30 Best Yellow Characters Of All Time

30 Best Yellow Characters Of All Time

Yellow River, Yellow Brick Road, Yellow Submarine, what is it about the color yellow? On one hand, Yellow is the color of the sun, smiley faces, and sunflowers, but on the other hand, it symbolizes jealousy, betrayal, and cowardice. Working on this list I realized the vast majority of yellow characters are do-gooders who symbolize … Read more

25 Best Short Characters Of All Time

25 Best Fictional Short Characters Of All Time

There are quite a few short characters who have managed to sneak their way into the heart of pop culture. That’s right, these short characters became popular for their ability to elevate their story and stand out from the crowd of characters who surround them. So, without further ado, I present you with a list … Read more

The Top 25 Best Characters With Green Hair

characters with green hair

What is a better way to make a character unforgettable than giving him or her green hair? In this ultimate green-haired character extravaganza we list characters from movies, live-action series, animated series, comics, cartoons, and anime to determine who is the best character with green hair. Pop culture characters come in all shapes and colors. … Read more

The Most Powerful 24 Pink Hair Characters Ever! Ranked

pink hair characters

Welcome to the ultimate pink spectacular, where we will count down the most powerful 24 pink hair characters in pop culture. The color pink is bursting with symbolism. It is the color of hope and is generally thought to have a calming effect, which could explain why so many heroic characters choose to rock pink … Read more

The Most Powerful 20 Characters With Purple Hair

Characters With Purple Hair

The color purple is generally perceived as mysterious and intriguing. No wonder those rare characters who rock purple hair tend to pique interest. While exploring the subject we found out there are a lot more female characters with purple hair than males. Also, quite a lot of characters with purple hair are cute anime girls. … Read more