Top 12 Best Comedy K-dramas, Ranked

Top 12 Best Comedy K-dramas, Ranked

From heartwarming romances to laugh-out-loud moments, Korean dramas, or Kdramas, have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with their unique blend of humor and storytelling. With an abundance of delightful characters, witty dialogues, and funny situations, Kdramas have become a go-to genre for those seeking an entertaining escape from everyday life. In this article, I … Read more

13 Best Romantic Kdramas on Netflix

Best 13 Romantic Kdramas on Netflix, Ranked

Love knows no bounds, and the world of Kdramas on Netflix is a treasure trove of captivating stories that celebrate the beauty of romance. Whether you’re a seasoned Kdrama aficionado or just beginning your journey into the addictive world of Korean dramas, I’ve curated a list of the 13 best romantic Kdramas on Netflix, meticulously … Read more

15 Movies Like 365 Days Full Of Desire

15 Movies Like 365 Days Full Of Desire

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s another movie from Netflix’s 365 Days. The Polish movie where the plot serves no interest to anyone. This fact never prevented 365 days from breaking the records of the streaming giant all over the world and this, beyond the obvious reasons, also because it belonged … Read more

Chinese Comedy Drama: Top 15 That’ll Make You Laugh

chinese comedy drama list

When you think of Chinese comedy dramas, you often think of the overdramatic, fantasy-fighting romances that create the drama. However, plenty of comedies among all those dramas deserve some spotlight. Some are on this list for their excellent characters and plot. Others are bad but still managed to make me laugh. I recommend you check … Read more

Top 30 Best High School K-dramas

best korean school drama

Korean school drama series deal with stories within the walls of the academy, friendships, first loves, the relationship between students and teachers, and more. Teen Korean dramas are horribly romantic, and almost always characterized by a simplistic script from the guy-meets-girl genre (and these are always rich guys, poor girls, and vice versa). On the … Read more

55 Best Chinese Historical Dramas Of All Time!

best chinese historical dramas

Chinese historical dramas are some of the most versatile dramas in the world. They are so elegant, and stylish and encompass many different genres in one. Some can be based on historical events, while others can take place in another world and contain fantasy elements. Beautiful costumes and set design, crazy fight choreography with people … Read more

Top 4 Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time

most rewatchable movies of all time

There are some movies that spread a specific kind of magic in the air. It does not matter how many times you watch them, you still keep going back to them. Those are your comfort movies or perhaps guilty pleasures, whatever you like to call them, these films are definitely one of the most rewatchable … Read more

Top 23 Best Japanese Rom-Com Drama

japanese rom com dramas

Japanese Rom-Com dramas are full of exciting love stories, sometimes they are about forbidden or impossible love, but love always wins. Usually, a Romantic Japanese Drama has one season and an average of 11 episodes. Sometimes, the series continues as sequels and even gets spin-off movies. Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) is one of the most popular … Read more