28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Brown is the second most common hair color in the world. That’s right, more than 10% of the global population has brown hair.  This is great for us because this means there are plenty of awesome fictional characters from movies, TV shows, and video games with brown hair too! 28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown HairThis time I present you with a list of the best characters with brown hair ever. Since it’s hard to distinguish between dark brown hair and black hair, I only included characters that I could confirm with certainty that are brunettes. If I couldn’t – I just left them off.

Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

1. Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead TV Series

characters with brown hair rick grimes

Rick Grimes is a great TV character. He is a badass, extremely smart when it comes to strategies, and a great leader who earned the respect of every teammate of his. All that and I didn’t even mention his sick fast drawing abilities yet. Just look at him hold that pistol. Throughout the show, he’s been an uncompromising idealist, and at other times has shredded every moral fiber to save those he loves. I just love that complexity about him. Rick has dark brown wavy hair that begins to grey later on in the show.

2. Dora Marquez from Dora the Explorer Cartoon Series

characters with brown hair dora

The hostess of the show, Dora is a courageous girl who goes into dangerous environments such as rainforests, jungles, and forests to find something or help somebody in need. On her adventures, she prevents thieves from stealing and generally fights villains. In the original series, she is seven years old for the first five seasons. At the end of Season 5, she celebrates her birthday and turns eight and stays that age for the rest of the show. Dora has short brown hair and brown eyes.

3. May from Pokemon the Anime Series

characters with brown hair may

One of the most popular heroines in the Pokemon series. May is portrayed as a good-natured, gentle, and innocent tomboy character. May is probably the dorkiest and childish of Ash’s female companions, most of the time she is kidnapped, tied up, or otherwise restrained by Team Rocke. Her brown hairstyle hasn’t changed much, but the hair on the back of her head has become more bouncy.

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4. Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie

characters with brown hair ferris bueller

A great movie character with brown hair, Ferris has been absent from high school this semester NINE times. It’s well understood he wasn’t sick nine times but was skipping school. And the semester isn’t over yet! Since the tenth day without school is out of the question, his mission is to have the most fun possible TODAY with his best friend Cameron Frye and his girlfriend Sloan Peterson. Doing that, he must evade capture at all costs, as Principal Ed Rooney is out to get him. Ferris is charming and amusing and his hair color is brown.

5. Belle from the Beauty and the Beast Animated Movie

characters with brown hair belle

Belle is a feisty, free-spirited young woman. She’s the kind of person who does not judge a book by its cover and is not afraid to love someone that doesn’t fit the “norm.” She speaks out against what she feels is wrong even when she’s the only one and generally follows her own heart even when others disapprove. Belle is also beautiful, intelligent, well-versed in literature, and independent. Her long, brown hair is usually tied back in a low ponytail with a blue ribbon.

6. Sheriff Woody from Toy Story Animated Movies

characters with brown hair sheriff woody

Woody is the main character of the Toy Story franchise. In the first movie, Woody is the hero who is favored by his owner Andy and serves as the leader of Andy’s toys. That is until Buzz Lightyear arrives and takes that away from him. Woody at first hates Buzz for replacing him until he discovers that Buzz, unfortunately, doesn’t realize he is a toy and truly believes he’s a real Space Ranger. Woody is a vintage cowboy doll, who has hair hand-painted in brown that is attached to his head in plastic.

7. Peter Parker from Marvel Comics

characters with brown hair peter parker

My favorite comic character with brown hair, Peter Parker is just an imperfect young teenager with a beautiful fighting spirit. Yeah, our web by a friend has done tons of mistakes, but never the same mistake again. After being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming Spiderman, Peter soon decides to use his great power to help others. His challenge is to keep NYC safe from ordinary robbers and supervillains like Green Goblin and Doc Octopus, and he does it no matter what. Peter is kind, and clever and has brown hair and big hazel eyes.

8. Mario from Super Mario Video Games

characters with brown hair mario

One of the most famous video game characters with brown hair – if not THE – Mario is an Italian plumber. He usually lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, but also sometimes rules his land, which is called Mario Land. Although a plumber by trade, Mario seems to spend most of his time rescuing Princess Peach and other innocent victims from the clutches of villains.  Mario has short brown hair with two brown sideburns, but his thick mustache is dark-brown. It is noted that facial hair, such as mustaches and eyebrows, can sometimes be a different color than the hair on the rest of a person’s head. Presumably, Mario has the same thing going on — his mustache and eyebrows are darker colored than the hair on top of his head.

9. Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie

characters with brown hair bilbo baggins

Bilbo is one of the best characters in fiction. Period. Growing up in the Shire, Bilbo never even imagined he would find himself on the road with a group of pesky dwarves, on a crazy quest to steal a treasure from a dragon. That is, after all, a very un-hobbit-like thing to do. However, once he committed himself to the task, Bilbo rises to the challenge and fights giant spiders and dozens of orcs. Bilbo’s unique ability to somehow combine quiet life in the Shire and life as an adventurer, and still get the best of both worlds, makes him a great character with brown hair.

10. Hal Jordan from DC Comics

characters with brown hair hal jordan

Most of DC Comics’ classic characters have dark/black hair – Superman, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Wonder Woman, and Selina Kyle. This is simply because DC made its mark when comic book inking was still a bit limited and black hair is more common and easier to ink than blonde hair. However, Hal Jordan was created in a whole different era of comics and comics inks that enabled him to have this beautiful Side Part brown hair.

11. Marty McFly from Back to the Future Movies

characters with brown hair marty mcfly

The opportunity to have Marty McFly and Ferris Bueller on a list is why I got into the writing business. I mean, there were some great things about the 1980s after all! Marty McFly is a high school student at Hill Valley High School and the first human ever to travel through time. Traveling from 1985 to 1955, Marty was stuck in the past and had to find a way to get back to 1985. Thanks to his friend Doc Emmit Brown, he manages to fix the mess he made in 1955 by interfering with his parent’s first meeting and escape the past. So, who is a better character? Ferris or Marty? It’s a tough call for me because I love them both. The stakes were higher with Marty, as he was time traveling and dealing with time paradoxes while Ferris just skips school and his challenge is not getting caught. However, Ferris’ whole existence in the film caused numerous people to think differently about their lives and what’s important. You know what? I can’t decide.  These characters are my mentors and it’s like choosing between your parents.

12. Morty Smith from Rick and Morty Animated TV Series

characters with brown hair morty smith

It is not easy being Rick Sanchez’s grandson. Rick continuously forces Morty to tag along on his life-risking adventures, hopping through dimensions, fighting aliens, battling superior beings and god knows what else. The only good thing I can say about this strange relationship is that while at first, Morty seemed like a very passive, almost spineless young man, after going on these alleged adventures, he became more his person. Oh geez, in some episodes he took the reins and dominated the situation. Good for him! Morty has short brown hair that he wears neatly combed around his round head. Hey, did you ever notice that Morty and Marty McFly both have brown hair?

13. Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents! Animated TV Series

characters with brown hair timmy turner

Timmy is an average kid whom no one understands. OK, just kidding. That’s just the way the theme song of the Nickelodeon show goes. Timmy’s parents are neglectful of him, and his life was pretty miserable before he was given two magical fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Since then, he seems very happy to make extreme wishes and go out on crazy adventures. Since Fairy Godparents can give their godchild any wish that doesn’t break Da Rules, Timmy can pretty much wish for anything. For example, he can wish to be stronger than Superman and beat him up. Timmy’s hair is brown and he wears a pink hat that matches his pink shirt.

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14. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb Animated TV Series

characters with brown hair dr heinz doofenshmirtz

Well, Doofenshmirtz is an evil scientist. You can tell that from his usual attempts to wreak “evil” havoc and rule the entire Tri-State Area. I mean, that’s what evil scientists do. However, in Doofenshmirtz’s defense, I would say he had a terrible childhood. When Doofenshmirtz was born, none of his parents showed up for his birth! His mother liked Heinz’s younger brother Roger more. Doofenshmirtz made his own companion best friend, he sketched a face on a balloon and named him Balloony. He was really happy with Balloony but one night when he was protecting the lawn gnome, Balloony just started floating away, which made Doof feel terrible. Need I go on? Doof has brown hair that was neatly kept in the past but became noticeably messier over the years.

15. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Video Game

characters with brown hair lara croft

Another famous video game character with brown hair, Lara is a highly intelligent, athletic, and beautiful British archaeologist who ventures into ancient tombs and ruins around the world, searching for ancient artifacts. She has Rambo’s combat abilities, incredible inner strength, and will to survive. It’s like she never gives up and never stops until she finds what she is looking for. Lara is perfectly designed with a tank top, shorts, socks, and combat boots. She usually wears her brown hair in a ponytail or braid. However, she styles the front of her hair differently every time.

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16. Han Solo from Star Wars Movies

characters with brown hair han solo

I know I could have picked Indiana Jones for this list of characters with brown hair, but I already had one action archeologist here in the form of Lara Croft. So, I chose another Harrison Ford character that I like just the same, yes I’m referring to the most famous sexy Star Wars male character – Han Solo! Han’s sarcastic, cocky mannerism makes him one of the coolest movie characters ever! This guy knew how to navigate and stay ten steps ahead of the Empire. He got out of paying Jabba the Hutt! Most importantly, he made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. No one could’ve done that but him.

17. Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy Video Game

characters with brown hair tifa lockhart

Cloud Strife’s childhood friend, Tifa has become just as popular as he is.  She is a member of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE who convinces Cloud to join the group to keep him safe. Later, she helped him save the planet from the main villain. Tifa has great fighting skills and can combat the toughest of enemies. This beautiful bar hostess has dark brown hair, which usually falls below her waist. With her abilities and good looks, it’s only natural that Tifa has become so popular and appeared not only in Final Fantasy VII but also in Egrgeiz and made a cameo in sever other titles.

18. Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra Animated TV Series

characters with brown hair kora

Korra is the human embodiment of light and peace called the Avatar, who can bend all four elements. She inherited Avatar Aang in this position and took his duty to use that power to keep peace among the four nations of the world. On her way to fulfill this duty, she managed to face off against a Dark Avatar, take down anarchists, and defeat a tyrannical Fascist Earthbender. She faced crazy threats, learned how to metal-bend, energy-bend, and spirit-bend, and thus became extremely powerful. Korra is one character who was truly subjected to horrendous torture and came out deeper and more interesting. I find it spectacular in terms of writing. I find her character arc better compared to Aang but don’t kill me. Korra has dark brown hair, brown skin, and beautiful cyan eyes.

19. Tarzan from Tarzan Animated Movie

characters with brown hair tarazan

Let’s get one thing straight – Tarzan is one of the best Disney males ever created! His personality is very diverse and he can be shown as a hero who protects the jungle, but also a real softie with a strong heart. For me, it is unclear why this remarkable movie has been almost disregarded by Disney. It has some of the most breathtaking moments in any Disney movie. Tarzan has long brown hair, styled in dreadlocks.

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20. Ellie from the Last of Us Video Games

characters with brown hair ellie

I already had Rick to represent the post-apocalypse heroes on this list, but Ellie is one of the most well-written video game characters of recent years, Ellie immediately drew a huge fanbase. Surviving in a world where man-eating zombies are out to get her, Ellie soon realizes that the dead are only half her problem. As usual, the living are far more dangerous! She learns this the hard way in the first game, experiencing trauma at the hands of other people, and bringing all her fear and rage into the second game. Ellie is the soul of the Last of Us. Initially fairly unskilled in survival techniques, Ellie soon becomes more capable with firearms, more physically strong, and overpowering normal-sized individuals. She has reddish-brown hair.

21. Ellen Ripley from Alien Movies

characters with brown hair ellen ripley

Another great movie character with brown hair, Lieutenant First Class Ellen Ripley was involved in a few human encounters with the lethal alien species known as the Xenomorph XX121. Ripley is a truly badass female character, who is good at thinking on her feet and adapting to a wide range of situations. While she didn’t start with any skills at fighting or dealing with alien attacks, she kept her head and learned from the situation. Ripley has dark brown hair, which she shaved when she was on Fiorina 161.

22. Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride Movie

characters with brown hair inigo montoya

A magnificent curly sword-fighting character, Inigo Montoya has dedicated his life to the study of fencing under all of the greatest masters of the time. He squeezed rocks to make his wrists strong. He practiced skipping and dodging and moving quickly. And he also sprinted each day, so his legs would be strong as well as quick. He was so good, he ultimately became the only living person to achieve the top swordsmanship ranking of Wizard, which is the rank beyond Master. He did all that to avenge his father, who was slain by a six-fingered man. Now, that’s a great background story! Inigo has dark brown, wavy, and curly hair.

23. Asahi Azumane from Haikyu!! Anime Series

characters with brown hair asahi azumane

Karasuno High’s ace, and the Volleyball Club’s wing spiker. Asahi Azumane doesn’t like the attention, he said to have a “Glass Heart”, taking everything that is said about him to heart. He has long brown hair which is usually styled as a bun behind his head and dark brown eyes matching his hair as well as his eyebrow.

24. Elisabeth from Bioshock Infinite Video Game

characters with brown hair elisabeth

Elisabeth’s story is a harsh one. Believing she was a bastard child, her mother had her imprisoned in a tower, guarded by a monstrous winged creature since she was an infant. Only when Elisabeth was about 19 years old was she rescued from her tower, only to be hunted down by those who seek to recapture her? She and her rescuer have to fight their way to freedom. Fortunately, Elizabeth’s powers are useful in battle.  Elisabeth is an intriguing, free-spirited character with brown hair.

25. Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek TV Show

characters with brown hair captain james t kirk

I like Chris Pine’s, Captain Kirk. Really. But for me, Captain James T. Kirk is forever William Shatner. Shatner originated the character and his every line as Kirk is entrenched in our collective consciousness. His skills as a starship captain, his charisma, and his experience make him one of the most famous starship captains in Starfleet history. I mean, this guy can beat a Vulcan at chess and outwit a Greek God! He has saved the Federation from destruction numerous times and overcame extreme odds more times than I can remember. Kirk is what legends are made of!

26. Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons Animated TV Series

characters with brown hair nelson

Nelson may be a violent bully who likes to intimidate everyone around him, but I’ll say this on his behalf: in a world where so many unusual hairstyles, he has regular-looking light brown hair. Also, he would make any list of the best 10 bullies in fiction, so he’s got to be doing something right. Besides, like any great yellow character bully, he has obvious leadership qualities. In his case, it is even more apparent, because despite being the youngest and shortest bully in Springfield Elementary School, he is the leader of the school bullies. So, next time you hear his iconic “Ha-ha!” laugh, just think about that.

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27. The T-800 Model 101 Terminator from the Terminator Movie

characters with brown hair t 800 model 101

One of the best movie characters with brown hair, the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 is a Terminator sent by Skynet to the year 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. This Terminator has a metal endoskeleton, but outside it has living human tissue, including flesh, skin, hair, and blood. This particular unit has medium brown floppy hair. It is also extremely muscular on the outside.

28. Sun Seto from My Bride is a Mermaid Anime Series

characters with brown hair sun seto

Sun is not an ordinary mermaid, she is the leader of the Seto Clan. She broke the mermaid’s code when she saved Nagasumi’s life and was forced to marry him. Sun is so skilled as a swordswoman that she can cut through clothes and leave the person wearing them unscathed. She has full-length sidelocks and mid-thigh length straight brown hair.

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