10 Movies Like Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Forbidden Attraction

movies like Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Director David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is more than anything a love story. But it’s his kind of R-rated love story. If you are looking for movies like Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with unusual love affairs, then we have a list of 12 movies you might enjoy watching. Swedish director Niels … Read more

Best Sci-Fi Fun Movies Like Stargate

movies like stargate

Fun and Sci-Fi? There are very few lighthearted sci-fi shows like Stargate. But, are plenty of movies like Stargate. The 1994 movie directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Kurt Russell, and James Spide, formed the basis of three successful tv shows like Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe The main plot brings the war … Read more

Top 12 Best Movies Like Casino Royale 

movies like casino royale

Espionage, secret agents, and double agents are the stuff that makes great action movies like Casino Royale. Casino Royale, the 21st offspring of the famous spy franchise, is a lot of things, and most of all an entertaining action movie. But it’s not like any James Bond movie, it stands out above the rest. Daniel Craig … Read more

12 Best Survival Movies Like The Perfect Storm 

movies like the perfect strom

If you are looking for suggestions for the best movies like The Perfect Storm, we got you covered. The film, starring George Clooney, accounts for the terrible storm that took place in the USA in 1991. In a certain area of ​​the ocean, 3 hurricanes merged into one huge, terrible, and raging hurricane that sowed terrible … Read more

16 Sisterhood Movies Like ‘Practical Magic’

movies like practical magic

If you love sappy but fun movies about romance and sisterhood then you are probably looking for movies like Practical Magic. Director Griffin Dunne’s romantic comedy fantasy may be a cult hit movie today, but back in back 1998, it was a huge flop, and the critics hated it. Practical Magic tells the story of … Read more

The Top 12 Greatest Movies Like Princess Mononoke

Movies Like Princess Mononoke

If you’re looking for Iyashikie anime movies like Princess Mononoke, you might like to stick to this list. We have the top 12 best similar movies. You will find common themes like girl protagonists trying to protect the world or female warriors who work to bring mystical animals and humans together. All twelve anime movies … Read more

6 War Movies Like Troy

movies like troy

If you’re a sucker for films based on historical, or mythical events with legendary warriors, then search no more! I curated this list of the best movies like Troy that will quench your thirst.  Based on the masterpiece ‘The Iliad’ by the Greek poet Homer, inspired by the legendary Trojan War, Troy brings to the … Read more