25 Iconic Characters With Red Hair

Flamboyant red hair is a sign of courage, sensuality, and passion. A person that has red hair is perceived to have a strong personality, be fearless, and be energetic. So little wonder why some of the Best Characters With Red Hair are so memorable.

While working on this list, we found there are many more female characters with red hair than male characters. However, we did manage to find some awesome male redheads to decorate this list. So, without further ado, let’s count down the 25 best characters with red hair ever.

25/25. Lance (Pulp Fiction, Film)

lens characters with red Hair
Lance (Pulp Fiction), Miramax Films

Lance is an iconic red hair drug dealer, who gave an unforgettable appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s second crime film Pulp Fiction. Judging by his expertise in the drug, he seems to specialize in heroin.

He proved to be very resourceful as he managed to save the life of Mia Wallace, Marcellus Wallace’s wife, by supplying Vincent Vega with the shot of adrenaline he injected straight into her heart.

If it wasn’t for his resourcefulness, Mia would probably have died and Vincent and Lance would have found their end.

24/25. Red Sonja (Red Sonja, Marvel)

characters with red Hair
Red Sonja, Marvel Comics

This red-haired warrior and adventurer need no introduction. Her prowess with a sword is virtually unmatched! Her striking appearance is beyond praise! More than a match for any man in combat, Red Sonja has become the archetypal example of the amazingly beautiful woman clad in revealing “bikini armor” which covers her modesty.

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23/25. Wilma Flintstone (The Flintstones, Cartoon)

characters with red Hair
Wilma Flintstone, Hanna-Barbera

Wilma is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated cartoon redheads ever. The wife of caveman Fred Flintstone, Wilma is strong-willed and level-headed.

She is often the one who bails out Fred when his schemes go awry.  For some reason, she has little dot eyes without pupils. But somehow she is still beautiful.

22/25. Phineas (Phineas and Ferb, Disney Animated Series)

characters with red Hair
Phineas, Disney

The school has ended, summer has started, and two stepbrothers are wondering what they’ll do this summer. Phineas Flynn has always been creative and highly intelligent. Together with his also brilliant stepbrother Ferb, he can endeavor in immensely large projects and activities. What we get to see is just their latest projects.

Phineas is the one who comes up with almost all of their daily projects and his intelligence is focused mainly on the technical aspects of things. He constantly strives to have the best summer ever and we love him for that. He has short, spiky deep red hair on his triangle-shaped head.

21/25. Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man, Marvel)

characters with red Hair
Mary Jane Watson, Marvel

MJ is always there to support our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and be his main love interest. Actually, without her, there’s a good chance Peter would lose himself too much in being Spider-Man. He would start thinking that Peter Parker isn’t important anymore and that being Spider-Man was all that mattered to him.

But Mary Jane always reminds him to be himself. That is Peter Parker. That is why MJ is so important. Oh, and she has gorgeous red hair and green eyes.

20/25. Gimli (Lord of the Rings, Film Franchise)

characters with red Hair
Gimli, LOTR, New Line Cinema

With his long ginger beard, his striking redhead, and many axes, Gimli played a critical role in the Fellowship of the Ring. Not only has he helped the powerful wizard, Gandalf to find his way through the Mines of Moria, but also landed support whenever the party got into a fight.

His name means “fire” in Tolkien’s dialect, which goes well with the color of his hair.

19/30. Mara Jade (Star Wars, Comics)

Mara Jade, Star Wars, Disney

Mara Jade is the wife of Luke Skywalker and mother of Ben Skywalker in the now non-canon Legend series of Star Wars. Throughout her colored career, Mara was an Emperor’s Hand, a smuggler, and later a Jedi Master who sat on the Jedi High Council.

She is a powerful Force user, an accomplished lightsaber duelist, and has a very developed danger sense. With her dancer’s figure, red-gold hair, and green eyes, Mara is unforgettable.

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18/25. Amy Pond (Doctor Who, Live-Action TV Show)

Amy Pond, Doctor Who, BBC

This gorgeous redhead just might be the best Doctor Who characters there ever was. Amy Pond is a great character with a life defined by the Doctor, illustrating the turmoil that follows the Doctor. She is the first person the Eleventh Doctor meets after his regeneration and the last person he sees before he becomes the Twelfth.

She is also one of the Doctor’s longest-running and most well-known companions, which says a lot.

17/25. Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes, Cartoon)

characters with red Hair
Yosemite Sam, Warner Bros. Pictures

Sam was created to be Bugs Bunny’s toughest antagonist after Elmer Fudd proved to be too much of a softy for Bugs. And he hated that rabbit! Sam is a small fellow with a temper as short as he is. He is just the type of guy who will draw his guns on you if you dare to defy him. He was considered a one-off character.

This, of course, wasn’t the case, his first short was a smash with the public, and theater owners asked for more with that character. Sam has since been everything from a pirate, Confederate honor guardsman, rogue knight, and even a feudal lord — whatever the story would suit Bugs Bunny, which was Sam’s foil to his usually fiendish plans.

Yosemite Sam is a short character that has fiery red hair and a large red mustache.

16/25. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones, HBO)

characters with red Hair
Sansa Stark, GOT, HBO

From the little princess with dreams in GOT Season one to the hardened woman in Season six, Sansa has made the longest journey in the series. She ended up an independent strong woman, and politically shrewd.

She became ruler of the North in her own right, no longer desiring marriage. Despite all her tragedies and suffering, she remained kind. Sansa has long dark reddish-brown hair.

15/25. Shirayuki (Snow White With the Red Hair, Anime Series)

characters with red Hair
Shirayuki, Akagami No Shirayuki, Viz Media

The aesthetic girl of the medieval anime series, Shirayuki was born with rare apple-red hair. This beautiful unique hair color has brought many troubles to Shirayuki, as she was forced to escape the kingdom of Tanbarun from the crown prince Raji, who wanted to force her to become his mistress. Shirayuki mainly has short hair that reaches her chin.

Before she shortened it as an act of defiance against Raji, she had long hair that was typically tied in a ponytail that ran halfway down her back.

14/25. Lois Griffin (Family Guy, Animated Series)

characters with red Hair
Lois Griffin, Family Guy, Comedy Central

It has been mentioned multiple times, by multiple characters throughout the show that Lois Griffin is considered attractive. This raises the question: Why does Lois stay with Peter who is immature and may have some sort of brain damage that keeps him from seeing the consequences of his actions?

Well, it appears that Lois was attracted to Peter primarily because of his humor and wonderful love-making.  Anyway, our opinion is that Peter is very lucky to have her. A fun fact is that in the pilot chapter, Lois was blonde and not a redhead, and had a pink top.

13/25. Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

characters with red Hair
Poison Ivy, Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Portrayed by the one and only Uma Thurman, Poison Ivy, the actual name is Dr. Pamela Isley, a botanist. While experimenting with Venom to create animal-plant Cross-breedings, she unintentionally transformed into a poisonous hybrid of humans and plants. 

Armed with poisonous lips and able to blow around a wisp of pheromone dust that makes men her willing slaves, she vows to establish botanical supremacy worldwide. Due to the effects of her mutation, Poison Ivy has forest-green skin and long glittery red hair. 

12/25. Leeloo (The Fifth Element, Sci-Fi Film)

Leeloo, The Fifth Element, Gaumont Buena Vista International

Leeloo is one of the Supreme Beings of the Universe, sent to our world to save it from the Great Evil. Played by Milla Jovovich, Leeloo is practically flawless and is a perfect sample of human health and fitness.

She can punch through the unbreakable glass and knock out a Mangalore alien several times larger than her. While making the movie, it was decided to dye Milla’s hair from her natural brown color to orange-red.

11/25. Satine (Moulin Rouge! Drama Movie)

Satine, Moulin Rouge! 20th Century Fox

Portrayed by Nicole Kidman, Satine is a dancer at the Moulin Rouge Theater in Paris, and the true star of the show. She is an enchanting actor, capable of capturing the hearts of thousands of visitors with her beauty and talent. However, what she wants most of all is that her work will lead to achieving her dream of becoming “a real actress.”

Seductive and passionate, Satine is involved with a few different lovers. She believes that her next lover will be the Duke of Monmouth, who will help her reach her professional dream. Only Christian, the poor but romantic writer, has a chance to change her mind.

Which path will she choose – her dream of making it as a real actress, or allowing herself to fall in love? This inner dilemma is part of what makes this red-haired character so fascinating!

10/25. Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Cartoon Film)

characters with red Hair
Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Warner Bros. Pictures

Despite her distant looks, Roger Rabbit’s Toon wife proved herself to be compassionate throughout the movie It is also obvious she has a soft spot for her “honey bunny” husband.

Jessica is a voluptuous woman with a curvy hourglass figure. She has long, luxurious red hair with side bangs that usually cover her right eye. Jessica is the ultimate cartoon babe, no wonder that she made it to the top ten red hair characters.

9/25. Donna Pinciotti (That 70s’ Show, TV series)

characters with red Hair
Donna Pinciotti That 70s’ Show, TV series, FOX

Donna is one of the coolest characters to ever grace the TV screen. She is a tough woman, but also a girly girl and a sucker for romance. She is in a relationship with Eric Forman, who is physically weaker than she is.

Donna wants to become a journalist, so she writes for the school’s newspaper. She has beautiful long red hair.

8/25. Ariel (The Little Mermaid, Disney Animated Film)

characters with red Hair
Ariel, The Little Mermaid, Disney

Ariel’s red hair is iconic. It is hard to even imagine her with different hair colors. However, originally Disney’ wanted her to be a blonde, but they ended up making her a redhead so she wouldn’t look too similar to the mermaid played by Daryl Hannah, in the popular movie Splash that came out a few years before The Little Mermaid.

Besides her red hair, she has red lips and amazing large aqua eyes.

7/25. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter, Fantasy Film Franchise)

characters with red Hair
Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Pictures

Member of the Golden Trio along with Harry Potter and later Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley is one of my favorite characters after Harry. It is not just because he’s funny, but he strived to be good even though he didn’t have to be. 

Ron is one of the most courageous, witty, and loyal guys you’ll ever see. He is Harry Potter’s right-hand man, and Hermione Granger’s sole true love and soulmate He is a red-haired legend!

6/25. Merida (Brave, Disney Animated Film)

characters with red Hair
Merida, Brave, Pixar

Daughter of King Fergus, this long curly red-haired princess isn’t the regular Disney “Barbie doll” ideal. She is a very daring, stubborn, and rebellious girl who does not fit the stereotypical princess role.

Moana and the upcoming films, so far, are only following the female warrior, criticizing the rigid formula of the past. Now, that’s something we can relate to!

5/25. Renji Abarai (Bleach, Anime Series)

characters with red Hair
Renji Abarai, Bleach,

Renji Abarai is a power type. He uses physical strength, destructive power, and durability to win his fights. In the first season of Bleach, he dedicated his life to defeating Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist of the series, but then joined forces with him to rescue Rukia Kuchiki. Since then, he became one of Ichigo’s most vital and reliable allies.

Ramji wields a melee-type weapon named Zabimaru whose Bankai resembles a skeletal snake that can fire energy blasts from its mouth. Later on, Renji learned the final form of his Bankai and used it to slay one of the Sternritter, Mask de Masculine. He has long crimson hair, which is usually tied in a high ponytail.

4/25. Dana Scully (The X-Files, Sci-Fo TV Series)

characters with red Hair
Dana Scully, The X-Files, FOX

The ever-skeptical FBI Secret Agent, Dana Scully is intelligent and opinionated, and one of the sexiest characters on TV ever. Together with her fellow Special Agent Fox Mulder, Scully tracks down supernatural activities.

She is also a medical doctor, which allows her to perform autopsies of victims in X-Files cases, including alien autopsies. What could be sexier than that? Well, maybe a well-known sex therapist who is frank about all aspects of sexuality. But that is another story altogether. Scully has beautiful red hair!

3/25. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail, Anime Series)

characters with red Hair
Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet is the strongest female wizard in the Fairy Tail guild and a member of Fairy Tail’s strongest team, together with Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Gray. She owns the title “Fairy Queen” and Natsu and Gray are afraid of her, as she has this overwhelming power and unique armor. Erza is known for her fast re-equip techniques and her image is a ferocious one.

She got the name “Scarlet” because of Jellal Fernandes. During Erza’s childhood days, she was captured by Zeref’s followers and was dumped in the Tower of Heaven, wherein she met Jellal, Sho, Wally, Milliana, Simon, and Old Rob.

Jellal gave her that name because of her lively scarlet-colored hair. Since then, she used that name as her surname. Cool! Ezra is a beautiful anime girl with long red hair.

2/25. Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo, Cartoon)

characters with red Hair
Daphne Blake, Scooby-Doo, Hanna-Barbera

The fashion-loving member of Mystery Inc., Daphne Blake is known for her tendency to get into danger. This danger-prone heroine has a black belt in Karate and can even use her make-up accessories to break into places. So, beware! She comes from a very wealthy family.

So wealthy that she can call upon her butler, Jenkins, to do numerous tasks, such as riding her off people, beating a monster up, etc. Daphne has shoulder-length fiery red hair and wears a plastic purple headband.

1/25. Natasha Romanoff (Avengers, Marvel)

characters with red Hair
Natasha Romanoff, Marvel

Our top pick for this list of 30 characters with red hair is the deadly female assassin Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. Natasha is an international super spy with multiple covers, and identities, and has posed as several different people. However, even though she often changes her name, hairstyle, and overall “look”, her most recognizable hair color is red. Her hair color changes from very dark sensual red in Iron Man 2 movie to a little lighter, smoother red in Avengers.

In Winter Soldier, her hair is lighter in color, to the point she’s going for a light copper color. She’s also started growing it out. By the time of Age of Ultron, she is turning steadily blonder but not there yet. Not to the point of calling it Strawberry Blonde but it’s a brighter and lighter shade of red than before. Infinity War, she’s full of blonde hair. In Endgame, she’s done half red and half blonde. However, for us, Natasha is forever crimson red!

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