Best TV Shows Like Bridgerton With Spectacular Costumes

shows like bridgerton

Based on the books by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton is the hit series from Netflix that swept up their feet, millions of viewers around the world. It is fun, steamy, and romantic at the same time. Absolute bliss for binge-watching. If you enjoy shows with similar vibes you might enjoy our list of the best tv shows … Read more

Best 16 Anime Like Demon Slayer

anime like demon slayer

If you are looking for anime like Demon Slayer that ticks your trope boxes of things that are dark-fantasy, with mucho demons getting slaughtered out of revenge, strong female leads, and lots of action, then boy do we have the perfect list of Anime Like Demon Slayer for your to binge with vengeance! Anime Like … Read more

25+ Best Shows Like Peaky Blinders

best shows like peaky blinders

Oh, dear, you finished watching the epic crime drama, and now you are looking for the best shows like ‘Peaky Blinders.’ We guess you are into that dark, crime, family drama genera. You’re in luck! The curated list of shows below share similar categories. Based on true characters and events, the ‘Peaky Blinders,’ series takes … Read more

Best 15 Movies And TV Shows Like The Dragon Prince

movies and tv shows like dragon prince

Here is a list of movies and TV Shows like Netflix’s animated series Dragon Prince. In the land of Xadia, three brothers and an Elf take care of an infant dragon: Prince Azymondias. They are trying to end a thousand-year-old conflict and battles between the human kingdoms and the magical creatures of the land of … Read more

Best 12 Shows Like Black Sails (Updated)

best shows like black sails

We curated a list of the best six tv shows like Black Sails. This series is full of spectacular moments, action scenes, and amazing visual effects. Black Sails is a real gem for pirate genre fans. So if you are searching for adventure, drama, or period series you might want to check out the following series. 1. … Read more