12 Best Unicorn Toys        

Step into a world where magic, imagination, and whimsy collide—welcome to the enchanting realm of the 12 best Unicorn toys! These fantastical creatures, with their colorful manes and mystical horns, have captured the hearts and imaginations of children and enthusiasts alike. From plush companions that spark dreams to interactive toys that bring the magic to life, we’ve curated a list that celebrates the most delightful, charming, and wondrous unicorn-themed toys available. Join us on this mystical journey as we explore the top picks that promise to enchant and delight unicorn lovers of all ages.

12. Personalized Always Be a Unicorn Teddy In A Tin

Best Unicorn Toys , Personalized Always Be a Unicorn Teddy In A Tin       

Starting off this list of best Unicorn toys is the Personalized Always Be a Unicorn Teddy In A Tin. This adorable and huggable plush unicorn teddy arrives with an accompanying charming tin that can be customized to feature the baby’s name. The inscription on the tin reads, “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.” Personalization allows for a maximum of 15 letters for the name. The tin stands at around 180mm in height, while the toy measures approximately 150mm tall. With its glittering horn, this unicorn makes for a delightful gift idea suitable for newborns, baby showers, first birthdays, or as a thoughtful christening present.

11. Schleich Fairy and Unicorn Set (70569)

Best Unicorn Toys , Schleich Fairy and Unicorn Set (70569)

Upon receiving a magical unicorn as a birthday present, Princess Eyela was nearly incredulous. Initially hesitant to accept such a precious gift, she won over when she caressed the unicorn’s shimmering mane and felt its affectionate gaze upon her. At that moment, she realized they would become inseparable best friends. These meticulously hand-painted figures are crafted with intricate detail, perfect for fostering imaginative play among children, whether enjoyed individually or as part of a larger collection of toys.

10. My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden

Best Unicorn Toys , My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden

One of the best Unicorn toys, The My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden is a delightful playset that provides everything necessary to cultivate a magical garden with a unicorn theme. The set includes grass seeds, a bowl-shaped plant pot, an enchanting unicorn figurine, make-believe flowers, vibrant mushrooms, a charming wishing well, and various other adornments to beautify your garden. I find it commendable that this toy fosters an appreciation for nature and encourages children to nurture their grass, offering a fulfilling experience as youngsters witness the fruits of their dedication, time, and care. Moreover, the garden provides an enjoyable opportunity for imaginative play, allowing Belle to make wishes, and adding an extra element of fun to the experience!

9. Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset

Best Unicorn Toys Polly Pocket Unicor, n Party Playset

Experience the pinnacle of ‘surprise’ party excitement with the Polly Pocket Unicorn Party playset! This Polly Pocket pack offers kids the thrill of discovering 25 surprises and confetti. With extendable shimmering wings and a detachable strap, children can carry the celebration wherever they desire. Included in this set are two micro Polly dolls, assorted accessories, and a carriage drawn by a unicorn. In my view, this playset serves as an exceptional birthday or holiday present for children aged 4 years and older, particularly those enchanted by unicorns, castles, princesses, and delightful surprises.

8. Mudpuppy Unicorns Glow-In-The-Dark Puzzle

Mudpuppy Unicorns Glow-In-The-Dark Puzzle

The Mudpuppy legendary Unicorns Glow-In-The-Dark Puzzle, comprising 100 vibrant pieces with a unicorn theme, offers just the right level of challenge suitable for children aged 5 and above. The initial joy lies in piecing together the unicorn puzzle. Yet, the subsequent delight unfolds when the lights are switched off, revealing the glowing finished product! Measuring 18” X 12”, the completed puzzle doesn’t demand extensive space for assembly. These attributes likely contributed to the puzzle’s recognition as a recipient of The Family Choice Award!

7. Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor

Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor

Experience the role of a Unicorn Pet Doctor with the Barbie Dreamtopia Kiss and Care Unicorn Doctor Set. This comprehensive set comprises a soft plush unicorn with a mesmerizing light-up horn, making it a delightful companion. Included in the set is a rainbow backpack to conveniently carry the unicorn and its accessories. Alongside the plush, you’ll find a stethoscope, bottle, syringe, horn cast, and a delectable ice cream treat for imaginative veterinary play. The unicorn’s captivating horn illuminates, adding to the enchantment. With its vibrant rainbow mane, sparkling eyes, and irresistibly cuddly fabric, this plush unicorn embodies magical beauty while providing endless imaginative fun.

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6. Vtech Colorful Cuddles Unicorn

Vtech Colorful Cuddles Unicorn

The Vtech Colorful Cuddles Unicorn is destined to become your baby’s closest companion. With its cuddly softness and perfectly designed size for tiny hands, it’s ideal for snuggling. The unicorn’s glowing belly displays various colors, offering visual stimulation for your little one. Moreover, pressing the button on the unicorn’s tummy, which changes colors, triggers delightful music, songs, and engaging phrases that aid in language development.

5. Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set

Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set

The Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set consists of more than 2000 water-fixable beads spanning 14 vibrant colors, along with a play mat and a display stand to showcase your child’s unicorn-themed creations. Clear instructions are included for easy use. Aquabeads offer an enjoyable and colorful way to unleash creativity without the need for ironing—simply spray water on the beads to fuse them together. This activity is not only entertaining but also aids in the development of hand-eye coordination and memory skills, providing a fantastic learning experience.

4. Despicable Me Hand-Controlled Flying Unicorn Toy

Despicable Me Hand Controlled Flying Unicorn Toy

The patented Despicable Me Hand-Controlled Flying Unicorn Toy is part of a trio of flying characters within the Despicable Me series. It operates using an infrared sensor located on its feet. This toy comes with an on/off handset, a rechargeable battery, and a cable. Charging with the USB charger takes just 20 minutes and provides 8 minutes of playtime. It’s capable of reaching impressive heights, which adds to its appeal. Its hands-free control using both hands and feet is awe-inspiring.

3. Animagic Rainbow My Glowing Unicorn      

Animagic Rainbow My Glowing Unicorn

The Animagic Rainbow My Glowing Unicorn is an enchanting unicorn adorned with a colorful mane and tail resembling a rainbow. When her back is gently stroked, her horn emits a radiant glow while she emits adorable unicorn sounds. Rainbow boasts a delightful softness and adores receiving hugs and cuddles. She is an ideal present for birthdays or Christmas, bringing joy to your children!

2. Playmobil Fairies & Unicorns

Playmobil Fairies & Unicorns

Explore the enchanting fairy realm of the Toadstool House with this engaging building kit. Assist the fairies in caring for their unicorns as you immerse yourself in the magical world it offers. This set comprises an adult fairy, two child fairies, unicorns alongside their foals, potion bottles, a golden chest, grooming tools, bandages, a duck pond, and various other delightful accessories. Children have the option to enjoy this set independently or merge it with other PLAYMOBIL sets, guaranteeing countless hours of imaginative play and entertainment.

1. VTech Myla The Magical Make-up Unicorn

VTech Myla The Magical Make-up Unicorn

The VTech Myla The Magical Make-UP Unicorn stands at 22.9cm x 40cm and features illuminated wings and horns. This enchanting unicorn’s eye makeup transforms at the swipe of a brush. Accompanied by 5 glamorous accessories—such as a butterfly, makeup brush, and a magical microphone—Myla offers interactive entertainment. Using the microphone, you can sing along with Myla, creating joyful moments together. We’re confident that these delightful features will evoke a sense of magic and wonder for your young one.