The Last Kingdom vs Vikings: Which is the Better Show?

lagertha vs brida the last kingdom vs vikings

Welcome to the ultimate Middle Ages death match! The Last Kingdom vs Vikings! The Netflix and the History Channel series cover a lot of the same ground: Both depict the conflict between the Nordic and Saxon people. But which is the better show? Well, in this battle report we face off the two series IMDB … Read more

Best 36 Medieval TV Series You Should Watch [2023]

Medieval TV series

The Medieval battlefield must have been a real gory spectacle. But lord knows that didn’t stop European rulers from waging war regularly. In this list, we rank and review the best medieval TV series. So get ready for the sounds of swords bashing against armor and the rhythm of the horse hoofs as they hit … Read more

The Last Kingdom Will Continue: Netflix Film In The Works

the last kingdom netflix film

TLK Fans won’t have too much time to mourn the series cancellation. Back in May, Netflix has announced that the series starring Alexander Dreymon will end with the upcoming fifth season. This week at MCM Comic-Con London, Dreymon, who is also one of the executive producers of the historical Viking drama, surprisingly revealed that Netflix … Read more

The 12 Greatest Warrior Kings From Movies and TV Series

Medieval warrior-kings from movies and TV shows

In this list, we honor the top warrior-kings from the best medieval TV series and movies with a royal showdown! Nowadays, Generals and leaders watch safely from afar as ordinary soldiers fight their wars for them, but many medieval kings put on armor, picked up a sword, and stood shoulder to shoulder with their men … Read more

Uhtred of Bebbanburg vs William Wallace: Styles Of Leadership And Inspiration

Uhtred vs William Wallace

Uhtred of Bebbanburg vs William Wallace: Who is the better leader? We have before us two of the mightiest leaders of the middle ages. On one side, William Wallace, a leader who united different factions fended off English armies. He even managed to puncture English defenses and conquer some of their lands. He is thoughtful … Read more

Greatest 30 Sword Fighting Movies and TV Shows

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows

Sword fights have long been the highlight of action movies and TV shows. The thrill of excitement you get from the CLANG of steel on steel or the spurt of blood after a limb is severed is something you just can’t get from simple barehand brawling. From samurais and Spartan warriors to Jedi masters and … Read more

Fortune Tellers in Movies and TV Shows

Fortune Tellers In Movies

Do you want your fortune told? To see what life has planned for you? You’ll find no roadside tarot card readers here. From oracles and prophets to seers and clairvoyants. In this category, we face off the 10 greatest fortune-tellers in movies and tv shows. The list contains related movies and TV shows with fortune-tellers … Read more