Top 16 Anime Pirate That Arrr Full Of Adventure

Are you in a very pirate-ey mood lately and looking for animes with pirates? It’s hard to find it because OP seemingly has a monopoly on that genre. Your best option is to sail away to territories such as space pirates that go on futuristic explorations, and treasure hunting in a more fantastical fantasy representation of pirating. If I can point your ship in this direction, then I have a great list of anime pirates for you.

16. Coyote Ragtime Show

anime pirate

The planet Graceland is about to be destroyed due to civil war in just seven days. However, this planet is incredibly unique as it holds a massive fortune hidden by the deceased Pirate King for her daughter Franka. Unfortunately, Franka is not the only one looking for the treasure, and she has to battle Madame Marciano and the 12 sisters.

Coyote has a sci-fi setting, it does an incredible job capturing the treasure hunt, and displays wholesome content. The relationship between Franka and the space pirate Mister makes you feel as though they are related by blood. Additionally, it also offers action-packed scenes between the pirates.

15. Gargantia on the Verdurous Plane

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In the distant future, humanity lives at the edge of the galaxy in space colonies, and a fleet of warriors regularly fights against the ever-present threat of aliens that threaten to wipe out the human race. One of these fighters is 16-year-old Lieutenant Ledo. After almost being killed in one of the deadliest operations he’s ever been in, the young man wakes up in a completely different place.

The first episode is a spectacular experience, and almost half of the episode is an epic battle in space. I have to admit that half the time I didn’t understand what was happening at all. But oh my, it’s beautiful. The anime pirate picks up precisely in the calm after the storm when the hero wakes up in a civilization completely different from the one he knew. From the moment we understand what the series is going to be about, we can’t help but get excited.

14. Bodacious Space Pirates

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Next, we have another pirate anime with a concept revolving the outer space. The futuristic theme is slightly different but all the more enjoyable.

A high school girl suddenly discovers that her deceased dad was a Space Pirate. Now, she has to take his position and lead the infamous crew of the Bentenmaru ship. As she tries to balance both of her lives together, the show introduces more high school girls as pirates, making it incredibly interesting.

The Bodacious Space Pirates is a unique take on the Pirate concept and badass high school girls. Additionally, it is more light-hearted but retains its seriousness where needed.

13. Sol Bianca

anime pirate

Another anime that revolves around a spaceship with incredible technology is called Sol Bianca. The unique thing about this warship is that an incredibly beautiful anime black female piloted it. One day, the pirates discover the greatest treasure of the galaxy, known as the Gnosis, which is in the hands of Emperor Batros. Now, the young female pirates embark on a journey to find the treasure and deal with several obstacles.

This one did an incredible job of exhibiting the anime Pirate concept but in a more feminine way. Moreover, the graphics and the aesthetics used for the futuristic setting are also quite pleasing to the eye.

12. Drifting Dragons

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Dragons are mystical creatures that pose a significant threat to humanity but are extremely valuable at the same time. Every part of their body is rare and valuable, and to obtain them, we have the very brave drakers, also known as the dragon slayers. Unfortunately, despite the thrilling life they live and the critical role they play, drakers are detested by everyone.

Overall, if you want an exhilarating experience combined with pirates, dragons, and step social norms conventions, then this pirate anime is a must-watch.

11. Fena: Pirate Princess

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The plot revolves around the life of Princess Fena, who lost her childhood friend and her father in a shipwreck. Now, as she’s stuck on an island, Fena has to live a callous life to survive. One day, Fena discovers a means to escape and about a mysterious place named “Eden” that her father was looking for. With her evergrowing crew, this young pirate navigates the sea in search of the mysterious place.

Pirate Princess is exceptional storytelling and breathtakingly beautiful Visuals.

10. Space Cobra

anime pirate

An average salaryman named Johnson longs for excitement in his boring life. One day, Johnson experiences a hallucinatory trip that helps him regain his memories of his former life as the Legendary Pirate Cobra. Now Johnson and his old partner, Lady Armaroid, go on an adventure together once again and fight their enemies who had wronged them.

Space Adventure Cobra is a classic 80s anime pirate with a vibe similar to Star Wars. Additionally, if you prefer action and adventure above all, then this anime is perfect for you.

9. Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

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A stunning island named the Isle of Koumi has secrets of its own. What’s so interesting about the Island is that it has a particular old legend about the treasure left by two female pirates, and the treasure hunters are looking for it. It sounds pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it as Conan learns about a murder.

Detective Conan is the kind of anime pirate that offers an incredible combination of a treasure hunter and a murder mystery, quenching the thirst for both adventure and mystery.

8. Elemental Gelade

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Elemental Gelade has a bit twist on the traditional anime pirate theme, introducing sky pirates. It centers on an average sky Pirate named Coud Van Guiret, whose life takes a turn when he is made in charge of protecting Ren, who is an Edel Reid. The show has an exciting concept of a race called “Edel Reid” that can grant special powers to their partner. Our protagonist is under attack and has to keep Ren safe at all costs – sounds quite simple, no?

Elemental Gelade doesn’t overcomplicate things while introducing unique concepts. Everything in the anime flows flawlessly, with no repetition in the plot and fight scenes.

7. Mars Daybreak

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Mars is covered with water, so most humans live on ships. However, the economy on Mars is pretty awful, and in order to survive, most resort to piracy. The protagonist of the series, Gram, works hard to survive but ends up on the most feared Pirate ship, “Aurora” – pretty cool, right? Here’s the twist, Gram slowly becomes fond of the evil Pirates and is now on their side.

Overall, the entire anime is a mixture of various elements, from pirate ships to mechas and even talking animals. The concept is fresh and exhibited in a proper way.

6. Vandread

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Fierce battle irrupts between the two sexes. Technology has advanced considerably, allowing humanity to colonize the entire Milky Way. Here’s the twist, all the men live on Mars, whereas the women are on Venus. The two planets are constantly waging gender wars and cannot stand one another. However, due to a slight mistake, the pirate ships from the two planets end up far away from their home, and now they have to work together to get back home.

Vandread has a great plot and great pacing as well. The way it displays how the two genders despise one another and then slowly get close to surviving is simply too good to miss.

5. Outlaw Star

anime pirate

Here is a rare and incredible work of art. The story revolves around the main character Gene Starwind and his business partner, James Hawking, who are Jack-of-all-trades and take on any job they get. Our boy Gene has always wanted to be a pirate, but he’s stuck doing odd jobs instead. However, one day, they take on a job from a treasure-hunting outlaw and are now tasked to protect a certain girl. Who knew that Gene would get to live his dream and that too on the most highly advanced ship called the

Outlaw Star has the perfect mixture of anime pirates with comedy and philosophical scenes that fit well with the theme.

4. Treasure Island (Takarajima)

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Takarajima is an anime pirate based on the book we all know and love The Treasure Island, but it’s much more exhilarating. The anime focuses on a particular secret treasure left by the once legendary and the most dreaded Pirate of the series, Captain Flint. Our main character, Jim Hawkins, embarks on an adventure searching for the greatest treasure and deals with quite exciting obstacles. His once best friend, John Silver, reveals his true identity as the right hand and accomplice of Captain Flint. Now, the two have to go on one of the most puzzling quests to find the treasure island and the way it is exhibited is truly fascinating.

It does an outstanding job of bringing the book to life with the characters and the near-perfect atmosphere.

3. Space Pirate Captain Harlock

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In 2977 humanity establishes colonies on remote planets. The population expands so that resources are depleted, the birth rate drops and the human race enters an era of decline. But then a new movement arose calling for a mass return to the mother planet. A new organization declares the Earth as a sacred entity and therefore entry to it is prohibited. In this way, Earth becomes a symbol of order that can only be looked at from a distance. One man opposes the new Federation and puts himself at risk: a victorious space pirate who has been taunting and looting warships for 100 years. He doesn’t get to loot a single ship or say “Arrr” before the Federation invades and all hell breaks loose.

While the plot is not the smartest, it provides food for thought and it is evident that an effort was made to bring something unusual. It’s true that there is a pirate, and he has a kind of parrot on his shoulder and the flag has a skull, but it’s not just a space anime pirate, it goes beyond. This one is full of adventures that span the galaxy, and human stories that entertain with each episode.

2. Black Lagoon

anime pirate

The main protagonist is Rokuro Okajima, known as “Rock”. Rock was a simple salesman in a large corporation, whose capitalist life threw him straight into the sea…literally. Because of the missions he carried out for the corporation where he works, Rock was kidnapped by a group of mercenaries who sailed on a torpedo boat that was nicknamed the “Black Lagoon”. On board: Dutch, the captain, who despite his menacing appearance, his personality is even more menacing. Ravi, a girl with a short fuse who thinks with her guns and not with her head, and Benny – a computer geek. These freak shows do just about everything for money, especially for Balalaika, who heads the “Moscow Hotel” (an affiliate of the Russian mafia).

It is clear to me that this is not an anime pirate for everyone. Its main disadvantage stems from its uniqueness: a limited market segment of young men. Many otakus will skip the series due to it being more like a Hollywood roller-coaster, while action fans around the world will still categorize it as an animated series, and skip the opportunity to watch it. Most of the characters are eccentric, in a good way, but sometimes it seems that the supporting characters who appear in episode two don’t have much room to develop, and it’s easy to predict their next actions. There are many reasons to love Black Lagoon, its world is a realistic version of our world and is full of references from cinema and consumer culture. Although the story is fictional like the characters, it is still a living, real, and kicking world.

1. One Piece

anime pirate

On top of the list is the anime that even non-anime fans know about, and it’s One Piece. The plot revolves around the greatest treasure left by the Legendary Pirate King, Gold D. Roger. Therefore, finding the treasure guarantees you unlimited riches, power, and status of the Pirate King himself. Our protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, is not your average, toothless Pirate. In fact, he’s a wonder and a role model for so many of the One Piece fans. Similar to other Pirates, Luffy is also looking for treasure, but he’s more focused on having fun and unfolding the dark mysteries of the sea.

One Piece has over 1000 episodes, and every single one of them is packed with action.

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