21 Anime Like Owari no Seraph You Need To Watch

Finding anime like Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End) is not an easy task. The Vampire anime is all about a virus attack that causes the deaths of all people over the age of 13, and a vampire takeover that seeks to turn humans into nothing more than food. Good and evil are not absolute in Owari no Serap, even the vampires who are portrayed as “bad guys” show positive qualities, and on the other hand, humans reveal their ugly nature.

Owari no Seraph is like no other anime, it had everything, twists, and turns, sometimes we liked a character, and a few scenes after we hated it (or vice versa). The anime takes its characters into an impossible situation, and as a result, we get a lot of frustrations, anxieties, fears, and uncertainties. If you wish to find a good anime like Owari no Seraph, then we have 21 great animes for you to fill the void.

1. Guilty Crown

guilty crown anime like owari no seraph

Guilty Crown is an anime like Owari No Seraph, the post-apocalyptic theme plus the aspect of trying to take your freedom back is a primary theme in both anime. 

In the year 2029, a virus caused an apocalypse. It was a tragedy, just destruction, and death all over the place, and Japan ended up falling into the grasp of the GHQ which was sent by the United Nations to somehow help the country with this situation. 

However, as is always the case with foreign help. The country still remains under the control of GHQ even after 10 years, unable to break free of its clutches. Though there is a group of revolutionaries who actively oppose the GHQ, their purpose is freedom. 

And things finally begin to change for the better or for the worse, when a girl from this group comes across an average and shy boy. But when a certain vial coincidentally falls and shatters into his hands, the boy inadvertently gains the Power of Kings. Now he must help them liberate Japan. 

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2. Sirius the Jaeger

sirius the jaeger anime like owari no seraph

Unlike the previous anime, what makes Sirius the Jaegar an anime like Owari No Seraph is not the post-apocalyptic part. Rather, it’s the raging, almost unreasonable desire for revenge. Both anime feature Vampires as well. 

In Sirius the Jaegar, there are quite a lot of vampires who go around hurting, persecuting, and feeding on people. In order to keep them in check, exceptionally skilled individuals known as Jaegars are hired. 

The protagonist is one of them, but he has a reason that completely overshadows the prospect of money. Vampires had taken everything from him. His home, family, and friends. Everything. And that’s why he must enact vengeance upon them. 

3. God Eater

god eater anime like owari no seraph

The year is 2071, and since this is one of the anime like Owari No Seraph, you can probably already expect that the world is on the brink of extinction. 

Man-eating monsters called Aragami turned entire civilizations into wastelands. They are somehow immune to weaponry which makes them all the more formidable. The only to somehow defeat them is by employing people called god eaters. They are people infused with special cells that allow them to wield the god arc, the only known weapon to be able to damage that Aragami. 

You see, not only does this anime handle the post-apocalyptic theme, but the way the people counter the creatures who ravaged the planet is also more or less the same. It might be the most relevant on this list of anime like Owari No Seraph.

4. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

code geass l elouch of the r ebellion anime like owari no serap

Code Geass is an exceptional anime that deals with politics, genocide, dictatorship, heavy weaponry, monarchies, and whatnot. 

The story follows a young hot bad boy named Lelouch who, by a twist of fact, gets his hands on Geass. It is the Power of a King, and it allows him to be able to command anyone to do anything, regardless of what it may be. He can order you to kill yourself, commit genocide, war crimes, whatever, and you’ll have no choice but to follow. It only works once though. 

As for how this is an anime like Owari No Seraph, the theme of revenge, getting back to the people who did you dirty is the core of everything. Even if you didn’t enjoy Owari any seraph, you should give Code Geass a shot. It is one of a kind. 

5. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

demon slayer anime like owari no serap

If you are a sucker for fancy visuals and crazy, downright glorious animation. Demon Slayer is that one anime you should check out. 

In a world where demons roam in the shadows, ready to feed on your friends and families when you aren’t looking. The general populace is unaware of their existence. 

Kamado Tanjiro is a kindhearted young man who bids farewell to his family living in the woods and goes for business, but when he returns, what he sees is a nightmare. His family is dead, and the only one who survived death was his sister, but she has turned into a demon. 

It’s the worst kind of situation. Utterly heartbreaking and genuinely sad. Though the same can be said about what happens at the start of Owari no seraph. Well, this is an anime like Owari No Seraph after all. 

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6. Vampire Knight

vampire knight anime like owari no seraph

Here we have yet another Vampire anime. But this story takes place at an academy, an unusual one if I must say. In the sense that there are two distinct groups of students. One group takes classes during the day, while the other takes classes at night. As you can expect, the students who take classes at night are just abnormally gorgeous. Though what the students of the day don’t know is the truth about their existence. 

These folks are vampires. Unlike the other anime, this one is more of a romance and drama, but since this is a vampire anime, it is also an anime like Owari No Seraph. Not as much as the others though. 

7. World Trigger

world trigger anime like owari no seraph

This story begins when a gate to another world suddenly appears on the surface of the earth, and the outcome is odd creatures called Neighbors. And they aren’t here for peaceful negotiations. 

Within a few instances, they already start causing violence and creating havoc. The world is left with no choice but to create and then rely on an organization whose job is solely to take out these monsters. How? Well, they’ll be using advanced weapons called Triggers that are specifically made to take them out. 

The protagonist is a member of this organization, and one day, as he tries to save a new transfer student from bullies, he comes across a rather shocking discovery. World Trigger is indeed one of the action isekai anime like Owari no Seraph. The idea of a special organization and specifically made weapons in addition to the apocalyptic nature of the conflict are but a few similarities between the two. 

8. 07-Ghost

07-ghost anime like owari no seraph

Just like Owari No Seraph, 07-Ghost takes place at an academy whose sole purpose is to produce military elites. Every one of the students at this academy possesses a strange kind of power, it’s called Zaiphon. It’s different for everybody and of course, even among all the elite students, some stand out from the rest. 

The protagonist named Teito is the perfect example of this. He is probably the most skilled student, but he stands out. Not because of his extraordinary skills, but because of his mysterious past. 

He can’t even count all that mocking because the man himself is also unaware of his past. And since his past is a big spoiler, let’s just say it bears a lot of resemblances.

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9. The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)

yakusoku no neverland anime like owari no seraph

At first glance, The Promised Neverland seems like an anime about cute kids just playing around, but of course, as you all are probably already aware, that is the furthest from the truth. This is why the title, “The Promised Neverland,” fits this story so perfectly. Instead of foster families, it’ll be demons who take them in, and as food. 

Kids are growing up in an orphanage, unaware of the fact that as soon as they are old enough, they’ll be sent to become a demon’s meal. It’s children being raised as livestock. 

Well, it’s an anime like Owari No Seraph, after all, but different in the Promised Neverland the kids are unaware of what tragic fact lies ahead of them. Though when they do discover the truth, their primary intention is to escape, which was what our protagonist’s fellows tried. 

10. Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai)

fire force anime like owari no seraph

Fire Force is a somewhat neglected Shonen when compared to the likes of Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, or even the upcoming Chainsaw Man. Though the further along you go into it, the more you’ll realize how it is also quite good. 

The story takes place in a world where humans can often randomly be set on fire because of some supernatural phenomenon. These people become creatures called Inferno and are needed to be taken out immediately. 

The ones who carry out those jobs are folks who can manipulate fire to some extent. These people make up an organization, the Tokyo Armed Forces, Fire Defense Agency. The protagonist named Shinra is someone with a tragic past, a social outcast, but someone who also wants to be a hero by becoming a part of this organization. 

How is this anime like Owari No Seraph? Well, it’s because in both cases there are special organizations dedicated to fighting off supernatural creatures. 

11. D. Gray-man

d. gray-man anime like owari no seraph

D. Gray-Man is one of the dark horses of the shonen medium. 

There is an individual named Millennium Earl who abuses people’s love and pain for the ones they’ve lost. Sometimes, it is just too difficult to mourn for your loved one, and you’d do anything to get them back. 

And this weakness can most certainly be exploited. Millennium Earl uses this weakness in people’s hearts to create weapons called Akuma. Though once a soul has been brought back and trapped in this weapon, it is fated to stay there forever. 

But there is still a way to save and exorcise them, and that is by using Anti-Akuman weapons. The protagonist named Allen Walker and his fellow exorcists have to stop Millennium Earl before he potentially destroys the world. Since this one also features protagonists using special weapons, it also shares similarities and hence is an anime like Owari No Seraph. 

12. Hellsing Ultimate

 Hellsing Ultimate anime like owari no seraph

Hellsing Ultimate is sort of a reboot version of Hellsing anime, and it is exponentially better. The story follows a vampire named Alucard. He is the single most menacing presence in the vampire world and beyond. Calling him a One-Man army is an understatement because when he fights, it’s always a complete slaughter. 

The organization that employs Alucard is Hellsing and their job is to take out the vampires who pose a threat to people. Though of course, they hit a jackpot when someone as strong as Alucard became their ally, maybe it’s not that simple. You’ll have to watch the anime to find out by the way. 

Even though this is a vampire anime, it’s the concept of “organization going up against vicious creatures” that sort of correlates and makes it one of the animes like Owari No Seraph. 

13. Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime)

corpse princess anime like owari no seraph

Corpse Princess is kind of an odd one out on this list of animes like Owari No Seraph. It may not share many similarities on the surface, but it does share the vibe. 

What happens is that after the protagonist named Makina Hoshimura is tragically and brutally murdered along with all of her family, she ends up turning into a Corpse Princess. Essentially a conscious corpse and her contractor is a cult, they are helping her go after and take revenge on the undead who took her life and family away from her. 

The one who is assisting her is a contracted priest yet also her friend, Keisei Tagami. But this man is hiding something, and his brother has somewhat caught on to that fact. Just what’s going on? 

14. Chrono Crusade 

chrono crusade anime like owari no seraph

Chrono Crusade is a sad and heartbreaking story. It takes place in the early 20th century, and the setting is an ever-changing America, it isn’t changing for the better though. 

There have been various instabilities, and demonic creatures just keep appearing one after another. Of course, as you can expect from an anime like Owari No Seraph, there exists an organization whose sole job is taking out these demons. 

The protagonist named Rosette is a nun at the New York branch, and she goes around exterminating demons together with her unusual partner named Chrono. 

Though the motivation behind their heroic acts is not just the fun of it. It’s intrinsic curiosity, a crusade to get to the roots of their past and make sense of things. I, for one, consider this a criminally underrated gem. 

15. Ours (Bokura no)

bokura no anime like owari no seraph

Bokura No is an anime adaptation of one of the greatest sci-fi seinen manga of all time. 

The story begins with 8 boys and 7 girls simply enjoying their summer break when they come across a small cave by the seaside. As curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to enter it, they find themselves in a room full of computers. There is also a man named Kokopelli, the owner of this place. 

He introduces himself to the kids and explains how he is developing a game where a giant robot is created so that it can protect Earth from 15 different alien invasions. Though he hasn’t completed the game yet, he somehow persuades the kids to sign a contract and try it out.  However, it was there that this fun adventure took a turn for the worse. 

The series is defined as a fantasy-comedy (with elements of romance?) And comes out every fifth episode (9 episodes have already been aired). It’s not an anime that focuses on these battles and wars but more on the relationships between the characters and the situations they encounter.

16. The Devil Is A Part Timer

the devil is a part timer anime like owari no seraph

The story begins in a parallel world where there is a war between humans and the king of demons – Sadao. Just before satan manages to conquer the world, a hero appears and manages to defeat the demons and finally also faces off with Sadao and his assistant.

As a last resort, Sadao opens a gate that leads him and his faithful aide – let them see – into a parallel world known to us as Earth. This is how the story begins, which follows the attempts of Satan and his assistant to continue surviving in Tokyo in the hope that in the near future, they will be able to return to their world with renewed strength to defeat the reaction.

Less violent than Owari No Seraph, The Devil Is A Part Timer, has similar demons and supernatural creatures.

17. Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill anime like owari no seraph

Tatsumi is a country boy who came to the empire with two goals: To find his lost friends and become a knight of the empire and earn money for the sake of his village’s poorest people. Full of confidence, and an inflated ego, he tries to be accepted into the army but is immediately expelled, not because of poor abilities but because of his excessive ego.

After wasting his option to become a knight he meets Leone, who tells him that if he brings her all his money she will introduce him to someone who is a senior in the army and he will take care of his service, which of course turns out to be a huge lie, and now Tatsumi is left with no money.

Out of nowhere, Aria, a high-class girl, invites him to stay with her for free, and Tatsumi of course agrees. The next day Tatsumi meets a dangerous gang of criminals through a wanted ad and hears in half an ear that the whole kingdom is in a huge circus, and the emperor is not doing anything, and in fact, he is a child, and Tatsumi.

That night something terrible happens. The same dangerous gang of criminals comes to the house of the same girl who gave Tatsumi a place to sleep, That night the gang reveals to Tatsumi the ugly truth behind the kingdom, and if things are not bad enough, now the criminals have abducted him.

Besides the obvious similarities such as supernatural beings and demons, Akame ga Kill manages to make its viewers wonder what will happen next, as Owari does.

18. Bleach

bleach like owari no seraph

The plot tells of a 15-year-old boy who is Ichigo Kurosaki, he can see ghosts since he was born. On a clear day, Ichigo notices a group of thugs disturbing a girl, who is a spirit, at the same time, the city is being attacked with immense power by another spirit.

Ichigo tried to help the spirit girl, but suddenly a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki comes and rescues both Ichigo and the spirit from the Hollow. After a few hours, Rukia entered through the window into Ichigo’s house and was surprised to know that Ichigo could see her, she tells him he is destined to eliminate the Hollow. She transfers her forces to Ichigo to fight in her place. Ichigo was then forced to fulfill Rukia’s role as Shinigami, and from here his journey begins.

Both animes involve demons/Hollows and deal a lot with morals and honor.

19. Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist)

ao no exorcist anime like owari no seraph

The series follows a hooligan named Rin Okumura who discovers that his father is the devil. Guess what that sounds like? After the death of his adoptive father, by his biological one, Rin is sent to the “True Cross” academy, to learn the art of demon exorcist.

The anime emphasizes the New Testament in particular. It turns out that if you know the right verse – you can get rid of any demon. The problem starts when you do not always know what the appropriate verse is, so you will hear heroes reciting what sounds like Bible lessons. I have to say, I like the fact that the Japanese don’t have a problem that can not be solved without a large circle of alchemy.

While the anime is not something I’d recommend, it does have a lot of similar themes to Owari No Seraph. Themes like orphans, and main characters with inflated egos.

20. Darling in the FranXX

 darling in the franxx anime like owari no seraph

The anime series takes place in a future where humans fortify themselves in mobile cities to protect themselves from terrifying monsters called Klaxosaurs angels. To fight the Klaxosaurs, humans create giant mechas known as FranXX, which are operated by children who are nicknamed “Parasites” when the operation is done in pairs of males and females.

When Hiro’s fighting partner is forced to leave her job due to her low performance, he is given the option to stay in his unit temporarily, but his failure to operate the FrankXX leaves him without a future. Then Hiro meets Zero-Two, a beautiful girl with pink hair and horns that contains Klaxosaur blood in her body. (Shinoa Hiiragi shares a very similar personality) It’s known that Zero-Two has a bad rep, as Parasites traveling with her find themselves killed after three rides, but Hiro who was captivated by the pink hair girl’s charms still insists on riding with her and thus giving meaning to his life.

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21. Tokyo Ghoul

 tokyo ghoul anime like owari no seraph

Kaneki is an orphaned cute boy. The young lad has the hots for Rizw, a graceful young figure with glasses. The date could have been perfect if Rize had not tried to eat Kaneki (which is a deal-breaker in my opinion). Following the hand of fate, Kaneki almost barely survives the incident and at the hospital, he is being transplanted with Ghoul organs. Instead of rejoicing that ‘yay, eternal life rules!’ he gets into a deep depression, and rightfully so. Now he must exist only from human flesh and coffee.

If you were an alien coming to Earth and never watched anime, you’d think that Japan is a country full of Orphans, demons, and parallel worlds. All 20 animes on this list! Share some of these story setups.

So, there you have it folks these were 15 animes like Owari No Seraph. Hope you found an anime or two that you still haven’t watched yet. 

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