harry potter vs star wars

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: The Ultimate Battle!

Harry Potter vs Star Wars, the two of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. Aside from both being madly profitable and extremely popular, the two franchises share many similarities. For example, both stories are epic in scale, take place in worlds where superhuman abilities are possible, and both are about good and evil. In addition, both stories give the protagonist a wise and powerful old mentor – Dumbledore in Harry Potter’s case and Yoda in Luke’s. In this epic battle, we are going to explore the similarities, by pitting Harry Potter and Star Wars’ main characters, creatures, board games, and whatnot against each other. It’s Magic Force time!

Harry Potter vs Star Wars:  Princess Leia or Hermione?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Hermione vs Princess Leia, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Which kickass female heroines do you choose to cover you in battle? Princess Leia and Hermione are two female cinematic icons and heroes for young girls. In a way, the particular group dynamic that Hermione shares with Harry and Ron isn’t far off from the one shared by Leia and her male counterparts, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. In both cases, the two women become really the leaders in these groups and the glue that keeps those trios together.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Yoda or Dumbledore?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Dumbledore vs Yoda, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

You have just been crowned king and must choose an aide to guide and advise you. Which mentor do you choose by your side while you rule your kingdom? Yoda and Dumbledore both serve as mentors for our two heroes. Both are wise, captivating, and empathic. They have the important role of preparing Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker for the difficult tasks that lie ahead. Yoda is a powerful force user, and an immensely wise being due to the experiences he’s gathered over his 900 life years. He could be stern and strict, but he was also playful. He has many abilities as a teacher, always taking the opportunity to impart a lesson to his Padawan.

Dumbledore is a kind, wise and powerful wizard. That’s what defines him. He is the winning commander of the war against the Death Eaters and, despite everything, still deeply human. He inspires others and even his enemies acknowledge his greatness. As a great teacher, he carefully uses words. Everything he says to his students has a meaning and had been given a deep thought.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars:  Lord Voldemort or Darth Vader?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Lord Voldemort vs Darth Vader, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

The forces of good are finally defeated and now it is time for the forces of evil to determine their supreme leader. Which one of these mighty dark lords wins in a death battle for the leadership? In most fiction stories, there is a conspicuous evil figure. The big baddie! In Harry Potter, it is Lord Voldemort, who is referred to by people as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” or “The Dark Lord”. They all fear speaking his actual name. In Star Wars, it’s made perfectly clear from the very first moment that Darth Vader is a soulless villain everyone fears.

However, Darth Vader eventually returned to his original self as Anakin Skywalker and was redeemed back into the Force. Voldemort was totally evil and suffered the most grisly consequences as the final piece of his broken soul entered the afterworld.

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Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Chewbacca or Hagrid?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Hagrid vs Chewbacca, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Which loyal hairy giant do you choose to keep you safe from bandits on your journey? Both Hagrid and Chewbacca are strong but friendly companions to the protagonists. They are loyal and always willing to protect their friends. Rubeus Hagrid, fearlessly, and without hesitation, defend those he cares about. He is kindhearted and loyal to a fault. Hagrid was always there for Harry and was one of the few adults in Harry’s life who cared for him without the added pressure of him being the chosen one.

There are few who are as loyal and true as Chewie. Chewbacca gives his all to the lucky people in his life and practically saved their lives many times. Chewie has his friends’ backs at all times, even literally carrying C-3PO on his own back during their narrow escape from Cloud City.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Pictures

Use The Force Harry! which one of these powerful masters dominates? Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter are two of the main fandoms in the sci-fi and fantasy world. As you might have noticed, the two share some major similarities: For example, right from the start, baby Harry is placed with the Dursleys, while Luke is placed with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Both boys are born to famed parents and raised without any knowledge of what those parents did or the significance of their own births to the world. One has become the strongest Jedi in the galaxy, the other a powerful magic-user.

Our two heroes both start off their journey as naive kids with a hunger for adventure, an innate skill for the mystical forces that rule the worlds they are about to enter, and an unknown past that is about to catch up with them. They both follow the same road of trials, failing and learning, doing great heroic deeds, making mistakes, and being saved by their friends.

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Harry Potter vs Star Wars:  Dobby or R2D2?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Dobby vs R2D2, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Which helpful little sidekicks do you choose as your trusted companion while you fight evil? A good sidekick is hard to find and those two characters had our heroes’ backs. Dobby is a free elf. He once worked for the Malfoys and informed and tried to save Harry at the cost of punishment. However, he is not your average elf! He likes freedom and wages, unlike other house-elves who feel disgusted at the idea of them. Dobby helped Harry several times but was killed by Bellatrix.

R2D2 is an astromech droid. He is resourceful, spunky, and troublesome. Artoo has served many different masters and never once had his memory wiped, so he turned out to be very independent. He can be annoying, but when the time comes around, he will always save the day when humans fail.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Gnarlak or Jabba the Hutt?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Gnarlak vs Jabba the Hutt, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Which crime lord are you less likely to outsmart? Gnarlak is an American goblin gangster! During the 1920s, when America was going through Prohibition, the selling and consumption of alcohol were illegal. Gnarlak cashed in on this by opening up a speakeasy. He is highly cunning, two-faced, and unpleasant, having engaged in many criminal activities throughout his life. His sole interest seems to be earning a profit, no matter what the cost. He is also very ruthless toward others in achieving his aims!

As for Jabba, like any crime lord, he got by on influence and intimidation. His power was the result of the same control and ruthlessness exerted by Al Capone. His control of smuggling, slavery, etc. on the other Outer Rim led to governments tiptoeing around him. At his peak, Jabba was one of the most powerful crime lords in the entire galaxy. 

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Selkies or Gungans?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Selkies vs Gungans, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Who wins in an underwater fight? Both franchises presented us with sentient creatures that live underwater. They have their own unique technology, and they built a beautiful underwater city. In Harry Potter, Selkies are a species of Merpeople found in the colder waters of Scotland. They are described as being less beautiful than the Sirens of Greece, who are the source of the beautiful mermaids seen in Muggle folklore.

In the Star Wars universe, the Gungans are an amphibious species, native inhabitants of the planet Naboo. Gungans are looked down on by humans on Naboo, but in actuality, they are an impressive species. In the third act of Phantom Menace, Padme overcomes prejudice and distrust and the Gungans help defeat the Trade Federation. They were led by Rugor Nass who served as the Boss of the Gungan people and proved to be quite competent.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars:  Basilisk or Rancor?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Basilisk vs Rancor, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Which monster do you unleash on a city you want to destroy? Every major franchise should have some huge, deformed-looking fantasy monster that will gladly attack any human. And Harry Potter and Star Wars are no exception! There are actually four Rancor subspecies in the Star Wars Universe, the Hunter Rancor, the Jungle Rancor, the Shadow Rancor, and the Rage Rancor. Their average height is 5 meters and their average mass is 1,650 kg. Pateesa, the rancor in Jabba’s palace, was canonically said to be a puny specimen, both due to its youth and the fact that Jabba liked to starve it. However, it still has massive height and weight and possessed a fiercely tough hide, resistant to a lot of conventional weapons.

The Basilisk is a giant serpent, aka the King of Serpents. Its average length is 50 ft. The direct gaze of a Basilisk causes a living viewer to drop dead. However, if they see a reflected gaze instead they only turn to stone statues. Its venom is extremely poisonous and could kill a person within a little more than a minute at best.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars:  Chess vs Dejarik

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Wizard’s Chess vs Dejarik, Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

In the world of Harry Potter, Wizard’s Chess is the magical version of regular Chess. The main difference is that the pieces are enchanted to move of their own accord when commanded by the player. When a piece is taken, it was removed by the attacking piece, often in a barbaric way where the losing piece is smashed violently by the attacking piece.

Star War’s Dejarik, aka Holochess, is a two-player game in which teams of holographic creatures battle each other on a circular board. Much like in chess, each Holomonster had specific Attack, Health, Range, and Movement ratings. Dejarik was very popular and played on starships and in homes throughout the galaxy.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Han Solo or Ronald Weasley?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Han Solo or Ronald Weasley? Source: Disney/Warner Bros Picture

Who do you choose as your best mate? Han Solo is the slickest smuggler in the galaxy and Luke Skywalker’s trusted friend. Above all, he is an individual. He was nothing more than a service boy of a local smuggling cartel, with a dream – to be a pilot and escape from the life of poverty and misery. Han’s Millennium Falcon is the most identified spacecraft in sci-fi fandom. Along with his rough persona of the loner cowboy character, Han is also undergoing a moral awakening. The process of his development into a hero continues after his death through his son Ben, who turns Darth Vader into a positive character.

Ronald is described as Harry Potter’s best friend and some might say a loser. He is a member of the Weasley family, which is a family of pure-blooded wizards. Being Harry Potter’s best friend, he takes part in almost every major event in the series. Unlike Solo, Ronald has never been an independent individual, people saw him mostly as Harry’s friend. On the other hand, he sacrificed himself several times, and in some cases throughout the series, he demonstrated signs of tactical ability, as evidenced by his Wizard’s Chess game skills.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Mara Jade or Ginny Weasley?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Mara Jade vs Ginny Weasley, Disney/ Warner Bros Pictures

Which red hair foe-turned-lover would you marry? Ginny is considered a tough red hair girl, probably because she is the sole female child in a male-dominated family. She is one of the five friends who go out with Harry to fight evil, she was manipulated by Voldemort, before falling in love with Harry.

Mara Jade was born on an unknown planet, two years after Palpatine proclaimed himself emperor. She was raised and trained by the sith lord to become a lethal female assassin. Jade’s life course is pretty similar to Ginny’s. At first, she was on a mission to eliminate Luke, but eventually, she married him and became a powerful member of the Jedi Council.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars: Sith order or Death Eaters?

Harry Potter vs Star Wars
Sith order vs Death Eaters, Disney/ Warner Bros Pictures

Who would win the battle of cosmic evil? The Sith Lord is an organization devoted to opposing codes and philosophies on how to use or interpret the Force. The Sith use their force and lightsaber skills to try to take over the galaxy. For thousands of years, the Jedi and the Sith Lords would ceaselessly struggle in a number of wars and Battles.

Death Eaters is a name given to all Voldemort supporters. The group consists of magicians, and witches, whose blood is pure, who specialized in the arts of darkness. Lord Voldemort used them during the First and Second Wizarding Wars, choosing them as his elite force.

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