Top 13 Best swords and sandals movies

Top 13 Best Sword and Sandal Movies Of All Time

Ah, swords and sandals movies—epics so grand they set the standard for inspiring cinematic adventures. From Hercules and Spartacus to 300 and Gladiator, these are tales of legendary heroes and ancient battles that have captivated viewers for decades. If you’re looking for a thrilling way to pass the time, then why not revisit some of … Read more

The Top 50 Best Chinese Historical Dramas Of All Time! [2023]

best chinese historical dramas

Chinese historical dramas are some of the most versatile dramas in the world. They are so elegant, and stylish and encompass many different genres in one. Some can be based on historical events, while others can take place in another world and contain fantasy elements. Beautiful costumes and set design, crazy fight choreography with people … Read more

The Last Kingdom vs Vikings: Which is the Better Show?

lagertha vs brida the last kingdom vs vikings

Welcome to the ultimate Middle Ages death match! The Last Kingdom vs Vikings! The Netflix and the History Channel series cover a lot of the same ground: Both depict the conflict between the Nordic and Saxon people. But which is the better show? Well, in this battle report we face off the two series IMDB … Read more

Best 36 Medieval TV Series To Watch In 2023

Medieval TV series

The Medieval battlefield must have been a real gory spectacle. But lord knows that didn’t stop European rulers from waging war regularly. In this list, we rank and review the best medieval TV series. So get ready for the sounds of swords bashing against armor and the rhythm of the horse hoofs as they hit … Read more

30 Best Korean Historical Drama, Ranked

best korean historical dramas

Korean historical dramas gained momentum around the world. Produced mainly in a mini-series format, the drama series carry their unique elements that separate them from other Western dramas and soap operas. The series gives us a chance to peep through Korean history and tradition despite containing few fictional attachments. Most Korean period dramas are not … Read more

6 War Movies Like Troy

movies like troy

If you’re a sucker for films based on historical, or mythical events with legendary warriors, then search no more! I curated this list of the best movies like Troy that will quench your thirst.  Based on the masterpiece ‘The Iliad’ by the Greek poet Homer, inspired by the legendary Trojan War, Troy brings to the … Read more