Ghosts characters

Like monsters, vampires, and zombies, ghosts can be scary as hell. But there is something about the stories of lingering dead spirits that can be both awe-inspiring and spooky. Sure, a select few of them might be friendly, but the majority have one purpose–scare the living daylights out of you. In this category, we face … Read more


We all love dragons! Whenever one of these mythical beasts makes an appearance, awe and fascination soon follow. Throughout the years, creative minds have been bringing dragons to movies and television shows with varying degrees of success. The best dragons live on, however, and continue to thrill audiences both new and old. Furry or scaly, … Read more

Top 20 Best Dragons Ever!

best dragons

Dragons! Just saying the word fills you with so much joy. Dragons are magnificent flying creatures. From their beautiful designs, rich lore, and their sheer power, dragons are always a delight to see on the big or little screen. They are a huge part of film, books, TV, video games, and more. Many have even … Read more

Fantasy Creatures

Fantasy Creatures list

Do you know what’s more interesting than humans fighting humans? Humans fight giant fantastical creatures which can often fit their skulls in the palm of their hands (if they have hands). From orcs to dwarves and trolls, in this category, we list and face off the most powerful creatures of fantasy against each other. See … Read more

Artifacts & Magical Trees

Powerful Magical Artifacts

Since fiction and magic go hand in hand, there have been a lot of iconic magical items in the history of fiction works. Thanks to the Hollywood touch, some objects have come to life and touched us all forever. Let’s take a stroll through the magical forest where shimmering artifacts make those who control them … Read more


giants faceoff

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fumm, let’s have some giant fun! Giants are usually both abnormally big and abnormally dumb, with their main desire being to SMASH (but that’s also what they do best). In this category, we face off the most memorable human giants of fiction (For giant robots and giant monsters see the City Flattening category). See also: … Read more



Half mortal, half-god, some of the more interesting fictional characters have got to be the demigods. Stronger and more powerful than humans, but still susceptible to mortal weaknesses like aging, demigods are usually heroic characters who are called upon to save the day. In this category, we face off the most notable offspring of a … Read more

Female Witches and Sorceresses

From broomstick flying to potion-brewing. Witches have captivated and fascinated us for centuries. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from the casters of spells in your childhood fairytales to the modern witches next door of “American Horror Story: Coven”. For this category, we’ve rounded up the 10 most powerful sorceresses in anime, cartoons, … Read more



Do you want your fortune told? To see what life has planned for you? You’ll find no roadside tarot card readers here. From oracles and prophets to seers and clairvoyants, in this poll, we face off the fortune-tellers who will set you on the right path. To battle! The Seer vs Pythia You’re sending your … Read more

The Most Powerful 20 Characters With Purple Hair

Characters With Purple Hair

The color purple is generally perceived as mysterious and intriguing. No wonder those rare characters who rock purple hair tend to pique interest. While exploring the subject we found out there are a lot more female characters with purple hair than males. Also, quite a lot of characters with purple hair are cute anime girls. … Read more