22 Hottest Haikyuu Characters Who Are Smokin’ Hot!

Haikyuu proves that anime and volleyball are a natural match. There’s no dispute that Haikyuu rules the sports anime genre; It’s full of adrenaline and intensity, and hot characters. Real TV tournaments do not look as good and sexy as in Haikyuu, because in animation you can turn the heat up and go wild with your imagination. It’s a new stage in the evolution of anime sports: it doesn’t only surpass the intensity of watching real games, but it also equals the intensity of participating in real games! This list will warm you up with the Hottest Haikyuu Characters! Let’s begin.

22/22. Asahi Azumane

hottest haikyuu characters

Starting off this list of the hottest Haikyuu characters is a smoking hot, third-year student of Karasuno High. Not only was Asahi one of the Volleyball Club’s wing spikers, but he was also their ace in the hole. He has a unique hairstyle of putting his long hair into a loose bun behind his head, accompanied by dark brown eyes which match his beautiful hair. But what fans love the most is his chin’s short scruff and his mature appearance which makes him look intimidating.

Regardless, Asahi is a quiet and gentle soul who doesn’t really think so highly of himself. His “Glass Heart” takes everything said too seriously, often becoming depressed. While he starts off weak-willed, he grows to realize his own will and desire for volleyball, acknowledges his abilities, and garners up self-confidence. He is a man who battled his insecurities and finally owned up to his Ace position!

21/22. Satori Tendou

hottest haikyuu characters

Next up is one of Shiratorizawa Academy’s hottest middle blockers. Well-renowned as the Guess Monster, Tendo is a cheerful and sardonic character. He revels in teasing and annoying others but gets extremely intimidating when serious. Tendou’s hot looks include spiky red hair, matching eyebrows, large downturned eyes, small dark red irises, and a constant slight smirk. He is of medium build, tall, and quite handsome.

Satori relishes the look of defeat on his opponent’s faces and is able to perform guess blocking correctly almost all the time. His development starts when realizes that his guesses can’t always be on point and that they can be read. He can be kind and generous on occasion, despite being seen as odd by most. 

20/22. Eita Semi

hottest haikyuu characters

This Haikyuu hot character is a competitive Volleyball player that acts as the setter and pinch server. His serious and stoic demeanor is but a facade. He hides his short temper nature, as he is easily annoyed. Regardless, he readily acknowledges his teammates and opponents, cares for his teammates, and is sincere and nice on occasion. 

Semi is portrayed with thick and messy ash blonde hair with dark gray tips, black eyebrows, brown irises, sharp eyes, and a consistent scowl. He is of a lean but muscular build, with a gaze that seems to pierce into all fans!

19/22. Kenjirou Shirabu

hottest haikyuu characters

As Shiratorizawa Academy’s second-year starting setter, Shirabu possesses beautiful sand-colored hair which is unevenly parted to the sides, brown eyes, and an average build. Although the sexy Haikyuu boy himself is tall, he appears short in comparison to his team. 

Shirabu is respectful to his seniors, but he’s easily annoyed. His serious and composed look is but a front, as he is easily affected by pressure but is always ready to realize his mistakes and make corrections. On the other hand, he is a very studious and hardworking student with excellent grades. And that’s what makes Kenjirou one of the hottest Haikyuu Characters!

18/22. Yuuji Terushima

hottest haikyuu characters

Yuujui has a childish character and can be rude on occasion. He seldom takes things seriously and claims to play for fun. But he soon grows to realize that there is much more satisfaction in playing seriously and winning rather than simply just enjoying the experience. 

Terushima is a hottie with incredible spiky blond hair in an undercut and a tiny but stylish tuft of hair falling over his forehead. His almond eyes, blonde eyebrows, and black stud ear piercings make his athletic build even more striking!

17/22. Kiyoko Shimizu

hottest haikyuu characters

After going through so many male entries, we have finally arrived at Kiyoko Shimizu, one of Karasuno High’s Volleyball team managers! As a girl of average height, Kiyoko possesses shoulder-length black hair tucked to the side, gray eyes, long eyelashes, a mole on the lower left of her chin, and wears square-rimmed glasses. Extremely attractive, she is considered one of the hottest girls in anime! she tends to attract a little too much attention. Despite her godly looks, she wears tights to hide her scars from hurdle jumping. 

Kiyoko is aloof, straightforward, serious, and passionate about what she does. She is extremely caring and goes to great lengths to uplift her team. Oddly enough, she is very shy when it comes to giving speeches. Her development throughout the series is made evident by how she opens up more, smiles more, and talks more over time. Like a badass girl? Well, Kiyoko is stronger and more capable than she looks with incredible reflexes!

16/22. Shinsuke Kita

hottest haikyuu characters

Standing at an average height, Kita is a blunt, straightforward, stern, outspoken character. He typically wears a bland expression. He is a cold hottie, almost robotic. But he honestly cares about his teammates and tends to their well-being.

In-game, Kita is confident, relaxed, has faith in his capabilities, and is non-arrogant. He is not emotionless either, he simply has a mature and logical way of thinking and claims to not understand nervousness. We must cherish this handsome young athlete, God bless his sweet soul.

15/22. Yuu Nishinoya

hottest haikyuu characters

Known as “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” for his skills, despite being the shortest member of the team, Yuu possesses a fairly hot muscular build. He prefers to have his unruly black hair ruffled upwards (increasing his height a bit). His vivid choice of shirts, which usually have idioms printed on them, makes up for his unforgettable handsome looks. 

Nishinoya is an energetic, impulsive, and quite quirky character. He is prone to committing crazy shenanigans that attract attention. He seldom worries about the consequences of his actions and sometimes turns violent while venting. Yet he remains to be very considerate about his comrades’ feelings and insecurities.

Often seen coming up with hilarious names for his moves, Yuu is also shown to be extremely shy around girls he hasn’t met before. Every time he exchanges heated looks with Mrs. popular and the team manager, Kiyoko, he is often left ignored. On the other hand, he relishes being called “Senpai”, dislikes other male chick-magnets, doesn’t bother filtering his words, and ends up thinking out loud tactlessly. 

When it comes to Volleyball, he transforms into an extremely focused, and supportive team player who is ready to give his all until the very end. Yuu is the true definition of hotness.

14/22. Ryunosuke Tanaka

hottest haikyuu characters

Karasuno High’s Tanaka is a starting wing spiker and is also renowned as the team’s up-and-coming ace. Loud, hot-headed, short-tempered, and quick to pick a fight, this slacker portrays a lesser work ethic in all his activities. Regardless, he is caring, supportive, and protective, and hates the act of belittling others. Magic words to win him over? Just call this sexy creature “senpai”!

 On the court, Tanaka is unstoppable and tends to take his shirt off in celebration. My God! Ryunosuke is the definition of hotness! His strong mental fortitude, willingness to improve, and never-give-up attitude draw fans to him.

Other than his occasional and short-lived thoughts of mediocracy, nothing can keep him down. He also has a keen interest in girls, particularly the beautiful Kiyoko Shimizu. Despite his advances getting ignored, he continues to look out for her. 

 Tanaka’s shaved head, widow’s peak, sharp blue-gray eyes, average height, and lean but strong build make him quite desirable. The only possible turn-off is his habit of making intimidating faces to scare people. 

13/22. Koushi Sugawara

hottest haikyuu characters

Being of average height and slender build, Koushi Sugawara possesses thick eyebrows, light gray hair, hazel-brown eyes, and a sexy mole underneath his left eye. Usually seen with a gentle smile, he is Karasuno High’s vice-captain, substitute setter, and pinches server. 

Sugawara has a soothing and gentle demeanor and acts as a supportive pillar for his team. He is known to constantly encourage himself and his team to never give up. His undying dedication to volleyball is made clear when he refuses to stop playing because he doesn’t want any future regrets.

Perceptive, nurturing, intelligent, helpful, tactical, and resilient, Koushi is ready to give so much to his team. On the other hand, he can be mischievous, proud, boastful, and violent in the weirdest of contexts, resorting to even uncharacteristic rambling and pouting on occasion.

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12/22. Hajime Iwaizumi

hottest haikyuu characters

This hot Haikyuu character is the team’s ace, vice-captain, and wing-spiker. His dark brown spiked-up hair, thin eyebrows, gorgeous olive-green eyes, and serious expression make him one hell of a heartthrob! Stubborn but reliable and supportive, Iwaizumi acts as a substitute morale booster for his peers.

Oikawa constantly provokes him, to which he responds with violence at times, but he continues to immensely care for him. This firm-yet-caring attitude has earned him a lot of respect, drawing many people to him with his calm and light-hearted advice. He will not hesitate to give respect when it’s due, is strong and intimidating, but also has a lovable goofy side to him. 

11/22. Saeko Tanaka

hottest haikyuu characters

Here comes the supremely hot girl, Saeko Tanaka, who is both Ryunosuke Tanaka’s older sister and a former Karasuno student. Her slender figure, under-average height, short, honey-blonde hair, slanted eyes, and four earrings make her stand out like crazy. She prefers casual clothing with a rebellious touch, including black leather, dark tank tops, and tops that expose her midriff and cleavage. Her two arm bracelets with metal spikes around them only add to her attention-grabbing look!

Saeko is loud, confident, outspoken, rebellious, and had “hung out with the bad kids” in high school. She pulls off incredible feats like passing her college entrance exam on her first try and is known to be a reckless driver who does not guarantee safety and comfort. Putting her skills to work, she leads a taiko drum group to the Nationals to cheer Karasuno as well. While her antics cause her brother to reel in embarrassment, she shows him clear signs of affection and is viewed as the “cool older sister type”. What else does she need?

10/22. Daichi Sawamura

hottest haikyuu characters

Daichi’s signature reassuring look oozes the aura of a competent captain and mature individual and is often seen with a  gentle smile on his face. But when the going gets tough, his eyes start to glaze over intimidatingly. 

He is shown to be a caring character and responsible captain who prioritizes his team. He is patient, understanding, strict, disciplined, and terrifying when angered, but he always keeps the team’s best interest in mind. His undying devotion and his flawless command had earned him immense respect as well as fear.

Daichi, with his mature and independent nature, can make you skip a beat. All while possessing incredible leadership skills and constantly seeking avenues for improvement. Now, if you don’t think that’s a hottie, then you need to cool down. On top of that, he is mature to the point that most wouldn’t believe he is a high school student, but he has occasional moments where he displays juvenile behaviors. 

9/22. Kenma Kozume

hottest haikyuu characters

Kozume is Nekoma High’s setter and is known as the “heart” and “brain” of the entire team. He is of average height, small build, and unsteady posture. His characteristic look features cat-like golden eyes, blond hair with black roots, and casual clothing. He dyed his naturally dark hair because he did not want to “stand out” and maintains its current length because he prefers a narrower field of vision. 

Mr. hotness Kozume is typically quiet, composed, and analytical, seldom losing his temper or getting excited (with a few exceptions). His reserved nature leads him to not voice his opinions out of fear of backlash or standing out. This shyness also makes him one of the hottest Haikyuu Characters. He is quite unapproachable and naturally has trouble making friends. He does not revel in authority or respect either, preferring things to be more modest. 

Kenma’s emotionlessness character is often perceived as cold. This is unfortunate because he is very caring, hard-working, and perceptive toward others. Amidst all these oddities, he is very skilled with his extraordinary game sense, technique, and strong strategic abilities, easily making up for his lack of power, speed, and stamina. He is someone who only pursues that which he enjoys, but his only true motivation for volleyball is his friends. Oh and, he is quite competitive to that end! 

8/22. Kotaro Bokuto

hottest haikyuu characters

Bokuto is Fukurodani Academy’s team captain and ace. Acknowledged as one of the top five hottest aces in the country, this young stud is no joke! His looks are built around his round, golden eyes and spiky white-gray hair with black streaks. He is of solid and muscular build and prefers to wear knee pads that go all the way up to his thighs.

Bokuto is playful and prone to mood swings. This highly compatible personality makes it easy for him to get along with people. Regardless, he can be oblivious on occasion while also being kind, just, and defensive. He is humorous and dramatic, while constantly seeking attention from his teammates.

Bokuto shines when he shows off his intelligent, inspirational, mentoring, or comforting sides. His pride, skills, and morale-boosting demeanor make him a fan favorite. The Haikyu hot goddess has its drawbacks, but they waver while he presses on as a regular ace, becoming a truly reliable player in the end.

7/22. Keiji Akaashi

hottest haikyuu characters

Here comes another hot stud from our hottest Haikyu characters. Calm, composed, blunt, and mostly emotionless, Akaashi is quick to call out people for their idiocy. He also won’t hesitate to enter a conversation when deemed necessary and is liable to throw in witty comments.

Despite having a polite and humble front most of the time, he does possess a cheeky side of his own. On the other hand, he has strong analytical skills and quick decision-making abilities. But, he is prone to overthinking and feeling overwhelmed under pressure. This can escalate to the point that he must be benched to clear his head. His calm hides a storm of pent-up stress and emotions which occasionally get unleashed uncharacteristically. 

6/22. Kei Tsukishima

hottest haikyuu characters

Tsukishima is incredibly tall and slim despite being a first-year. His signature knee pads, white shoes, “Somy” headphones, and glasses make him unmistakable amidst the rest. 

Tsukishima is blunt, quick to rile others, antagonistic, smug, competitive, and proud, and relishes being a nuisance to his opponents. His short blond hair, pale skin, thin eyebrows, golden-brown eyes, and a constant frown or condescending smirk make him one of the finest and hottest characters in Haikyuu.

Despite often being seen snickering at others’ idiocy and being arrogant, he is intimidated by his seniors and has low self-esteem. He does, however, genuinely enjoy volleyball and puts serious effort into it. His cool temperament hides someone who is easily annoyed by mockery, yet a hardworking and kind boy who never fails to steal fans’ hearts. 

5/22. Miya Brothers: Atsuma and Osamu

Haikyuu’s greatest blessing is the hot twin brothers, Osamu and Atsumua. They are brothers, friends, rivals, and enemies in all one hot package. If I have to choose between the champs, Osamu takes the top as Atsumua has a selfish personality, and his twin brother thinks so as well. He is the better, kinder Miya. Osamu bears the brunt of most of Atsumu’s criticism of his teammates.

However, Atsuma is a hard worker, his character is constantly developing, and he’s a Volleyball natural talent. In the end, he expects more from his teammates, and underneath he truly cares that his teammates, he wants them to get better all the time. Still, both Miya twins are damn hot! Both are “pretty boys” with an intense fandom.

4/22. Wakatoshi Ushijima

He is talented enough to be the number-one ace in Miyagi Prefecture and is even ranked among the country’s top three. Wakatoshi, with his dark olive-brown hair, matching olive eyes, stoic expression, and intimidating aura, can attract anyone. Ushijima is fierce, confident, and a man of few words. He can be blunt to the point that he sounds tactless or rude and suffers from an inability to read people, taking almost everything literally. But, it doesn’t take away from his hotness score.

On the plus side, his praise and support are genuinely sincere and pure. His poor social skills and over-earnestness make him seem awkward and unintentionally funny at times too. Ushijima strongly believes in cultivating one’s talent and is quick to criticize these grounds, making him detest unfounded confidence.

3/22. Tobio Kageyama

As the deuteragonist character of Haikyu!! Kageyama is Karasuno’s starting setter. His impressive height and hot sharp glare tend to attract a lot of female attention, in addition to his lean and muscular build. His usual intimidating aura is further exaggerated by his almost permanent scowl, short-cropped black hair, center fringe, and dark blue eyes.

Kageyama is a sullen, arrogant, short-tempered, and overbearing perfectionist. He always seeks victory even at the cost of his teammates. His constant complaining and bossy demeanor earned him the “King of the Court” nickname as a reminder of his oppressive and egocentric attitude. 

Underneath, like many characters on this list, he is quite sensitive and childish with an inability to control his frustration, thus venting it all out inappropriately. He even developed deep regret and fear over being despised, abandoned, and mistrusted. Above all this hottie needs a hug!

Despite his social awkwardness, he earnestly wishes to do his best and is extremely passionate and dedicated in-game. His character development surges after he arrives at Karasuno; he grows respectful, confident, accepting, broad-minded, trusting, and most of all, team-oriented!

2/22. Tetsurou Kuroo

As Nekoma High’s captain and starting middle blocker, Kuroo is a tall, lean, well-built, and muscular pretty boy. His narrow, hazel eyes, cat-like pupils, and messy and upward-spiked black hair earned him the title of “Rooster Head”. 

Kuroo is laid-back, unrelenting with side remarks, constantly scheming, and is an expert provoker. Despite it all, this bad boy hotness has a kind and genuine soul with good sportsmanship. He is also shown to be immensely caring and respectful towards his elder coach. 

After he bonded with Kenma, Kuroo became the loud, outgoing, and energetic person we see today. He is observant, reliable, intuitive, strong, uplifting, responsible, and competent in-game. He also has a silly side that displays loud obnoxious laughter, and frivolous talk and views himself as some old man. 

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1/22. Toru Oikawa

Practice is finished, and all the hot Haikyuu characters are dismissed! Because this hottie is our top pick! The infamous Oikawa is Aoba Johsai High’s team captain and setter. Toru is a flirtatious, childish, and cunning character. Commonly known to have a “disgusting personality”, he can still be very attentive and caring towards others on occasion. He also harbors an inferiority complex about a few natural talents, but this is exactly why he pushes himself so hard.

Of all the characters, Kageyama and Ushijima have a knack for bringing out a more rash behavior, and that’s part of the reason why Haikyu fans have grown to love him. In addition, his hard work, vigor, endurance, observation skills, and strategizing take his character to another hottie level. Simple, yet so handsome, no wonder he wears the number 1 jersey.

This concludes this list of the 22 hottest Haikyuu Characters! It is an odd number to work with, but why not? After all, what makes all these characters shine so much are their unique personalities and captivating looks. Did you find your favorite here? If not, he or she will be an entry for another list. Either way, we hope you enjoyed the read! 

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