Spear Warriors

The spear is the first weapon humanity used for protection. Spears gave the early man a heavy advantage towards survival. Hence, the reliance and importance of the spear became encoded into our myths and pop culture. The polearm is more than a weapon. It represents the achievement of struggle and the power of leadership. Its … Read more

35+ Best Medieval TV Series To Watch

Medieval TV series

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the tumultuous world of knights, kings, and conquests as we delve into the gripping realm of medieval television series. The Medieval battlefield, a stage for valor and brutality, unfolds before our eyes in a gory spectacle that leaves an indelible mark on history. Despite the blood-soaked landscapes, … Read more

Robot vs Robot: Ultimate Face Off

According to most Sci-Fi movies, the ultimate warrior of the future is the robot. They’re stronger, faster, and more accurate. Actually, they’re better than humans at pretty much everything (don’t worry, we’re sure no robot can binge Netflix quite as you can). In this list, we face off against the greatest robots in movies, tv … Read more

Medieval-Fantasy Armies

Medieval-Fantasy Armies

Medieval armies can (and have) filled whole fantasy bookshelves, tv shows, and movies. Sometimes, they can be fantastically epic. In this category, we face off the fiercest Medieval-like armies in fiction ever. We have Battles, Sieges, Viking armies, Dragons and Horses, tactics, and great leaders. So get your sword to sharpen and prepare for battle! … Read more

Viking Warriors

vikings vs vikings

Vikings vs Vikings Faceoff! Fascinating historical dramas like Vikings on the History Channel, and The Last Kingdom on Netflix have lately reignited the interest in Vikings’ history and culture. These Norse warriors worshiped multiple gods and sailed the seas raiding and conquering. This is a fun interactive poll. In each Faceoff, you make choices picking … Read more

Super-Powered Sword Fighters

Super-Powered Sword Fighters Battle

Not only are they some of the greatest sword fighters in anime, movies, and tv series, but they also possess superhuman abilities. While some have super-strength, some can control magical forces. Others are just dang near invincible. In this category, we face off the most powerful humanoids to ever wield a sword. See also: Huge … Read more


It’s not easy being a prince! Whether of noble birth, young men adopted by royal families, or commoners who married princesses, princes are often thrown into a world of intrigues and conspiracies that are derived from their status as possible kings. Some are equipped to deal with those challenges and some end up dying tragically … Read more

Battleships and Hovercrafts

Battleships Faceoff

In this battle scenario, we Faceoff some of the finest Battleships and Hovercrafts from movies and tv shows, to ever blast through the interstellar vacuum. Sci-fi has opened our eyes to how travel and battle might look in space, introducing us to massive warships and smaller, more agile fighters. Whatever their size, these ships are … Read more