25 Best Short Characters Of All Time

25 Best Fictional Short Characters Of All Time

There are quite a few short characters who have managed to sneak their way into the heart of pop culture. That’s right, these short characters became popular for their ability to elevate their story and stand out from the crowd of characters who surround them. So, without further ado, I present you with a list … Read more

28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Brown is the second most common hair color in the world. That’s right, more than 10% of the global population has brown hair.  This is great for us because this means there are plenty of awesome fictional characters from movies, TV shows, and video games with brown hair too! 28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown … Read more

30 Best Star Wars Lightsaber Duels of All Time! Ranked

best lightsaber duel top list

Star Wars has produced some of the Best Lightsaber Duels, unrivaled by any other scene. When everything goes well, they can be breathtaking, exciting, and epic. Lightsaber duels test both the warriors’ skills with a Lightsaber and their Force powers. Many of them result in the death of the main characters and some lightsaber duels … Read more

The 45 Most Famous Wizards Of All Time!

The 45 Most Powerful Wizards and Witches in Movies and TV Series

From evil enchanting warlocks to fireball-wielding sorcerers, for this list, we’ve rounded up the most powerful wizards and witches in tv series, and movies. Who, then, is the most “powerful” wizard and witch? To compare different characters from different universes, we need to discuss the various abilities that they show.  This list qualifies those who … Read more

25 Iconic Characters With Red Hair

characters with red Hair

Flamboyant red hair is a sign of courage, sensuality, and passion. A person that has red hair is perceived to have a strong personality, be fearless, and be energetic. So little wonder why some of the Best Characters With Red Hair are so memorable. While working on this list, we found there are many more … Read more

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: The Ultimate Battle!

harry potter vs star wars

Harry Potter vs Star Wars, the two of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. Aside from both being madly profitable and extremely popular, the two franchises share many similarities. For example, both stories are epic in scale, take place in worlds where superhuman abilities are possible, and both are about good and evil. In … Read more

Star Wars: Top 20 Strongest Jedi of all Time, Ranked

strongest jedi of all time

The Jedi Order has counted many strong members over time, as Jedi technology developed, allowing the strongest Jedi to comprehensively study the Force. Certain Jedi Masters achieved astounding strength feats like Force Push, manipulating black holes, reading the minds of everyone in the universe, and more. Only the strongest Jedi managed to prove that the … Read more

The Greatest Cyborgs in Movies and TV Shows

Cyborgs in Movies

The list contains related movies and TV shows with cyborg characters ordered and matched by similarity. Sure, you can send robots to fight in your place, but then you’d be missing all the fun! These warriors are part biological. part machine. Any enhancements made usually have one purpose–turning them into more efficient warrior. From advanced … Read more