26. Mimic Yoshida from Blood Lad

anime characters in hoodies

As a shapeshifter rookie demon, Yoshida can take on the form of anyone’s appearance, but he has a hard time being someone else, often he gets nervous and anxious. Yoshida prefers his personality to come out. He has an adorable trait as he loves to shapeshift those he admires, and thus he is Starz’s number one fan. Since shapeshifting does not copy a person’s clothing, he regularly wears a faceless mask and is always seen with a pale-green hoodie.

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