Review: Hogwarts Legacy Is Everything You Could Ask For, Almost

Review: Hogwarts Legacy Is Everything You Could Ask For, Almost

In recent years, Hogwarts Legacy, a role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe, has become one of the most watched and curious games. It has been leaked in 2018, revealed in 2020, and rejected several times. After the ups and downs of the main game series and two other beloved Lego Harry Potter games, … Read more

Top 30 Best Blonde Characters

Top 30 Best Blonde Characters

Blonde is a glamorous hair color that never seems to go out of style. It is widely associated with natural beauty, attractiveness, and youth. Consequently, no wonder some of the most popular characters in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and video games have blonde hair. However, sometimes the hair actually makes the character. For instance, in Amazon … Read more

Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Bald is beautiful, neat, and much more aerodynamic! Take it from someone who sees a beautiful bald guy every time he looks in the mirror. However, by the looks of it, Hollywood’s big cheeses don’t see it that way, as most of the bald-headed characters in fiction are either evil or creepy. Thankfully, this is … Read more

Top 20 Best Characters With White Hair

characters with white hair

Characters with white hair are always a win in my book! It is like once a creator commits to a character with white hair he must make an extra effort to help him or her stick out from the crowd. While usually associated with advanced age in the real world, white hair or silver hair is … Read more

The 45 Most Famous Wizards Of All Time!

The 45 Most Powerful Wizards and Witches in Movies and TV Series

From evil enchanting warlocks to fireball-wielding sorcerers, for this list, we’ve rounded up the most powerful wizards and witches in tv series, and movies. Who, then, is the most “powerful” wizard and witch? To compare different characters from different universes, we need to discuss the various abilities that they show.  This list qualifies those who … Read more

25 Iconic Characters With Red Hair

characters with red Hair

Flamboyant red hair is a sign of courage, sensuality, and passion. A person that has red hair is perceived to have a strong personality, be fearless, and be energetic. So little wonder why some of the Best Characters With Red Hair are so memorable. While working on this list, we found there are many more … Read more

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: The Ultimate Battle!

harry potter vs star wars

Harry Potter vs Star Wars, the two of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. Aside from both being madly profitable and extremely popular, the two franchises share many similarities. For example, both stories are epic in scale, take place in worlds where superhuman abilities are possible, and both are about good and evil. In … Read more

Best Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games With Dragons

best dragons

Dragons! Just saying the word fills you with so much joy. Dragons are magnificent flying creatures. From their beautiful designs, rich lore, and their sheer power, dragons are always a delight to see on the big or little screen. They are a huge part of film, books, TV, video games, and more. Many have even … Read more

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who Wins?

harry potter vs percy jackson

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson! The Two teen characters have taken the genre of fantasy by storm. As such, they make one of the most fascinating match-ups that pop culture has to offer. They share so many similarities. Harry and Percy are Half-Blood kids. Harry Potter is half wizard and half muggle, and Percy Jackson … Read more

Epic Movies Like The Hunger Games: Lethal Reality Shows

movies like hunger games

If you are here right now we guess you liked this incredible film series and want to find the best movies like The Hunger Games that can give you that same dose of excitement. Katniss’s courageous personality and inner strength have captured the imagination of legions of devoted fans all around the world, making The … Read more