The Top 16 Shows Like Vikings Valhalla (RANKED)

We have gathered 16 shows like Vikings Valhalla. Some have sizeable medieval fantasy themes while others are based on Norse Mythology. Set near the end of the Viking Age, Vikings: Valhalla is an epic clash of England against its Scandinavian natives. After the death of King Edward, the Confessor, it becomes a battle for the throne of England.

Valhalla tells the story of famous Vikings such as Leif Erikson (famous explorer of Vinland, North America, and one of the first Vikings to explore the North Atlantic) and his half-sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir. As tensions between Christianity and Paganism threaten peace, these Vikings won’t go down without a fight. Here are similar shows to Vikings: Valhalla you’ll enjoy watching

16/16. Britannia

shows like Vikings Valhalla
16/16. Britannia (Sky Studios, Amazon Prime)

We move away from the Vikings in this series. Britannia takes place when the Romans invaded Britain. Set in 43AD, General Aulus Plautius wants to succeed where his predecessor Julius Caesar failed. Through these invasions, a young woman named Cait escapes. She finds protection with a Druid called Divis, “The Outcast”. War is coming from all sides. Cait’s destiny is one to behold.

Like Vikings: Valhalla, Britannia incorporates fantasy elements and historical events together. There is a strong emphasis on feminism. Unlike Valhalla, this show puts the invaders as the antagonist rather than the protagonist. The first thing you will notice is the vivid scenery. The story, which is about the Roman invasion, is more complicated than that. It is hard to recommend this show above others because it is inaccurate historical events and will not be everybody’s cup of tea.

15/16. Crossing Swords

shows like Vikings Valhalla
15/16. Crossing Swords (Hulu)

This dark comedy sees a good-hearted peasant named Patrick finally achieve their dream of being a squire and knight. However, it is not what he thought it would be. Horny kings and queens, absurd deaths, and a beautiful art style leave much desired. Poor Patrick!

Crossing Swords is the most different from Valhalla out of all these shows. However, both shows have some similar references to lore and magic. One episode has Patrick dealing with a fairy and choosing Robin Hood for an execution.

The stop-motion art style is charming. It adds to the humor, such as the friendship between Nora and Patrick and the death of Robin Hood. The voice acting is excellent, and it is a fun-hearted show. When the jokes work, they work!

14/16. Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan

shows like Vikings Valhalla
14/16. Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan (Netflix)

If you have any romantic ideas about the age of the Samurai, this series will erase them. Telling the story of the Sengoku period (The Age of the Warring States), this docuseries from Netflix re-enacts bloody battles for power and territory. This docuseries talks about the daimyo (feudal warlords) crucial for uniting Japan and beginning the Edo period.

Vikings: Valhalla and the Age of Samurai are centuries away from one another. There is so much political intrigue where alliances are broken and made frequently. There are many battles for territory. We recommend this series if you are interested in Samurais or are a history buff. It is so well produced, with realistic re-enactments. These scenes stick with you after you are done watching. However, some bits are over-dramatized. While this tells a story and provides some information, it is not 100% accurate.

13/16. Domina

13/16. Domina (Epix)

I could describe this show if Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones were the main character. Domina tells the story of Livia Drusilla, the mighty wife of the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. After the assassination of Julius Ceaser, Livia must play the game and fight to survive. 

Roman life for women was horrible. Heads roll, assassinations occur, and there is always drama. The political tug-of-war between democracy and the vacuum of the emperor’s seat is constantly focused on and changing. These high-stakes games could also happen in Valhalla.

Whilst there are time gaps, the story is coherent, and solid acting is present. The set design and costumes are beautiful.

By focusing on a woman’s life, the show empathizes with how exhausting it is for women. Many were just baby machines. To see one try and secure her husband’s place and even plan to remove enemies is always a treat. It is primarily a treat when Kasia Smutniak takes center stage.

12/16. Spartacus

12/16. Spartacus (Starz)

Romans loved their gladiator fights. However, this enslaved gladiator was Spartacus, and he wants his freedom and wife back. After countless betrayals and killings, Spartacus vows to make Rome tremble. This Sword-and-sandal series takes us to the slave rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Like Valhalla, Spartacus does contain historical figures. The main character, Spartacus, is based on a historical huge swordsman who was once an accomplished military leader.  This series is three mini-series put into one long series. The timeline is season 2, season 1, and season 3. This is due to production delays as the first lead Andy Whitfield was ill.

Nevertheless, Whitfield and his replacement Liam McIntyre play the role of a fed-up enslaved person Gladiator. Some scenes are heart-breaking such as Sura’s death. Spoiler*: These make it so satisfying when Spartacus gets his vengeance. It says something that after ten years, this series still holds up. The set is still beautiful. The fights and executions are brutal.

11/16. Norseman

shows like Vikings Valhalla
11/16. Norseman (Netflix)

Whilst every other show takes itself seriously and shows the brave and vicious side of the Vikings, Norseman is a comedy series. Tackling the Vikings’ day-to-day beliefs, chores, and beliefs, Norseman is a hilarious portrayal of these events. Both Valhalla and Norseman look at Viking culture and life in general. Whilst different in tone, many features are similar.

Vikings would enslave people and pillage many other villages. However, Norseman is set in 708. Valhalla is said to occur in 893 and featured the end of the Viking age in 1066. This show will have you laughing off your seat from the first scene. The scene with the Attestupa sacrifice should be a serious and honorable thing. Instead, it’s hilarious in this series.

As funny as this medieval series is, the show does tell a cohesive story and shows ongoing conflicts between rival tribes and Roman enslaved people. Thank god for Tv shows like Norsemen, because Viking films suck!

10/16. Barkskins

shows like Vikings Valhalla
10/16. Barkskins (National Geographic)

This TV adaptation of Anne Proulx’s novel of the same name is set in the 1690s. Two men are sent to the Frontier, known as New France. The land is anything but safe. Barkskins holds nothing back to relive the horrors of colonist life with excellent acting and exploring different political agendas throughout the show.

This show enhances the colonist aspect we may not see in Vikings: Valhalla. They both show how dangerous and brutal this is, with Vikings fighting the Saxons and the French and English (in an uneasy alliance) fighting off the Native Americans to take the land. The show also tells stories of people from different classes. An indentured servant, the company men, and Fillies du Roi (virgin wives for wealthy landowners) have different experiences.

Smaller groups might not even focus on these groups in other shows. Yet Barkskins takes the time to explore them and how colonial life might be what they thought.

9/16. Black Sails

9/16. Black Sails (Hulu)

Sail away with Captain Flint and his band of Pirates! You might recognize this character from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. This series takes place 20 years before, as Captain Flint builds his reputation as the legend, we seek out on Treasure Island. Mixing historical figures such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read (Under the name Mark Read), this adventure is considered one of the best to date.

Valhalla and Black Sails are similar in two regards. One is the expeditions. Ship life and battle were a large part of Viking life and essential to pirates’ lives. Another similarity is the use of fictional characters and historical figures interacting. No doubt, Valhalla will somehow include multiple historical battles or reference some of these. Alliances will change and break in both, and the politics of the sea and land will change the characters and world.

Few shows have a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and deserve it. This show is one of them. The cast is one of those casts where everyone fits and becomes their role. Whilst this could be seen as a cheap ploy to use popular characters in a generic story, this show respects the source material. Everyone is a monster to someone. Watch this to decide for yourself, who is the monster here?

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8/16. Barbarians

8/16. Barbarians (Netlfix)

Taking us back to 9 AD, Germanic tribes suffer from their oppressors’ heavy taxes and tribute demands. Who are the oppressors? The Roman Empire! Taken away from the Germanic Cherusci tribe, Arminius was raised to be an eques in the Roman Imperial army. After seeing the horrors of his home, Arminius must choose his path and unite the tribes to fight against the mighty Roman Empire. Aside from the costumes, characters, and setting, this series takes historical accuracy to the next level. The language spoken by the Germanic tribes is modern German, but with ancient phrases.

The Romans speak Latin. This choice of languages adds so much more authenticity and world-building to the series. If you love underdog stories, you will love this one. Both the Barbarian and Vikings Valhalla takes historical figures that changed their society one way or another. From all the shows like Vikings Vallhala, Netflix’s Barbarian is packed with similar epic battles.

Based on the trailer and its predecessor, Valhalla will have some bloody and grueling battles with ancient warfare techniques. You should watch Barbarian for its historical film battle scenes.

7/16. Pillars of the Earth

7/16. Pillars of the Earth (Starz)

After the sinking of the White Ship, England is left without an heir. Thus, the Anarchy began. Once King Henry, the 1st, dies, his daughter Maud and his nephew, Stephen of Blois, fight for the throne. However, the story focuses on the humble request of the Bishop of Kingsbridge to rebuild the broken cathedral of Knightsbridge. Within 30 years, major political shifts affect the construction of the church.

Religion plays a prominent role in this mini-series as it does in Valhalla. The Norse Mythology is full of Gods, and many Vikings saw the Catholic Church as evil, spreading by forced conversion. These were turbulent times, and war based on religion was widespread. Ian McShane, Hayley Atwell, and Eddie Redmayne all play incredible roles.

The humbling story of the chaos of war shows another side of Christianity. Of course, there is a lot of drama as everyone wants to favor the future monarchy, which hampers this reconstruction.

6/16. Game of Thrones

6/16. Game of Thrones (HBO)

Travel to Westeros, where the North Remembers and Winter are Coming. The Iron Throne for the seven kingdoms of Westeros is up for debate between nine noble families, and a legendary evil awakens from beyond the wall. Dragons, magic, and warfare all combined into one of the most memorable series of the last decade. Even season 8 was impressive (albeit for the wrong reasons). Vikings, the show that predeceases this, compared to GOT. The same can be said for Vikings: Valhalla. Both are epics that span over many years during their screen time.

Plenty of leaders fall into political intrigue between different factions. From what we can see in the trailer, Valhalla will also have mature themes and large-scale battles. Few shows reached the popularity Game of Thrones did. Game of Thrones became a pop culture sensation for its complex characters and developed world-building. It is also one of the few shows on this list that has won multiple Emmy awards and cemented pop culture.

5/16. The Wheel of Time

shows like Vikings Valhalla
5/16. The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime)

Next on our list is The Wheel Of Time, Amazon Prime’s epic fantasy show. The story is the classic ‘chosen one’ storyline, with Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred looking for the Dragon Reborn. She finds four candidates, Egwene, Rand, Perrin, and Matrim (Mat). Together with her ward al’Lan (Lan), the group journey towards the White Tower to find out who the Dragon Reborn is among them.

This is another epic fantasy show with large armies and magic. The rich lore is adapted from the fantasy novel series by Robert Jordan, as is the social and cultural landscape. An example of this is the Aes Sedai, which is a powerful group of magic users who are all female.

Firstly, the visuals of this show are some of the bests on TV. The magic users from the first episode are stunning, something usually seen in medieval movies on a large scale. Secondly, the cast choices are good. With a solid story, complex characters, and rich lore, Amazon’s The Wheel of Time is worth a watch.

4/16. Knightfall

4/16. Knightfall (History)

Knightfall is the story of the rise and fall of the Order of the Temple of Solomon – also known as the Knights Templar. After taking part in the failed Crusades, Templar knight Brother Landry lost faith in the Order. However, when a senior member of the order Master Godfrey and the Holy Grail is stolen, Landry and the knights are called to action to bring back the Grail.

The Holy Grail is the vessel that Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve wine. It is a significant symbol in Christianity. This links to Valhalla at the empathize of religion. While both show historical figures such as King Phillip the Fair (Knightfall) and Leif Erikson (Valhalla), both accounts are fictional.

This series is set in 14th Century Paris. The costumes and battle scenes show that these Templar Knights are trained for war. By far, the most memorable performance is Pope Boniface VIII by Downtown Abbey’s Jim Carter and Julian Ovenden’s William de Nogaret (who is a calculating villain).

3/16. The Last Kingdom

shows like Vikings Valhalla
3/16. The Last Kingdom (Netflix) Source:

Another takes on the Viking’s invasion of Saxon England. The year is 899, during the Danish rule in Jórvík and East Anglia. The Danes are a North Germanic tribe and face resistance from the King of Wessex and ongoing Viking invasions.

The protagonist is Osbert, who is taken as an enslaved person by the Danes. Rebaptized by the Vikings as Uhtred and adopted by Ragnar the Fearless, he is challenged by his loyalties between his ancestral home and the home which took him in.

The Last Kingdom features multiple characters that will be mentioned in Vikings: Valhalla. Characters such as Ubba (known as Ubbe in Valhalla) appear in both shows, but with different characterizations. Valhalla has more historical accuracy than this series. The Lost Kingdom does reference lots of Norse culture and lore. Like Valhalla, this show is not afraid to get brutal with executions, burnings, and battle deaths.

This British period drama is a hidden gem of a novel adaptation. The story of a person who, whilst despising the religion of Christianity, still saves and protects the people of King Alfred due to his word with him.  Themes of loyalty, honor, and promises are always at the forefront of this series in both novels and shows.

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2/16. Vinland Saga

shows like Vikings Valhalla

Thorfinn was an innocent boy living in Iceland when he first heard about Vinland, a land of paradise, from Viking adventurer Leif Erikson. Sneaking aboard his father’s ship, he witnesses his father’s death from Askeladd. After trying to kill Askeladd, Thorfinn is instead taken in by him. During the war between England and the Vikings, vengeance will be his.

The war between England and the Danes is a large part of this anime. Of course, we have already seen the involvement of Leif Erikson and his voyage to Vinland. Vinland Saga references actual history and lore, such as the belief in Valhalla, in their fictional stories.

Just because it has the label of anime does not mean this is your typical google-eyed protagonist with a good heart. Thorfinn becomes a seasoned Viking warrior, but an apathetic person fuelled by vengeance. The main draw in this series is the relationship between Thorfinn and Askeladd. It’s hard to explain their relationship as Thorfinn despises Askeladd. He would gladly beat down Thorfinn with their duels and try to give Thorfinn some advice. It will be interesting to see where season 2 goes with this, so watch season 1 now.

1/16. The Witcher

shows like Vikings Valhalla
1/16. The Witcher (Netflix) Source:

“Toss a coin to your Witcher, o’ valley of plenty!” This popular fantasy series features witchers, boys who develop supernatural abilities and are mutated to be beast hunters. The most famous is the White Wolf, Geralt of Rivera. By invoking the Law of Surprise on princess Pavetta and her husband Duny when being in their service, his destiny is linked to their unborn child Ciri.

Geralt wants to protect her as the world wants her because of her Elder blood, which allows her to travel through space and time. At first, these two shows do not have that much in common. However, The Witcher is an epic fantasy series.

Characters age and change throughout the two seasons. This show constantly evolves with medieval fantasy themes from singing bards to magic sorcerers. This show is slowly becoming a pop-cultural icon. Whilst the Witcher franchise was top-rated, from the books to the universally acclaimed games, The Witcher is reaching new audiences with this adaptation. From the excellent acting (especially by Cavill, who loves this franchise), songs that you can’t get out of your head, and memorable characters, you’ll love watching this show.

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