28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Best Fictional Characters with Brown Hair

Brown is the second most common hair color in the world. That’s right, more than 10% of the global population has brown hair.  This is great for us because this means there are plenty of awesome fictional characters from movies, TV shows, and video games with brown hair too! 28 Best Fictional Characters with Brown … Read more

Stallone vs Schwarzenegger: 10 of Their Best Characters

Stallone vs Schwarzenegger

Welcome to the ultimate Stallone vs Schwarzenegger. In this list, we rank the top ten Stallone vs Schwarzenegger most badass characters. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the biggest action movie stars of all time. The two musclebound actors practically dominated the action genre in the 80s and 90s, depicting some of the … Read more

The Matrix vs Terminator: Who Would Win?

terminator vs matrix

Welcome to our rage against the machine special! The Matrix vs Terminator! both franchises have spawned multiple spinoffs, including comics, video games, and groundbreaking movies. When it comes to fighting evil AI and their deadly robot proxies, two Sci-Fi movies surpass all others. The Matrix and Terminator franchises have brought the man/machine struggle to whole … Read more

Robocop vs Terminator: The Ultimate Warriors of The Next Era

robocop vs terminator

According to most Sci-Fi movies, the ultimate warrior of the next era is the robot. Rogue One’s K-2SO, The Matrix’s sentinels, The Class M-3 Model B-9, and even Number 5, are all examples of this notion. For this face-off, we chose two of the deadliest mechanized combatants in movie history. it’s Robocop vs Terminator! Who would win? Terminator Backstory In … Read more