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We are on a mission to help you find the perfect content to stream according to similar tv shows and movies you already love. We curate lists, review, and face off your favorite titles from Sword and sorcery, Fantasy, Anime, Superheroes and Sci-fi. 

VS: Battle Report

In the “Battle Report” category, we review and compare similar tv shows vs tv shows, movies vs movies, and characters vs characters to answer the ultimate question, “Which is Better?.” Reports examine a wide mix of elements to prove why The Last Kingdom is clearly the superior show when compared to Vikings. Or why Kratos would crush Leonidas. Why the Harry Potter series is better than the Lord Of The Rings franchise. Why The Matrix characters are more iconic than The Terminator. How Smaug would destroy Drogon. How Doc Brown inspired Rick Sanchez. Why Batman would win in a battle against Nite Owl. Who would win in a battle featuring Captain Marvel vs Supergirl, Might Guy vs All Might, Alita vs Robocop?

Battle Report offers extraneous lengths of paragraphs and research and analysis to prove why one character; movie; tv show, is clearly superior over the other. We flesh out and break down skillsets, personalities,  moralities, storylines, actors, characters, famous quotes, qualities of productions, and so on. These aspects are given a score from one to five stars when added all up the report present the final score to determine the best of the best. What does this accomplish? It makes it easy for fans to determine which tv show or movie is better. The category takes an extra leap from the “why?” to “how?”

Users are invited to immerse in debates, agree or disagree with the editorial content, or interact by voting on Faceoff Scenarios Battle polls, or the Faceoff social media channels.

This category is dedicated to fans of magical fantasy, history/period, sword and sandals, medieval tv shows and movies, sci-fi, anime, action dramas, DC, and Marvel superheroes.

Battles Scenarios

The Faceoff Battles Scenarios feature tournaments and one-on-one games. Users think and choose an action for their favorite characters from a wide range of movie and tv shows genres. Weigh advantages you or your enemy has and how you might steer your character in a way that can gain the upper hand.

The editorial team (that’s us) creates hundreds of skills-categories with characters from anime, DC and Marvel, historic period shows, dramas, action fantasy, sci-fi, and much more.

The Faceoff Battles Scenarios questions encourage readers to prove why one character would obliterate the other. The question is designed to evoke an emotional investment into your character’s actions.

Users are asked to consider the backstory, skill sets, power sets, morals on or off. They must factor in whatever winning scenario characters hold. The advantages, weaknesses against their faced-off enemy.

Does your opponent have more brains than muscles?  Who would you team up with? Who would risk his life to save an innocent citizen? In which superhero headquarters would you like to work? Who would in a battle of giants? Who do you call to save hostages taken in a bank robbery? Who do you send to sneak into a heavily guarded building to retrieve a family heirloom?

What are these? Just fun mashups of quests, polls, debates, but with interactive gameplay elements of your favorite characters! These Battle Scenarios offer an opportunity to express users’ imagination and creativity.

Insert yourself into the shoes of your favorite characters as you read about their skills and make your final decision accordingly.

Faceoff Lists

Faceoff ranks, curates, rates, and lists your favorite characters, movies, and tv shows Explore alternative content according to common genre elements, modes, and reviews.

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