Top 10 Star Trek Ships Ranked

Top 10 Star Trek Ships Ranked

Star Trek ships are some of the most iconic and well-known vessels in science fiction, equipped with technology surpassing present-day reality. These ships can venture to the furthest regions of space, interacting with different species and stumbling across uncharted territory. Additionally, Starship vessels can also hold their own when facing off against adversaries, taking massive … Read more

31 Toughest Characters With Eye Patches

31 Toughest Characters With Eye Patches

No matter how tough you may look regularly, an eye patch is bound to make you look even tougher. This black fabric is synonymous with rogue, hard, and brute force for men and women alike. In this list, I’ve rounded up the 31 best characters with eye patches. Believe it or not, only a couple … Read more

28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Brown is the second most common hair color in the world. That’s right, more than 10% of the global population has brown hair.  This is great for us because this means there are plenty of awesome fictional characters from movies, TV shows, and video games with brown hair too! 28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown … Read more

Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Bald is beautiful, neat, and much more aerodynamic! Take it from someone who sees a beautiful bald guy every time he looks in the mirror. However, by the looks of it, Hollywood’s big cheeses don’t see it that way, as most of the bald-headed characters in fiction are either evil or creepy. Thankfully, this is … Read more

Top 26 Unforgettable Characters With Black Hair

26 characters with black hair

Black hair is the most common of all human hair colors globally, so no wonder there are so many fictional characters with black hair. Despite its dark color, black is not necessarily negative, as there are quite a few black-haired characters that are brave and selfless. However, there are also very evil characters with black hair color. From … Read more

The Greatest Cyborgs in Movies and TV Shows

Cyborgs in Movies

The list contains related movies and TV shows with cyborg characters ordered and matched by similarity. Sure, you can send robots to fight in your place, but then you’d be missing all the fun! These warriors are part biological. part machine. Any enhancements made usually have one purpose–turning them into more efficient warrior. From advanced … Read more

Star Wars vs Star Trek: Which is better?

Star Wars and Star Trek

Welcome to the greatest space adventure showdown in the galaxy: Star Wars vs Star Trek! two biggest franchises, with some of the most adored characters in fiction: Darth Vader, Spock, the chosen one, Luke Skywalker, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Han Solo, need we name more? Aside from both having the word star in their titles, the two … Read more