The Best 12 Fantasy Medieval Warriors in Movies and TV Shows

medieval movies

The Medieval era is a never-ending blood-fest. Lord knows that didn’t stop many European rulers from waging war regularly. Still, medieval TV series and movies like Braveheart and The Last Kingdom, continue to fascinate millions of people. From noble Knights loyal to God to Barbarians who have no problem torching villages and playing polo with … Read more

Uhtred of Bebbanburg vs William Wallace: Styles Of Leadership And Inspiration

Uhtred vs William Wallace

Uhtred of Bebbanburg vs William Wallace: Who is the better leader? We have before us two of the mightiest leaders of the middle ages. On one side, William Wallace, a leader who united different factions fended off English armies. He even managed to puncture English defenses and conquer some of their lands. He is thoughtful … Read more

Greatest 30 Sword Fighting Movies and TV Shows

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows

Sword fights have long been the highlight of action movies and TV shows. The thrill of excitement you get from the CLANG of steel on steel or the spurt of blood after a limb is severed is something you just can’t get from simple barehand brawling. From samurais and Spartan warriors to Jedi masters and … Read more