Top 25 Anime Femboy You’ll Either Hate Or Love

Everyone either hates or loves a femboy anime. I find it much more interesting when the gender is not fixed, there is more potential for making things interesting. Iit can go either way while adding lots of diversity to the characters.

Whether a femboy has gorgeous hair, delicate body movement, a fab dress, or gentle nature, it is always fun to see a model change by stepping out of the fixed gender expectations. It throws people through a loop every time.

What is an Anime Femboy?

If you are wondering exactly what a “femboy” means, it involves a male that identifies with more feminine qualities.

An anime femboy could look like a girl, with non-sexual purposes. He could be a boy that doesn’t really care too much about gender roles and therefore just looks, or behaves in a traditionally masculine way.

It is absolutely possible to be seen as a femboy by others without having any intention to be one. It is literally just short for the feminine boy.

What is the difference between Trap and Femboy Anime?

An anime trap involves a male character intentionally mistaken for a female by the creators. The character looks and acts feminine to the point of looking like a girl, despite being a guy.

The term itself is explosive, and often mistaken for an insult. Meanwhile, by many popular and widely used definitions, a trap has nothing to do with a transition or sexual preferences, it is a way to make the character more interesting. It is mostly about the comedic effect and for fictional purposes.

A femboy doesn’t hide his gender, he even gets annoyed when mistaken for a female.

An example of an Anime Femboy: Astolfo From  Fate / Apocrypha

astolfo anime femboy

Astolfo will always be the top number-one anime femboy! I always thought “haha Astolfo funny femboy irony” but once I watched Fate/Apocrypha, I actually liked him a lot as a character.

From memes to blog posts to questionable fanart, he is everywhere. Even if you didn’t already know his name, I can bet you anything that this isn’t your first time seeing him. Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from an eternally optimistic big ball of energy.

When Astolfo is in the room, basic Morales like politeness and respect go straight out of the window. He’s simply too curious, too playful, and too energetic to act passively. Even inside the story, he is referred to as the most handsome man. You can practically feel the intensity of his charm oozing out of the screen.

The Complete List of Anime Femboy

1. Felix Argyle from Re:Zero Wiki – Fandom

felix argyle anime femboy

Despite being a boy, Felix prefers to wear dresses. He is someone who can compete with Astolfo’s schoolgirl suit. He is a knight with adorable expressions, his voice actor sounds like an actual cat boy. But, a real femboy gives off an aura of masculinity that can’t be hidden. It doesn’t matter what clothes Ferri-chan wears, he does not afraid to be himself.

He is not someone who is hung up about gender, and the anime doesn’t call too much attention to it. Overall, Felix is a pretty bad person, he hates weak people, and the producers even considered making him the main villain.

2. Haku from Naruto

haku anime femboy

Nagista Shiota is a femboy who can literally show up to school the next day dressed as a girl and no one would notice a difference. To be fair, even the girls are aware of his charm and so they make sure to put it to good use whenever the plot demands so.

Anyways, as a blue-haired short guy, Nagisa is a somewhat timid yet friendly kid who doesn’t think much of himself. Although, his observation skills are too good. The guy is a mutant when it comes to the art of assassination. It’s a good thing he is shy though, otherwise, an adorable character who is also skilled in the art of killing will be a deadly weapon.

3. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler

ciel phantomhive anime femboy

If being a 13-year-old femboy wasn’t already enough to attract some attention, Ciel Phantomhive here also happens to be among the richest men in England. He has a fortune, but don’t mistake him for just being clueless

He may be a hot bad boy and all, but his intelligence and tranquility are the real deal. Despite being in his early teenage years, he is a chess prodigy and always maintains a keen presence of mind. Although he isn’t one to show his emotions, he is already well adept in the art of leadership.

Yup, that’s right. Among all the femboy anime characters listed here, Ciel happens to have the biggest head over his shoulder.

4. Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist

envy anime femboy

We’re not just talking about lovely femboy anime characters. No, we’re also talking about the lowest of the low, the truly despicable and disgusting characters. The ones who’ll make your blood boil as you loathe them from the bottom of your soul. One such character is Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist.

He’s the kind of menace that hardly needs any introduction, the guy basically embodies what you can expect from the personification of the sin called “Envy.” He is strong, and his outfit can easily get him mistaken for a sinister lady, but most importantly, Envy is a cruel sadist who can only ever get off from true human misery.

A messed up and perverted character if I must say so myself.

5. Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

hideyoshi kinoshita anime femboy

A good way to be popular at school would be by causing confusion about your gender. Of course, being a femboy is easier said than done, but “Hideyoshi Kinoshita” here is a Natural. He and his twin sister both go to the same school, and the only distinction between the two is their hairstyle and uniform. This always causes a lot of confusion, and serious students can never catch a break.

When it comes to changing clothes for sports events, he has to use a separate private room. Oh yes, he uses a separate bathroom as well.

6. Nasu Suketaka Yoichi from Drifters

nasu suketaka anime femboy

Drifters is an epic tale of Japanese legends who are reincarnated in a fantasy world after their historical deaths. Nasu Suketaka Yoichi or “Nasu no Yoichi,” is one such legend. He was a renowned Samurai in the late 12th Century and of course, the same is the case in this anime, except, he has long black hair and a slime, feminine figure.

Even the alleged Toyohisa initially perceived him as a woman because of his appearance. Now, as much as he can easily use his feminine appearance as a weapon, he happens to have a considerable crisis of self-doubt and depression.

Ironically, this story sounds like that time a historical Japanese legend got reincarnated as an anime femboy. But it is hardly as comical as the premise makes it out to be. We have war, tragedy, and death.

7. Eljuia from Endride

eljuia anime femboy

Ok, this femboy is taking things too far. Unless vividly stated, you can go your whole life and still never realize that the white-haired beauty from Endride is actually a guy. Yup, from the first impression, Eljuia looks like the classic Ice Queen that we often see in anime.

He has white hair, orange eyes, thick eyelashes, and even blue flowers on his head. If that isn’t enough, he wears a long white dress with gold and jeweled trimming. Seriously, with his natural appearance and dressing sense, it’d be weirder for one to not see her as a fine young lady.

We’ve only just gotten started on this list of prominent femboy anime characters and things are already heating up.

8. Gowther from Nanatsu no Taizai

gowther anime femboy

We have a rather unusual turn of events here. Gowther was actually created in the image of his father’s old lover, but since it’d be weird for his daughter to look just like his old lover, he decides to give Gowther a male body.

Don’t ask me how that’s just how things work in Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) Anyways, that’s how he was born. He has dark pink hair and cute glasses, which also befitting considering how he’s the supposed Sin of Lust. Gowther can charm just about anyone. As much as it’s because of his appearance, it’s also the story’s logic.

9. Geperuniti from Macross 7

geperuniti anime femboy

From a classic anime series of the early 90s, we present to you a scary femboy named “Geperuniti.” Or should I say, “Lord Geperuniti.”? Blonde though he may be, the facial expressions he often makes would make you mistake him for a witch, much less a lady. As far as he is concerned, everyone is expendable for the sake of his ultimate goal, which is to implement the alleged “Spiritia Farm Project.”

I’d say, you’ll have to check out the anime for more context, but let’s just say Humans as well as other species will be raised as Cattle at this farm. Lord Geperuniti is one who is meant to invoke fear and anticipation in the hearts of the viewers.

10. Jakotsu from Inuyasha

Here we have a femboy anime samurai. Or maybe “Swordsman” would be a better word. What makes Jakotsu stand out is not just his feminine face, but also his kimono outfit, and while his clothes look feminine, he himself has an obvious dislike when it comes to women. Exactly what you can expect from a sadistic Sociopath.

He’d say he loves you but then try to kill you because what he really loves is not you but your dog-ears. Still though, despite his outlandish personality, he is honest to a fault. He loves what he loves, and he also loves fighting.

11. Alois Trancy from Black Butler

alois trancy anime femboy

The head of Trancy’s estate is practically a textbook example of a femboy who flaunts his wealth and looks but hides a dark secret.

He has learned how to use his fanboyism to get what he wants and frequently wears revealing shorts. Alois grew up poor and became a wealthy young man, he commands his own servants and relishes every ounce of his newfound wealth and noble status. Alois can get very cringy, he committed cruel acts and has no awareness of personal space.

12. Kamanosuke from Brave 10

kamanosuke anime femboys

Nobody would usually expect the leader of a gang of thieves to be a woman, but still, if you catch a glimpse of “Kamanosuke,” you will subconsciously see him as a lady. Even though he’s not, and yes, the leader of the gang of thieves is indeed a guy, or is he?

Looks like Kamanosuke likes to keep things interesting by causing more confusion than it is worth. He is basically a cruel guy who gets off at the sight of blood. This a classic example of how appearances can be deceiving. Seriously, if you see him. Don’t start wondering if he’s really a guy or not. Just Run.

You can think about it all you want once you’re safe and can still think.

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13. Kazuto Kirigaya from Sword Art Online (Gun Gale Online)

kazuto kirigaya anime femboy

Kazuto Kirigaya or “Kirito” is the famous or sometimes infamous Black Swordsman as well as the protagonist of Sword Art Online. For the most part, he’s not a femboy, but in the Gun Gale Online installment of the Sword Art Online series, Kirito’s avatar looks like a girl.

It is basically a rare avatar model that lets male players adopt a more feminine look for their avatar, although it is extremely uncommon, which is why for most players, this avatar remains nothing more than a wish. In fact, a player even offers Kirito some money to buy it from him.

14. Kazuki Fuuchouin from GetBackers­­­

kazuki fuuchouin anime femboy

Grace and Charming are the two words that describe “Kazuki Fuuchoin,” and maybe that’s why it’s an everyday thing for him to be mistaken as a woman. His long hair definitely doesn’t help in portraying him otherwise either. But don’t annoy him too much, as graceful and charming as he may be, he is also dubbed as the “Prince of Anger.”

He isn’t quite fond of the jokes that make him out to be a girl, but even so, he is well aware of his feminine appearance and isn’t afraid of using it to get some juicy information out of drunk men. Yes, Kazuki isn’t afraid to use his charm as a weapon.

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15. Lio Fotia form Promare

lio fotia anime femboy

Lio Fotia has a short stature, pale skin, and prominent eyelashes. His physique and physical features often get him mistaken to be a girl, hence why he’s on this list. But believe it or not, this adorable guy is actually the head honcho of a terrorist group. He has a strong will and a tenacious desire to threaten society. Or does he?

I guess you’ll have to watch the entire bl anime to find out. However, I’ll tell you that he isn’t actually a terrorist, even if the public may see him that way. He is an intelligent and reliable leader who goes about protecting those who can’t protect themselves. An Anti-Hero if you will.

16. Narancia Ghirga from JoJo’s Bizarre

narancia ghirga anime femboy

Narancia is Astolfo-femboy tier, although he insists he is not a girl! And all he wants is to have fun with his criminal pals.

The dude looks like a lady, he has a feminine face, wears a skirt, and has a female voice actress in some of the video games. He is no trap, the anime has him visible with buff muscles. Narancia’s appearance heavily contrasts his short-tempered, borderline-crazy personality.

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17. Loran Cehack from Gundam

loran cehack anime femboy

Loran Cehack is the protagonist of “∀ Gundam” (Turn “A” Gundam) He is the type of guy who can easily trust other people. That in itself may sometimes be detrimental, but he also has the ability to easily adapt to any and all situations.

Now, because of his feminine appearance, it isn’t unusual for him to be called Laura instead of Loran, but the guy is able to make use of this as well. He simply disguises himself as a woman named Laura Rolla whenever need be. So much so that the fans still talk about the idea that Loran was originally supposed to be a woman.

That is the power of femboy anime characters, they can put a fanbase into a frenzy where even after two decades since the show came out, they are still debating about it.

18. Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou

natsume takashi anime femboy

The anime is about a guy named Natsume Takashi who has the ability to see spirits, his grandmother was similar in this sense as well, and since he shares the same blood, many spirits often mistake him for his grandmother.

Of course, he also has his school life, but while schoolgirls are not spirits, he is still beautiful enough in their eyes to have an entire Fanclub. Natsume himself is conflicted about this; he always uses manly language to appear more masculine.

19. Ryo Akizuki from Idolmaster

ryo akizuki anime femboy

Japanese School Idols have made a name for themselves, they are cute, lively, and just as bright as the sunshine, but it goes without saying that the term “School Idols” is usually associated with young High school girls who get involved in such activities.

However, here we have Ryo Akizuki, someone who is very much a guy, but also a school idol. In other words, an anime fanboy. Well, it’s not like the average audience member can spot the difference anyway, especially since he has a female persona as well.

You can be a fan your entire life and die without knowing that Ryo Akizuki was actually a guy. That’s the level we’re talking about.

20. Ren Aharen from Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

ren aharen anime femboy

As the younger brother of the female lead, Ren is the type of kid who likes to pretend to be his older sister. Sometimes, he’d wear her clothes, and since he bears almost the exact same appearance as her, it’s easy to mistake him for not just a girl, but his sister herself.

Although he is only 9 to 10 years old, it’s not that difficult to differentiate him from his sister because of his mannerism. Be that as it may, he is quite playful!

21. Sa Sakujun from The Story of Saiunkoku

sa sakujun anime femboy

Most of the anime femboys on this list are fairly young, but Sa Sakujun is almost 30. He has exceptional intelligence and beautiful physical features, even his clothing is tailored to his appearance. Though elegant as he may be, Sakujun is a ruthless sociopath who uses his seductive charisma quite literally to destroy others.

He lacks the element of Sympathy, in fact, he doesn’t even have any regard for himself. This is why, whenever there is something that he wants to accomplish, he won’t stop even in the face of death. Circumstances be damned, Sakujun gets what he wants. Talk about terrifying.

22. Saika Totsuka from Oregairu

saika totsuka anime femboy

Totsuka has a soft feminine appearance and cute speaking mannerisms. Even when Hikigaya has realized that he is a guy, there are still times when he forgets this straightforward fact and begins to fantasize about questionable things.

The girls refer to him as Prince, while the guys can easily be bewitched by his unintentional charm as well. Be nice to him, guys, and say “Yahallo!” He doesn’t like confrontation after all, and makes the cutest pout face!

23. Shuichi Nitori from Wandering Son’s

shuichi nitori anime femboy

Hailed as one of the most beautiful girls in the school, most of the student body is unaware of the fact that “Shuichi Nitori” is actually a biological male.

Things begin to get more complicated though when Shuichi begins to grow up and has to get into a new school together with his childhood friend.

Unlike most other picks on this list, this anime maintains a serious tune throughout its narrative. In a way, it’s a coming-of-age story of Shuichi Nitori and a couple of others who are in a similar situation.

24. Sitori Cartwright from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

sitori cartwright anime femboy

Here we have an interesting character named Sytry Cartwright or “Shitori” whose primary abilities include the power to make girls strip themselves bare right in front of him. Although he is like the prince of hell, he is treated as a princess at his school.

He himself is quite aware of his feminine features and also likes to play around with them. When cross-dressing, he can easily make most of the boys at the school drop their jaws in awe of his hot aesthetics.

25. Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

shinji anime femboy

This is an interesting pick because the fandom has blown Shinji’s femboy traits so out of proportion that thinking about it will only lead to more and more confusion.

Putting it simply, memes are the real deal in this case. Plus, Shinji was originally meant to be a female character, although, they decided to change it. When you think about how Shinji could’ve been a girl, all those embarrassing and awkward moments that he is infamous for finally start making sense.

It is a paradox, guys. Shinji’s personality is a paradox. And with that said, these were our picks for the 25 Anime Femboy you’ll either hate or love.

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