Top 10 New Fantasy TV Shows

Top 10 New Fantasy TV Shows

In the ever-evolving landscape of television, the years 2022 and 2023 ushered in a fantastical era, offering viewers an array of captivating fantasy TV shows. From epic tales of mythical realms to gripping narratives woven with magic and intrigue, this period witnessed a surge in groundbreaking storytelling that transported audiences to imaginative worlds beyond the … Read more

Top 40 Sexiest Characters In Fiction Ever

Top 40 Sexy Characters In Fiction Ever

Here’s a list of the top 30 fictional sexy characters around There are few things in life more tantalizing than a sexy character. The combination of a fictional setting and incredibly attractive characters just gets our hearts racing. We’re not limiting ourselves to one medium. Whether they’re sexy girls with a heart of gold or … Read more

Top 28 Best Characters with Curly Hair

Top 28 Best Characters with Curly Hair

Hollywood certainly prefers its heroes and heroines with straight hair! The more you watch Sci-Fi, action, mystery, and comedy TV series and movies, the more you notice the absence of characters with curly hair. It’s like Hollywood is actually afraid of curly hair. What’s more infuriating is that even the main characters with curly hair … Read more

25 Best Short Characters Of All Time

25 Best Fictional Short Characters Of All Time

There are quite a few short characters who have managed to sneak their way into the heart of pop culture. That’s right, these short characters became popular for their ability to elevate their story and stand out from the crowd of characters who surround them. So, without further ado, I present you with a list … Read more

Top 20 Best Characters With White Hair

characters with white hair

Characters with white hair are always a win in my book! It is like once a creator commits to a character with white hair he must make an extra effort to help him or her stick out from the crowd. While usually associated with advanced age in the real world, white hair or silver hair is … Read more

The 45 Most Famous Wizards Of All Time!

The 45 Most Powerful Wizards and Witches in Movies and TV Series

From evil enchanting warlocks to fireball-wielding sorcerers, for this list, we’ve rounded up the most powerful wizards and witches in tv series, and movies. Who, then, is the most “powerful” wizard and witch? To compare different characters from different universes, we need to discuss the various abilities that they show.  This list qualifies those who … Read more

The 12 Greatest Warrior Kings From Movies and TV Series

Medieval warrior-kings from movies and TV shows

In this list, we honor the top warrior-kings from the best medieval TV series and movies with a royal showdown! Nowadays, Generals and leaders watch safely from afar as ordinary soldiers fight their wars for them, but many medieval kings put on armor, picked up a sword, and stood shoulder to shoulder with their men … Read more

24 Movies and TV Shows Like King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

movies like king arthur legend of the sword

If you are a fan of generals and leaders from fantasy swords movies, or if you are looking for legendary sword fighters from medieval series then you must be looking for movies like King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. The movie based on the Arthurian legend is the most-watched thing on Netflix right now. The … Read more