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The Greatest 80 Anime Traps Of All Time!

Anime traps are older than anime itself. In Japan’s traditional theatrical play, Kabuki, the actors were all men who played female roles. Those who adopt a culturally feminine gender expression, mainly through cross-dressing, are known as Otokonoko no Musume (’男の娘’), meaning “male-girl”

What Is The Actual Meaning Of Anime Traps?

A “Trap” is a common characteristic term used in anime. It generally refers to male characters who behave and dress up as females. They cross-dress and generally have a feminine appearance. The viewers grow to like an anime girl, and then it turns out they grew fond of a guy and vice versa. The real gender and social issues of a male with a traditionally feminine appearance are never addressed in a serious matter. Now that you know the basic meaning of traps in anime, young padawan, it is time to explore the list of the greatest 80 mind-blowing traps in anime history. All hail the trap gods!

The Greatest 80 Anime Traps Of All Time!

1. Astolfo

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Anime: Fate/Grand Order

“I never really paid attention to the pronouns he was referred to and just assumed he was a girl but then finding out he was a guy blew my mind.” (Fan comment) Astolfo is a member of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne, a group of knights similar to the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur. He has the looks of a teenage anime girl with long pink hair. Astolfo’s fan art always portrays him as very feminine and ridiculously attractive. His popularity soared thanks to his attributed fabulous memes. Astolfo occasionally likes to mess with people by playing up his gender ambiguity. He refers to himself as “Boku”, which is used to describe both male and female shy/meek characters. He hasn’t denied being called male. And it’s the same when referred to as female. Astolfo doesn’t have any interest in gender identity, so the reason he loves to cross-dress is that he’s into cute stuff. He’s a male simply because he was born that way. It’s safe to say that Astolfo is pretty much the mother (and father) of all traps.

2. Megumu Touzokuyama

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Anime: If Her Flag Breaks (Kanojo ga Flag w Oraretara)

“Everyone always treats me like a girl” gee, I wonder why… She’s not a boy, Megumu is gender on its own, just like Kinoshita Hideyoshi. His trap is pretty funny because the only reason it happened was an accident by calling his friend calling him a guy. This is the second Trap that Kana Hanazawa has voiced for the Kanojo ga Flag w Oraretara series. She voices the dark Hoshino in Nanana’s Buried Treasure, as well Megumu in this anime.

3. Xianming Lin

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Anime: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

A long, light-brown hair-trained assassin man. Lin wears women’s clothing so he can feel closer to his sister Qiaomei, from whom he has been separated for nine years. He also enjoys wearing makeup. Lin doesn’t care for social norms and gender stereotypes. He doesn’t understand what is wrong with men wearing skirts if women could wear pants. He is quite vain and can’t get enough of how beautiful he is. Still, when an LGBT character sees Lin, who is a crossdresser, using a computer, and asks if he wants to be introduced to some adult sites. He doesn’t.

4. Kalluto Zoldyck

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Anime: Hunter X Hunter

The youngest son of the famous family of assassins in the Hunter X Hunter universe. Her looks may be deceiving. He hardly speaks and wears the traditional Japanese dress Furisode which further mystifies his trap. Kalluto is a young kid, and they’re pretty androgynous, to begin with at that age. Combine that with his wearing more feminine attire and it would be easy for someone to fall for the trap. In the anime, Kalluto is called “Kalluto-Chan”. Chan is a Japanese honorific used for cute anime girls and boys. It might suggest his gender is ambiguous. But he’s consistently referred to as male by other characters who actually know him.


anime traps
5. Akira

Anime: Kemono Jihen

Another super popular trap is Akira, from the dark anime series Kemono Jihen, a young snow kemono. He grew up completely isolated from the rest of the world. Everyone in his village looks the same. He looks nothing like the villagers, finally, he escapes to Tokyo. Akira just thinks of himself as being cute, and he likes cute stuff, nothing to do with gender. He considers dresses girly and refuses to wear them. Akira also makes multiple comments throughout the manga series that suggests he doesn’t care about gender stereotype. Akira being an anime trap is huge because even though he’s feminine none of the other male characters tease him for it nor does the mangaka treat him as a joke like a majority do.

6. Haku

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Anime: The Land of Water / Naruto

Naruto: No way?! He’s prettier than Sakura!” Naruto’s artist Masashi Kishimoto made Haku into a trap. Haku’s genetic art design dictates a feminine appearance. Naruto is in shock when he learns that Haku is actually a boy. His character is voiced by a female voice artist. Some fans speculate that Kishimoto wanted Haku to seem pure. And traditional female qualities are sometimes associated with pureness. He openly did it to kinda parody the stereotype. Haku has a very beautiful, feminine appearance and likes to cross-dress in male clothing, but with low masculinity.

7. Hideri Kanzaki

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Anime: Blend S

When I first saw the show I was like: “Ay yo she’s kinda cute”. After watching the show I was like: “Ay yo, he’s kinda cute.” Hideri is a boy who cross-dresses as a cute anime girl and wishes to become an idol. Much like Astofolo, Hidari is into cute clothing. He’s referring to himself as “boku” and is perfectly fine with people knowing he’s a male. We don’t know a lot about Hideri’s gender identity, apart from the fact that he says in his introductory episode that he’s “a boy.” It would be very hard to label him. He is not just a super cutie, but a complete trap.

8. Gasper Vladi

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Anime: High School DxD

A half-human boy and half-vampire, who enjoys cross-dressing. Gasper has what some may consider feminine looks; a skinny body, straight blonde hair, and huge pink eyes. He loves to wear the girl’s school uniform with thigh-high black stockings. Probably that is why he confuses lots of people in the series who think that he is an anime girl.

9. Saika Totsuka

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Anime: My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong

Saika looks very feminine and cute he can charm anybody. Most girls in the school call him “prince”. He does his best to be manly but a soft and kind demeanor confuses the series’ main character Hachiman. On multiple occasions, he forgets Saika is a boy. This anime trap creates lots of comic situations, but also adds shock value.

10. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

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Anime: Baka and Test

“Hideyoshi” is a term that was coined after Hideyoshi Kinoshita, one of the main characters from the anime series Baka and Test. He is a kind, soft-spoken and well-mannered high school student. He has a talent for mimicking voices, including female voices. Hideyoshi is often mistaken for a girl and almost everyone in the series genuinely considers him a girl. The series aims at injecting him as a trap to get a big laugh from the audience. Most anime traps will convince you of your ability to ignore canon in your adoration of a character design. Hideyoshi is one of those traps. Fun fact: Hideyoshi was voted as one of the most popular female characters of 2010.

11. Aoi Hyoudou

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Anime: Maid Sama!

“I still have a hard time believing this is a boy.” Aoi is a big blue eye and dark blonde hair professional cross-dresser. Although it was hard for him to confess his love for cute things, he has been able to make his fandom a success by becoming a popular net idol. Now most of his fans think he is cute (He’s not really cute when you get to really know him.) When in his idol form, he wears a blonde wig and an old dress of his aunt’s which get people to mistake him for a girl. But Aoi loves the attention he gets as a trap from both men and women.

12. Kurapika

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Anime: Hunter X Hunter

“What?! Kurapika’s a boy?!” HXH creator, Yoshihiro Togashi loves to shock people about his characters’ gender. Many fans believed Kurapika the bounty hunter is a girl. It’s an easy mistake to make, that’s why he is one of the top traps in anime. Kurapika is a short male, who looks feminine and is constantly called a female. He is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, who is female. In the English version, the character is voiced by Erika Harlacher, who is… you guessed it, also female.

13. Kenjiro Hato

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Anime: Genshiken Nidaime

A male student who adopts a female appearance. Hato is conflicted about his gender identity. He feels comfortable when he cross-dresses, but feels it’s not socially accepted which makes him anxious. He has a talent, he can mimic a female voice when he cross-dresses, and his personality changes as well. Kenjiro Hato is very popular among every other student when he is in his female form. He is the perfect anime trap. It is very hard to realize that she is a guy.

14. Honjou Kamatari

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Anime: Rurouni Kenshin

Kamatari has the very convincing looks of a young woman. To the degree that most folks won’t realize he’s a man. He is also a brutal hitman who loves women’s clothing and is in love with a male by the name of Shishio. He’s not a trans woman, but rather he identifies himself as a male Fun fact: The live-action samurai films made him a true female. This character is one of the oldest anime traps (since 1996!) his trap is used as a gag and has shocking value.

15. Ana Gram

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Anime: Phi Brain: Puzzle of God

Ana is a carefree reclusive student who dresses and acts like an anime girl. She’s actually a flamboyant guy (it was a trap!) At one time he won a cross-dressing beauty pageant (despite not even entering.) The series use the trap as a joke where every time a character learns that Ana’s a guy, freaks out.
Most fans were fooled as well.

16. Tatsukichi Hayama

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Anime: MM!

He looks like a pretty anime girl when he crossdresses. As time passed, he’s noticeably becoming more and more like his crossdressing persona. But Tatsukichi is a male who just loves to cross-dress. Narcissism kicks in when Tatsukichi cross-dresses. He names his cross-dressing alter-ego “Tatsumi Antoinette XVI”, a stubborn and mean princess persona. This anime has too many traps, It’s kinda funny.

17. Kei Takishima

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Anime: Pretear

Kei, “Mr. Wonderful” is a narcist graphic designer. He’s also a blond golden eye Knight of Light. He is a very underrated character, mainly because of his almost girly appearance. He loves himself so much that his photographs, key chains, and desktop backgrounds all feature his picture plastered all over the place.

18. Shiota Nagisa

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Anime: Assassination Classroom

Nagisa may be the most complex trap character on this list.

The slim blue-haired cute anime girl from Assassination Classroom was initially intended to be a female assassin, but the author changed it so he would be a boy. His abusive mother wanted a girl. She forced him to grow his hair and to crossdress, so she could fuel her fantasy. He doesn’t like it when people make fun of his appearance. His ‘trap situation’ isn’t a gender statement or a comedic tool. It builds Nagisa’s character completely. Shiota is unlike most anime traps characters who associate their looks with being “born that way”. That’s not Nagisa at all. No comedy there, simply pure drama.

19. Hime Arikawa

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Anime: Himegoto

With his feminine physics, including beautiful pink hair, it’s no wonder that many fans mistake him for a woman. Hime in Japanese means “princess.” Often used to refer to a young lady of higher birth. The main character of Himegoto, Arikawa Hime, is threatened by loan sharks. Luckily for him, the “kind girls” of Shimoshina High School student council bail him out. But there’s a catch. Hime is now taped to cross-dress like the girls in his school. He is asked to be the council’s pet dog to pay his debt. “kind girls” Indeed.

20. Marulk

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Anime: Made in Abyss

Next on our anime traps list is Marulk. He is a young boy with short blue hair and a rounded face. His feminine looks and maid clothing lead people to mistakenly identify him as a girl. But he’s actually a male. Marluk is bullied to cross-dress by Ozen, who is renowned for her incredible physical strength. She made Marulk wear a dress out of a combination of nostalgia and to help her bring back fond memories of her friend Lyza.

21. Chihiro Fujisaki

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Anime Game: Danganronpa: The Animation

Chihiro from Danganronpa started crossdressing to match his own feminine appearance as a means to stop being bullied. Not because of self-identifying as another gender. He was told that he was too weak for a man. To deal with his inferiority complex, he decides to dress up as a girl. During the second chapter of the game, there is a classic anime trap shock effect “she was a he?!” as the rest of the characters find out about Chihiro’s secret.

22. Souta Takanashi

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Anime: Working!

Souta from Working is not a huge fan of cross-dressing. Mainly because he spent much of his childhood with his sisters’ who dressed him as a girl. That’s the reason he looks like an anime girl in all of his childhood photos. The only reason he dresses is to help Inami’s anxiety disorder, albeit for only a short time

23. Shido Itsuka

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Anime: Date A Live

Shido is the main character of Date A Live. He is forced to cross-dress as a girl named Shiori to speak with a girl who hates men. Shido takes on an alternative identity when he cross-dresses. When he disguises himself, he has long blue hair and wears a female Raizen school uniform. He is cuter than most other anime girls in Date A Live.

24. Hayate Ayasaki

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Anime: Hayate the Combat Butler!

This anime is old but gold. You’ll mostly love his maid outfit. You should see his brother. This one gets everybody! The main character Hayate Ayasaki is a 16-year-old hard-working butler. He sleeps three hours a day: studying until 2 am, and waking up at 5 am. Hayate’s housework work is traditionally considered a female job. This has led to him being forced to wear girls’ clothing. Fun fact: Hayate’s voice actress played Anastasia in fifty shades of grey Japanese dub.

25. Kyouya Shinomiya

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Anime: GJ-bu

In episode nine of the anime series, the girls tie Kyouya to a chair and force him to wear girl clothes. They are the traps, by definition, not Kyouya. The makeover overwhelms Kyouya and the girls so much that this makes the anime trap translation “boys make the best girls” completely true. On top of his voice actor Shimono Hiro voices other characters that crossdress such as Akihisa from Baka to Test and Katsuragi from The World Only God Knows.

26. Haruhi Fujioka

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Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

Another debt story went trap. Haruhi breaks an expensive escort club vase. In order to pay her debt, Haruhi is forced to cross-dress and entertain the club’s female audience as a male host. Gender-wise, she’s pretty free. This anime trap is there for the laughs.

27. Rimuru Tempest

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Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Not a boy that looks like an anime girl, nor a girl that looks like a boy. Rimuru Tempest is a demon slime! As a slime, his body shifts into an androgynous form of the respective creatures. In this form, Rimuru has long blue-silver hair. He is often mistaken for a young girl because he wears belongs to a female character – Shizue Izawa. His current state of being a slime is technically genderless, but I always thought Rimuru was a male because of his previous life. There you have it, a genderless slime anime trap.

28. Asuramaru

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Anime: Owari no Seraph

“Woah I thought he was a girl my god!” A vampire-gone-demon. This purple hair anime boy has red eyes. “But demons don’t have a gender,” you say. Well we know he’s a guy because [Spoiler] The series shows Asuramaru before his transformation to a demon: He has always been male. Oh, trap!

29. Felix Argyle

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Anime: Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Next on the traps list is Felix. Even though he has a feminine and cat-like appearance, Felix is male. In his own words: “I am a male in body and soul”. (Arc 4). In an interview, author Tappei Nagatsuki said, “Ferris should not be considered a crossdresser”. Felix presents herself openly as a girl. she keeps her identity a secret because it creates a lot of problems for her when it gets out. He enjoys cross-dressing in female clothes, as he likes the reactions he gets when other characters find out his birth gender.

30. Sylvia-San

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Anime: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Sylvia looks like a hot sexy anime girl. She is one of the eight generals of the Demon King, she’s also a chimera. Chimera is a creature that can absorb living and magical items into its physiology. It’s genderless. But technically Sylvia was always a man. She mentions she “Once had a heart of a man”. So I guess trap is a better fit.

31. Mare Bello Fiore

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Anime: Overlord

A 76 years-old blond elf. Mare is perceived to look female, with the dress and the very feminine voice. This character is in fact male, it’s very easy to get confused. His twin sister has a very tomboyish personality, and she dresses like a male and has the same bang hairstyle. That character is in fact female. Overload creator Kugane Maruyama defiantly enjoys setting up traps to confuse people. It’s his fun kink in a way. Fun fact the creator used to be a voice actor for visual novels.

32. Hasuta

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Anime: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Hasuta’s trap from Nyaruko San is more born from the Japanese’s misunderstanding of the distinction between Gay and Transgender people. He is one of the sci-fi and comedy anime main characters, he is also an alien. He acts in ways that are (allegedly) feminine and cute.

33. Envy

anime traps

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Envy can shapeshift and modify into a woman. The manga book describes him as “of uncertain gender”. He is pale-skinned with a muscular body and can mimic a female voice. His trap is there for the laughs.

34. Daruku Hoshino

anime traps

Anime: Nanana’s Buried Treasure

Though he may look like a girl, he’s actually an anime trap and quite a heterosexual pervert. We can label Daruku in the fantasy-trap category. He’s a spirit that came out naked from a magic lamp. Daruku cross-dresses as a maid and wears a women’s uniform at school.

35. Fish Eye

anime traps

Anime: Sailor Moon

Originally a fish who has been magickly given human shape. Fish Eye has a decidedly feminine face with long, pale blue and green hair. He has the body of a rather slender man. Fish Eye has long green hair and wears a dress to disguise himself. He is usually able to pass off as a woman to attract his male targets. He is neither male nor female. But if you don’t know that you might be confused. Ah, the magic of anime traps is beautiful, yet frightening sometimes.

36. Crona

Anime: Soul Eater

The purple hair character is a kind heart monster and he looks female. The series never let us know Crona’s gender. He points out Crona’s gender ambiguity, but he is not a trap gag. Crona doesn’t address his gender at all.

37. Venti

anime traps

Anime Game: Genshin Impact

Venti is both male and female or simply genderless. To our awareness, he isn’t even a human for that matter, just a wind spirit who later took the form of a human he fell for. The cast refers to Venti as “him”, even “he” does call himself male. Bottom line: Venti is a genderless anime trap.

38. Tetora / Tetra (Curse)

anime traps

Anime: Log Horizon

Shiroe – “So when will you tell him you are a guy?” Tetora – “I will keep it a secret until Naotsugu finds out, it’s more fun that way.” The next anime trap character is Tetora, also called Tetra, who is a boy stuck in a body of the opposite gender. He keeps his female persona because he doesn’t care about his/her gender. He refers to himself as “boku.”The pink hair character is perfectly fine being a girl, and she doesn’t seem to care if treated like a girl. She loves to crossdress, everything about Tetra speaks feminine. But she’s the classic trap and catches most fans in shock when they discover she’s a male.

39. Ayumi Saitou

anime traps

Anime: Shion no OU

The blue-haired pretty anime girl with glasses is an underrated cute trap. Ayumi pretends to be a girl in order to earn money from a competition. She can pass as a girl, but she is a guy. The trap is exposed in the first episode. However, it’s still hard to believe she’s a girl. Ayumi has a male voice (although, she is voiced by a female actor.) And she is convincingly male even when dressed as a woman. But you’ll still fall for the trap.

40. Mariya Shidou

anime traps

Anime: Maria Holic

“So cute… (tears up, nosebleeds) If only you weren’t a boy…” Mariya Holic is a self-described “black comedy” anime series that pokes fun at traps. Mariya, the perfect anime trap. He is the school beauty and is actually a boy in disguise. He will do anything it takes to keep his identity a secret. Mariya may seem like a cute charming and innocent girl, but he’s hateful and abusive. He spends most of his time slamming the protagonist of the story, Miyamae, for being a lesbian.

41.Rui Ninomiya

anime traps

Anime: Gatchaman / G-Force: Guardians of Space

A cross-dresser coder. Rui disguises himself as a woman when he goes out in the public. That way he can easily watch people without being noticed. The Gatchaman spaceship team refers to Rui as an anime girl however they don’t know it’s a trap since they only have seen him/her in disguise. One of the main concepts of the anime series characters design is associated with the universal message of the series: “be yourself”. That is why Utsutsu is wearing a swimsuit all the time, and why Rui goes crossdressing as if it were another ordinary Monday. As Rui, he usually wears a light blue coat over a white shirt with black accents and black pants and shoes, and black glasses.

42. Naoto Shirogane

anime traps

Anime Game: Persona 4

Naoto Shirogane is a bright sixteen-year-old androgynous-looking young detective. Naoto was born female. She comes from a family of detectives. The trap to fit in a male-dominated environment. She identifies herself as female, “I finally think that I can accept myself. That I’m a woman…”

43. Keima Katsuragi

anime traps

Anime: The World God Only Knows: Goddesses

A gamer known as “God of Conquest”. Keima is the absolute dating master, he traps a girl’s heart in the best way for the given situation. Keima is such a risk-taker that he cross-dresses to get his girls. It seems to work for him as in his girly persona. ridiculously looks cute when he cross-dresses. He actually sounds like a girl. He crossdresses to make that reverse anime trap and make the girl fall in love with him. And this is why people think anime is weird.

44. Kirito Kirigaya

anime traps

Anime: Sword Art Online

In the second season of Sword Online, the main character (Who is also the OP MC who hides it) is the skilled sword fighter Kirito Kirigaya disguised as a girl to get close to Sinon. I must admit Kirito is so kawaii when dresses like an anime girl. Normally traps are trying to show people that there actually boys even in front of girls but in Kirton’s case, he’s trying to act like an actual girl. Trap Kirito is the best Kirito no questions asked.

45. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

anime traps

Anime: The Jellyfish Princess

This is how drastically clothing can change a person! Kuranosuke’s biggest hobby is women’s fashion. He disguises himself as a woman in order to sneak into a fashion event where only women are allowed. He also dresses the way he does because he wishes to honor the memory of his mother. The Jellyfish Princess series is a josei anime centering around a group of nerdy women. For the most part, Kuranosuke’s trap is not a joke. He is not outed for shock value. As the main character of the show, he delivers the message that femininity is subjective.

46. Juliet Capulet

anime traps

Anime: Romeo × Juliet

Of all the anime traps on this list, you probably won’t expect to find the most famous fictional lady, Juliet Capulet from the fantasy romance anime series. The anime adaptation Romeo × Juliet features the cross-dressing as a masked vigilante hero. Juliet dressed as a boy all her life, she wishes to “be a girl, just for a little while.” Later on, Juliet develops two different identities. A male named “Odin,” and the other is a woman “Red Whirlwind.”

Transgender Anime Traps

A person whose sex doesn’t match one’s gender may express it in a way that corresponds with one’s actual gender. Transgender traps may trigger negative usage by straight males when they find out that a woman they find attractive is transgender.

Update 14th April 2022 by Autor Ella Epstein: How can we forget Alluka from Hunter x Hunter?

Alluka Zoldyck

anime trap
Alluka Zoldyck

Is Alluka a boy or a girl? in his childhood, Alluka used to dress like a boy, but because his parents didn’t like the fact that he played with his doll too much they decided to dress him up like a girl. Great parenthood indeed. He ended up looking like a girl and in HxH he wears a furisode, typically a traditional dress for a Japanese women. Alluka is basically the anime character equivalent of a transgender person. He was born male but identifies as a female.

47. Kiku

anime traps

Anime: One Piece

Kiku the samurai says he is a “woman at heart” and so tends to act effeminately. He is actually named Kikunojo and is known as the most handsome skilled anime swordsman in Wano. One-piece anime fans were surprised to learn that Kiku is biologically male. There were many things hinting at it: The clearest sign of Kikunojo’s gender is him referring to himself with Sessha, an archaic form of “I” used by male samurai.

48. Lily Hoshikawa

anime traps

Anime: Zombieland Saga

Lily from Zombie Land Saga is not a trap. She is the first, and so far only, openly LGBTQ+ anime character. Some fans predicted her identity as a transgender female. The name Lily itself has an alternate meaning, “a feminine man”, although this would contradict Lily’s identity as an anime trap.

49. Tsukimiya Ringo

anime traps

Anime: Ixion Saga DT

Ringo presents herself as a woman, and acknowledges having male genitals but seems like she’d be happy to be rid of them. Ixion Saga DT is a comedy gem. If you haven’t seen this anime before but watch it now. It’s Like home alone in the anime version.

50. Luka Urushibara

anime traps

Anime: Steins Gate

Steins Gate is an anime about time travel and a parallel universe. Ruka or Luka is a male in most timelines. When the main character, Okabe goes into the original world line, he is surprised to find that Luka is an anime girl. At first, he can’t believe it, but later they go on a date anyway. It’s one of the biggest anime traps of all. Luka has strong feelings for Okabe, but the series resolves their relationships with respect. Luka looks like a more pale and fragile teenage girl than a child boy. He’s an extremely feminine guy and always dreamt to be a girl.

51. Ritsu Sohma

anime traps

Anime: Fruits Baskets

Ritsu is a very interesting character. He’s a man who likes to wear feminine clothes. He identifies as a man. Ritsu’s crossdressing is connected to his belief that crossdressing keeps him stress-free. He is not just a trap joke, which it may seem from the English version. It makes sense why he’s a trans icon, he does outwardly omit another gender physically, although for different reasons. He can still be that. Even if he isn’t.

52. Shuuichi Nitori

anime traps

Anime: Wandering Son

Shuuichi Nitori’s life gets complicated when she must adjust to her new school. She is considered the prettiest anime girl in school, maybe because she is actually biologically male and one obvious trap. She does not identify as a girl, and she is in constant discomfort related to gender identity. Throughout the series, she attempts to discover her true identity. She has to deal with growing pains, relationships, puberty, and acceptance.

53. Kaoru Hanase

anime traps

Anime: Tamako Market

The minor character Kaoru is referred to as a female by the series characters. The cute anime princess looks like a woman but has a deep voice. But is Kaoru a trap? “She” is probably a man in drag or either nonbinary. The anime cast refers to her with female pronunciation, and with “miss florist”. Kaoru is also the tallest girl in Tamako Market.

54. Seiji “Kiyoka” Takamori

anime traps
54. Seiji “Kiyoka” Takamori

Anime: Super Lovers

A beautiful woman who loves to dress. She has long black hair, and purple eyes and always wears lipstick. Kiyoka is a transgender. She is the cause of a lot of misunderstandings in the beginning, can you guess why? Trap!

55. Aoi Futaba

anime traps

Anime: You’re Under Arrest

“My body is male but my heart is female.” AOI sets the trap record to another level in 1994. It is highly impossible that by the looks of him, you’d guess he’s a male. Aoi is a law officer. He first cross-dresses as a part of an undercover operation to catch a serial rapist. That’s when he realized that he feels his spirit is that of a female, and from then on he’s “going native”.

56. Ai Asato

anime traps

Anime: Tokyo Beat Cops (Kochikame)

She’s a woman who happens to have been born a man. Ai is a tall, and beautiful patrol officer, and one of Manga’s first transgender characters. She is most often addressed as ‘Maria’. She was previously a number-one kickboxer champion. Ai eventually gets magically made into a real girl.

57. Giselle Gewelle

anime traps

Anime: Bleach

Giselle who identifies as being a female is actually a male. He calls himself a girl and takes offense to be called a guy. He uses his looks to his advantage since he doesn’t expect someone to tell his gender right away. Most Bleach fans never saw it coming. As stated in some Bleach forums, the manga creator Tite Kubo found a way to kill Giselle by making her a boy. Kubo has killed girls before, but he really doesn’t like to and tries to find ways around it. Either way, the anime trap was an amusing twist, in a sort of awkward way. Once again, Kubo’s proven himself the master of twists!

58. Akasaka Ryuunosuke

anime traps

Anime: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Akasaka is a bored young hacker and programmer. He is constantly stalked by the beautiful blonde Rita. But he hates girls, he actually frightens them. Everyone backs off when Ryuunosuke arrives. This character may be mistaken for a girl. However, his only trap-worthy attribute is his long purple hair and feminine facial line. In one episode he is forced to be a salesperson and wears a hot maid outfit to attract customers. Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanojo is actually one of those few anime where you’ll cry while watching. We would definitely recommend you watch it if you haven’t. Anime Trap level: “Oh my God!”

59. Narancia Ghirga

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Anime Game: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo

The unintentional trap we all fell into.

The Skirt, tank top, the headband, are voiced by a female actor. It’s no secret that Narancia somewhat looks like a masculine woman. Narancia is neither a boy nor a girl, Narancia is a narancia gender. Some fans pointed out his stand (Energy) which is named after a music reference is named Aerosmith (エアロスミス Earosumisu). Of course, the band’s most famous song is “Dude is like a lady”!

60. Yuri Kamanosuke

anime traps
60. Yuri Kamanosuke

Anime: Brave 10

All aboard the trap train! Yuri Kamanosuke, is an elite warrior. This skilled anime sword fighter makes his androgyny looks to his advantage. In multiple events, he is mistaken for a girl by the series characters. We first meet Yuri who disguises himself as a helpless woman to trick his opponents. He is in fact a woman, although he insists, he’s a man. He pulls off a double anime trap: A girl who disguises herself as a boy playing a girl.

61. Yochi Nasu Suketaka

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61. Yochi Nasu Suketaka

Anime: Drifters

Yochi is a young teenager archer, and is often confused by the series characters to be a woman because of his incredibly feminine features.

62. Himezuka Seo

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Anime: Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin

With big cold blue eyes and a soft appearance, Himezuka keeps getting mistaken for a woman. He really hates that. He’s just a pretty man, that’s all!

63. Juuzou Suzuya

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Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Is Juuzou Suzuya Male or Female? He is male, despite his very feminine appearance. He is a young-looking man with an androgynous appearance, with pale skin and pure shoulder-length white hair.

64. Ernesti Echevalier

anime traps

Anime: Knight’s & Magic

What’s the importance of him being a trap have to do with the story? Well, it doesn’t at all. Probably just a design choice. Still, the protagonist of the Knight’s & Magic anime has traditional female features. He has huge silvery purple eyes and white hair.

65. Koutarou Araki

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Anime: Ultimate Otaku Teacher (Denpa Kyoushi)

“I might look like a girl but I don’t like boys in that way.” As the late Admiral Ackbar would say: IT’S A TRAP. Koutarou is unnoticed at first. The Denpa Kyoushi character has girlish looks, long hair, and a very girlish accent. Don’t fall for her.

66. Kino

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Anime: Kino’s Journey

“Don’t call me that. I am Kino” If you spent most of the time in the series thinking that Kino was a guy. To your surprise, she’s a trap girl (Aka “reverse trap”) Kino is the main character of Kino’s journey. Due to cross-dressing, her gender is constantly mistaken. When Kino is referred to as a male, she corrects the speaker. She doesn’t want to be called a boy or a girl. Kino’s Journey is a dystopian philosophic anime. Nothing is really what it appears to be. And Kino isn’t what she appears to be.

67. Makoto

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Anime: The Idolmaster

“For some reason a lot of girls admire me. It’s probably because I’m good at sports and for my looks, but deep down I’m a girl, too!” Another “Parents turn their girl into a boy” trap. Known as “The Pretty-boy Idol” Makoto was raised by her father as a boy, because… he wanted a boy. Makoto is a tomboy, and she wishes to make herself more feminine by becoming the next top idol. However, her fanbase is composed primarily of teenage girls who admire her boyish charms. She doesn’t identify as male and spends her days dreaming of her prince who will come riding one day to sweep her off her feet.

68. Seishirou Tsugumi

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Anime: Nisekoi: False Love

Tsugumi is just that damn reverse trap awesome. She’s an ex-female assassin and a skilled sharpshooter, and a fan of boyish dresses. Her masculine body leads to everyone mistaking her for a guy. She hates feminine clothes, as they get in the way while fighting. Lots of characters from the series mistake her to be a guy.

69. Bon Clay

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Anime: One Piece

In One Piece everyone is a joke. The traps are based on the classical clichées everyone has with transgenders. However, at the same time, we know that they are actually they are strong and badass. One Piece writer and illustrator Eiichiro Oda seems to show them lots of respect. One of his favorite characters is Bon Clay. Though the character doesn’t look like an anime trap, he uses the Clone-Clone (Devil) Fruit to turn him into one. The fruit lets him transform his appearance to anyone he touches. That enables him to turn himself into a female, which makes him a literal trap.

70. Sena Izumi

anime traps

Anime: Love Stage

A bisexual character from Love Stage! Izumi is a bright golden hair boy. He is obsessed with computers, and magical girls.

71. King Canute

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Anime: Vinland Saga

If you watched the medieval anime series Vikings series Vinland Saga you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and effeminate Prince Canute is. He is the perfect trap. Canute is like the reincarnation of the goddess Freyja. He was often confused for a girl when he was a teen.

72. Jun Watarase

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Anime: Happiness

“I wear a skirt because it looks cute on me!” Looks like a girl, dresses like a girl, sounds like a girl, but is a boy. The perfect trap. Jun is a male who dresses intentionally “like a female”. Her friends sometimes forget that she used to be a boy. She never seems to mind it. In a filler episode, The Brilliant Day of Jun Watarase (2007), a combination of powerful magic spells at school temporarily and accidentally grants Jun a female body. This had been her wish all along.

73. Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka

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Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

A professional drag queen, who uses the stage name Ranka. He openly defines himself as bisexual. He doesn’t like his work, but he keeps it, to make his only daughter less tomboy. Quite a twisted trap.

74. Robin Newman

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Anime: Ace Attorney

Robin is a pre-law student. He identifies as male. However when he is called to the witness stand, Robin. admits she’s “it’s for real I’m a girl body and soul. She is a reverse anime trap to make it as an attorney in a male-dominated environment. Robin treats gender as a joke. She is a character of both masculinity and femininity.

75. Faris Scherwiz

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75. Faris Scherwiz

Game: Final Fantasy V

Faris disguises herself as a man. Her real name is Sarisa Scherwil Tycoo. She hides her identity from her crew. She looks very androgynous. An anime trap is a trap only when you don’t know it. It is revealed only later in the game that she is female.

76. Kokoro Hanabusa

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76. Kokoro Hanabusa

Anime Game: I-Chu

Kokoro Hanabusa is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a pop idol who catches fans’ hearts. He thinks he shines as a boy, but that he can shine even more when he shows himself as a girl.

77. Ranma Saotome

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Anime: Ranma ½

Ranma becomes a girl through a “curse”, As a result, whenever he comes into contact with cold water, he turns into a girl. Throughout the series, Ranma’s gender changes between a boy and a girl. In fact, Ranma isn’t bothered that much by his/her shape-shifting abilities. He is depicted to be very attractive, which he discreetly takes pride in and often uses to his advantage. Yep, Ranma Saotome is a classic example of a trap.

78. Konatsu Kunoichi

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Anime Comic Series: Ranma ½

The “Genius female ninja that is born every 100 years” Konatsu was raised by his cruel stepmother and stepsisters. They raised him as a girl in order to keep up the Kunoichi family tradition. He has no problem being feminine. Konatsu even hides paper bags on his chest. Most characters on Ranma ½ don’t know he’s a Crossdresser. In the U.S he is considered to be one of the first transgender characters. But, when asked, creator Rumiko Takahashi, (The woman behind your favorite Manga and Anime said:

“With Ranma ½, I had thought a lot of doing a series with a male/female like the protagonist, and since in the greater part of my previous stories the main character had been a woman…. I therefore I decided on the character being half man and half woman.”

79. Midare Toushirou

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Anime Game: Ouken Ranbu

Midare Toushirou from the popular anime game Ouken Ranbu wears a combat clothing dress. She’s often mistaken for a woman but is in fact male. Spoiler alert: All characters in the game are male.

80. Dororo

anime traps
80. Dororo

Anime: Dororo

The boy from the hit anime series Dororo shows no emotion, in fact, looks like a real doll. However Dororo has amazing sword skills, and he defeats the demons, thus saving his generation. Suddenly the mask falls from the boy’s face – and the facial skin grows. Dororo undergoes quite a bit of character development, as more and more details about his past and present are revealed. Spoiler alert: Dororo is, in fact, a girl. We can’t wait to see her grow up in Dororo Season 2 (Fingers crossed)


Q1: What can be considered anime traps?

Traps can be divided into eight types: (1) Nonconformist Ambiguous (2) Forced Fantasy (3) Magical (4) Spells and Curse (5) Disguise (6) Transgender (7) Androgynous.

Q2: What Are Nonconformist Ambiguous Anime Traps?

Characters who identify as male don’t care for social norms and gender stereotypes. In some cases, it can be someone who loves cute things and cross-dressing and is ambiguous about his sexual preference.

Q3: What Are Forced Anime Traps?

Someone who doesn’t choose to cross-dress but is forced into doing so. An example would be parents who want their kids to be girls instead of boys or boys instead of girls. Sometimes they are characters who are in debt and are forced to cross-dress as entertainers.

Q4: What are Fantasy Magical Anime Traps?

These are sometimes seen among fantasy creatures such as elves, magic fish, fairies, demons, monsters, werecats, aliens, and ghosts.

Q5: What are Spells and Curses Anime Traps?

While distinct this type overlaps with the fantasy / magical traps, and in practice, they frequently occur in combination.

Q6: What Are Disguise Anime Traps?

Characters that disguise themselves as female, for a specific purpose. The traps are set up to engage in a romantic encounter, get ahead in one’s career, protect a secret identity, and so on.

Q7: What Are Androgynous Anime Traps?

A person who was born male identifies as male, often mistaken for a girl.

Q8: Whar Are Reverse Anime Traps?

Simply the opposite, a person who looks male but has female genitals.

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