Dororo Season 2 Renewed? Everything We Know

Dororo is a great sword-fighting anime series. It combines drama, action, various elements of horror, and dark comedy. It’s an anime for anyone who loves history, demons, action, and drama. The anime is a rather distorted fantasy-adventure series: instead of collecting legendary objects, the protagonist searches for organs.

If you finished the series with 24 episodes and ended up with a post-anime depression, you are probably wondering if there are any prospects for Dororo season 2.

Dororo has everything you’d want in a series: politics, drama, action, adventure, horror, fantasy, humor, wars, and a quest, a twisted quest. The series delicately outlines a story based on a Greek tragedy – but in Japan and with samurai instead of a spartan warrior.

Dororo is saturated with epic episodes alongside a plotline that leads its heroes to a, particularly charged meeting point.

Historic Timeline For Dororo Season 2

Dororo is an anime series from MAPPA Studio based on a manga by Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka is famous for creating the “Manga Revolution” in Japan. His innovations made him known as the “Father of Manga”, and “The Manga Godfather”. In some ways, Tezuka is even considered the Japanese counterpart of Walt Disney, who is known to influence his art.

He was also an animator and film producer and died in 1989 of cancer. The franchise is well over 50 years old. The manga was first published in 1967 and won an Eisner Award. It was supposed to last more than four volumes, but a lack of interest from readers led to its early termination in 1969.

In 1969 there was the first attempt to create a black-and-white anime adaptation. The series is titled Dororo to Hyakkimaru. was not a great success either. The brand has been abandoned and forgotten for over three decades.

A decade later, Dororo made a comeback thanks to the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Blood Will Tell and a 2007 live-action movie. Finally in 2019 MAPPA Studio took the cartoonish style of Tezuka and created a mature anime adaptation of the old manga.

The first episode aired on 7th January 2019. The television series ended on 24th June 2019. The big change was the introduction of the 12 demons as opposed to the original manga’s 48 demons. Some changes were made to the plot but it is more or less the same plot, the same background, and the same concept.

The suspense and anticipation for Dororo season 2

Dororo was a late bloomer in terms of popularity. It slowly made a comeback building on a new loyal fan base all over the world. If we look at the reactions to the show’s episodes with its hardcore audience around social media and the Reddit community, it would be safe to say that there is huge anticipation for season 2.

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But how popular was Dororo really? The fact is that we don’t have official numbers, since Osamu Tezuka’s classic tales were never acquired by major networks or major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu in the US.

If we’re talking large-scale numbers, then Dororo has modest popularity at best. On March 29th, 2021 Sentai, the global anime supplier announced that it acquired distribution rights to the critically acclaimed supernatural action series. But, Sentai released the series only for home video Blu-ray and Amazon download. Not a lot of people are buying Blu-rays these days, or paying for downloading a file.

Dororo Season 2: Ratings, Awards, And Reviews

Considering the modest popularity, the series gained unusual ratings and reviews. 9,644 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 8.4 / 10

dororo season 2

Anime-Planet User Stats For Dororo Rank: #143

24,900 watched, 6,700 watched, 15,700 want to watch, 1,177 dropped

According to Oricon In 2019, Dororo Blu-Ray sales in Japan made the seventh spot in Japan

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In 2020, Dororo won the Crunchyroll Anime Awards for “Best Character Design”: Satoshi Iwataki, Original Character Design by Hiroyuki Asada.

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Crunchyroll also gave it three more nominations for:

Best Protagonist For Hyakkimaru

Best Boy For Hyakkimaru

Best Ending Amazarashi (as amazarashi) For “Sayonara Gokko”

Dororo Season 2 Expected Plot

The first season’s plot takes place in the feudal period in Japan. To be more precise historically – from the 12th century AD to 1868, a violent period in medieval Japan. In the Sengoku period, there were different rulers of different villages and tribes fighting each other.

The samurai warriors made life difficult for the common people, to say the least. The Daimao (province leader), Daigo Kagimitsu, decided to make an alliance with ancient demons, in order to save his country.

In return for bringing him prosperity and success, he will give them the most precious of all. Shortly afterward Diego’s eldest son was born, but surprisingly the innocent child was born without limbs, skin, eyes, and other organs.

The child is barely alive, but only barely. The greedy Diago orders the midwife to drown the young boy, but the midwife spares his life and sends him in a small box down the river. Next, the baby is found by a priest who decides to raise him and build him prosthetic body parts. The little boy grows up to be Hayakimaru.

He embarks on a journey to kill the demons who took from him everything he had. Joining this journey is Dororo, a young and orphaned kid. Hyakkimaru rescues the thief from a band of men whom the young boy tried to rob.

Together the two embark on a journey across war-torn and wounded Japan. Unlike previous adaptations of the series, the 2019 anime gave away a hint about Hyakkimaru’s future. So it would be a completely new story if we ever got a green light for season two.

Dororo Season 2 Everything We Know So Far

As of August 2022, there is little information as to whether MAPPA is planning a second season of Dororo. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a second season, as the producers often take a long time to make any announcements.

The first season only appeared in late 2019, but there is enough information to make an assumption that we won’t get another season.

Dororo Season 2 Is The Anime Renewed Already?

The 24-episode run of the first season resolved its characters’ arcs and conflicts. The fact is that the anime’s plot is closely based on the manga. So there is no real reason to produce season 2. We can take into consideration that the series is trending on Google search, and it gets discovered by a huge number of anime fans.

Sometimes that can lead to the anime’s revival. So, perhaps nobody really knows the answer. On the other hand, Dororo has been completely adapted several times – either as a video game, two anime adaptations, a full-length feature film, and even a stage play titled The child wants to live!

So if you wish, take comfort in a different art form or simply watch it again on Amazon Prime Video. Some fans even speculated that the upcoming season could be based on the PS2 game story. Using the backstory and characters from Dororo, the PS2 version tells a captivating story with its own take on the source material and is especially notable for having dozens of boss fights.

A 2004 interview with Masamoto Morita, the main planner, and Yuji Horikawa, the producer can give us a solid idea regarding a second-season prospect. Here’s what they said:

If the fans have enough interest in it, I think we might look into a sequel. However, this is an original, self-contained, and complete story on its own.

From this interview we can draw the following conclusion: There won’t be a second season, as the creators have too much respect for Tezuka’s work. The anime’s official Twitter page has been silent ever since the show ended. This might sound a bit disappointing to those who wish to get a second season.

Nowadays we are witnessing a wave of nostalgic remakes of classic anime. This might give some comfort as there’s a good chance someone will miss Dororo and will decide to get the series rolling again.

Season 1 Conclusion

The first season finale ended with some fans complaining it was rushed over, and some fans were satisfied with the final resolution.

For the most part, it was superbly executed. We didn’t get a happy ending, no surprise there, still, it’s a very dark anime, although it does have some comedy.

Spoilers Below*

Jukai and Nuinokata died in that sea of flames. Dororo built her own village with her parent’s money. And the dream sequence on the bridge foreshadowed a reunion in the future.

Hyakkimaru has defeated all of the 48 demons, got his eyes back, and went on his way to regain his humanity and become a farmer. Tahomaru turned into a demon. He gave back the eyes to Hyakkimaru and as a result, the poor guy died, you guessed it, in the sea of flames. Nui was able to hug and show her sons some love before she died in the fiery ruins of her husband’s castle.

Daigo’s idea to give his sons’ body parts to the demons might not have worked out so well after all. The body could’ve been the answer he was looking for in the first place.

OVA Instead of Dororo Season 2?

Perhaps an OVA for Dororo instead of another season could close all loose ends. OVA is like a filler episode that breaks out of the storyline and contains details about the character’s backstory. It would be nice to get Hyakkimaru montage sequence from when he meets Jukai to when he gets his last body part and at the end when he regains his sight and the first thing he sees is Dororo.

Characters We Expect To See In Dororo Season

As for season 2 let’s all agree that one shouldn’t exist. If we ever get it, there’s good story potential with the popular characters. The problem is that the plot’s main arc was based on Hyakkimaru’s journey of obtaining his lost parts. He gained them, now what?

So, here’s what we expect to see from the popular characters in season 2.


In the original manga, Hyakkimaru has to rely on psychic powers to make up for his lost body parts. In the second season, it should remain an anime with a strong male lead, and he could be gifted with supernatural power to fight demons. This gift keeps him alive even without his body parts.

From a person who is unable to express emotions at all, he slowly begins to show human emotions. However, there is always the fear that as more body parts are returned to him, he will become less and less human and become a demon himself.

As he fights through the demons and gets his bits back, he also earns new weapons and abilities from both more advanced prosthetics and reacquired organs. Before Hyakki left for the hall of hell he had a mysterious conversation and we only learned he wanted to check on something. Perhaps that “something” could be explored further.

The final option would be Hyakkimaru’s struggle with normal suburban life, but the demons give him the last opportunity to escape his boring life and come back for one last demon feast! It works for Hollywood, it could work for Dororo.


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Dororo is a young pickpocket and a vagabond. He wanders along with Hyakkimaru.

Hyakki may be at the center of the action, but the kid provides the personality that Hyakkimaru might be a little short on (along with limbs, organs, and all the rest). Dororo: “I’m a boy! There’s nothing wrong with me!” Itachi: “There, there. You are a boy.” We came to learn from the manga that Dororo was a girl who corrected people misgendering him. It would be interesting to watch Dororo’s transformation into a beautiful young woman.


The blind priest Biwamaru can see people’s aura. He’s a magical character who shows up many times in crucial moments to save Dororo and Hyakkimaru. In the Dororo manga, Biwamaru is just a traveler who happened to meet Hyakkimaru on his way and decided to help him obtain his missing body parts back. Biwamaru is also a warrior-priest, MAPPA was setting up something when he said he was a samurai. He deserves his own spinoff show!


Also known as “crocodile tears” Nuinokata is Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru’s mom. Many consider her the “best mom” ever, but from a Western point of view, she’s hardly an average mother. She sunk into depression when her firstborn died. But, that’s not an excuse to ignore Tahomaru for fifteen years. Only when he passed away did Nui decide to put her son first?

She is really a selfish woman and a weak character. Even when she has a chance to stand up for Hyakkimaru against her satanic husband, she chooses her husband. How terrible is she? Well, she let the demons keep taking bites from Hyakkimaru. I’d like to see Hyakkimaru visit her grave and make amends.


Jukai “A killer of lay followers” in Japanese. Mama Jukai is the best anime mom ever. Okay, he’s a man and a doctor. He was also Hyakkimaru’s parental guardian. He’s the reason why is still alive. Jukai had a bag full of sins that tormented his soul, he’s a broken man who lives in the past. But, he decided to repent by helping the sick and treating them for free. Perhaps he could return as the chosen mentor. We miss him dearly.


He is the second son of Kagemitsu Daigo and his heir. Most fans believe Tahomaru is a bad person, but, he just cares for his people. He accepted the same demon deal, but for different reasons than his father – for saving people. Tahomaru is being treated poorly by everyone, including his own mother. His father is a madman, and he was forced to fight his brother.

He could have been saved from the fire, but his own brother wouldn’t bother. Tahomaru matures throughout the anime, he always tries to do the right thing and stays true to himself.

Kagemitsu Daigo

The power hunger samurai general with questionable ethics. He’s also a respectful member of the worst dad-ever club. Daigo is the classic psychotic villain. He’s a plot device whose purpose is to set the story in motion. He even has an “evil laugh”. It feels like we could get more from this character. Perhaps one day he’ll become human.


The 12th and the final demon failed to take Hyakkimaru’s head. Hyakkimaru must kill him to get both his arms and eyes back. Asura doesn’t wear a demonic form he likes his human body. His form is comprised of three heads and six arms. Hyakki defeats Asura and escapes with Dororo.


Itachi is quite the charming greedy asshole. We all want to hate him, but can’t really. He only seeks a better life. He was a bandit who betrayed Dororo’s father Hibukuro and sided with the authorities. In the manga, he is quite different, and it’s very easy to hate him.


The Shark dude! A young fisherman, who suffers from PTSD. Shiranui lost his loved ones during the war, and he forms a bond with the Shark Demons, declaring he loves them over humans. Tezuka started writing Dororo during the second world war. So perhaps Shiranui’s trauma and madness are inspired by the horrific events of that era.


Tahomaru’s unstable friend who served Tahomaru from childhood. Hyogo is also a brave and loyal swordsman. Kagemitsu Daigo reduced him and his sister Mutsu. They impressed him with their skills, and Diago took them into his house. They trained with Tahomaru every day and soon became best friends. Hyogo got his head bitten off, killing him instantly in the final battle. Poor Hyogo deserved better.

Dororo Season 2 Spin-off

There’s a spin-off manga called Dororo to Hyakkimaru Den (Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru) which has a different take on the story while referencing the original manga.

It’s very different than the anime, Hyakkimaru’s personality changes a lot. Hyakkimaru, Tahomaru, and Dororo are a little older than their other versions. Hyakki’s personality is close to his original version. He gets a new beautiful design. His past is the most hunted past compared to other versions. If you thought that a demented father selling his son to the demons is bad, well let’s just say it could be worst.

Tahomaru’s personality is completely different than the 2019 anime, and he has white hair like the original Hyakkimaru. Dororo does something amazing again. The 2019 anime made Tahomaru a kinder person. In the latest manga, he’s much more serious about his role and is set up much more as an antagonist. Perhaps we could get the Dororo to Hyakkimaru Den manga adapted into a 2022/3 new live-action movie. You can find sneak peeks on Twitter.

Dororo Season 2 Current Status

The story is set in a patriarchal society. We can make the assumption that a lot of people in 2022 would have issues with a series that shows powerless women.

However, the series’ historic depiction is distorted. The post-war Marxists criticized the old society. It is still affecting people’s views on Japanese middle age society.

Women in that era could have been business owners and warriors. We would love to see more female warriors and a badass demon female slayer in Dororo season 2.

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