8+ Best Movies Like Mulan: Women Warriors

movies like mulan

While you may be used to seeing men wielding swords finding women warriors in movies like “Mulan” is not an easy task. From warrior princesses and zombie slayers to martial arts cyborg warriors and protectors of the weak. In this list, we face off similar movies with some of the greatest swords fighting legends. Mulan … Read more

The Greatest Cyborgs in Movies and TV Shows

Cyborgs in Movies

The list contains related movies and TV shows with cyborg characters ordered and matched by similarity. Sure, you can send robots to fight in your place, but then you’d be missing all the fun! These warriors are part biological. part machine. Any enhancements made usually have one purpose–turning them into more efficient warrior. From advanced … Read more

The Top Gladiators Best Movies and TV Shows

Gladiator movies and TV Shows

Two men enter, and one man leaves! For centuries people have been obsessed with excess violence, and before the invention of screens and films to watch, people would go see it happen live in the arena! We can’t blame them–what better way to blow off some steam than to watch two fighters try to kill … Read more

Alita vs Raiden: Who Would Win?

Alita vs Raiden

We present a battle report for the second round of The Epic Battles League. It’s Alita vs Raiden! The battle of the droids! Alita vs Raiden Alita isn’t as fragile as her looks might suggest. Her berserker body is strong enough to hold up her entire body weight on one finger. Her abilities include plasma … Read more