The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows

Sword fights have long been the highlight of action movies and TV shows. The thrill of excitement you get from the CLANG of steel on steel or the spurt of blood after a limb is severed is something you just can’t get from simple barehand brawling. From samurais and Spartan warriors to Jedi masters and Vikings, we face off the 30 mightiest fictional sword fighting legends to ever grace the screen.

30 / 30

Uhtred of Bebbanburg, The Last Kingdom

sword fighting series

Set in the 9th century, the separate kingdoms which once made up England have fallen to the invading Vikings. Only the great Kingdom of Wessex – the last kingdom – stands defiant under its visionary King Alfred the Great. Against this turbulent backdrop, Uhtred, who loses his Saxon father in battle, is kidnapped by the Vikings and raised as one of their own. Forced to choose between the country of his birth and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are ever tested, is he Saxon or Viking?

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William Wallace, Braveheart

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, William Wallace Braveheart
Paramount Pictures

William Wallace is a Scottish rebel who leads an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks, who wishes to inherit the crown of Scotland for himself. When he was a young boy, William Wallace’s father and brother, along with many others, lost their lives trying to free Scotland. Once he loses another of his loved ones, William Wallace begins his long quest to make Scotland free once and for all, along with the assistance of Robert the Bruce. William Wallace, as Mel Gibson portrays him, uses his sword skills to slay his enemies in a very vengeful and savage way.

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Michonne, The Walking Dead

sword fighting series

Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead discovered her sword at the beginning of the outbreak. Her experience with it came through practice, killing hundreds if not thousands of zombies every day for years. Most of the time she’s slicing into some walker and then shaking her katana off and not even wiping it down. She is usually seen brandishing the Samurai sword which makes for an easy mob slicing. She stabbed the governor thru the eye and then put her sword through his body. She’s is sword badass.

27 / 30

Nameless, Hero

best swordsman in movies

Shaw Brothers Studio

“Nameless”, ostensibly a minor official who claims to have vanquished three assassins—Broken Sword, Flying Snow, and Long Sky—who wanted to kill the King before he could declare himself Emperor. The swordfights in the film are characterized by combatants doing acrobatics and clashing their weapons. As with any Chinese martial arts movie, the abilities of the warriors are supernatural. Hence, Nameless sword skills are pretty magical.

26 / 30

Mulan, Mulan, movie 2020

best swordsman in movies

Mulan is a formidable fighter with military training. She relies on her military apparatus, her sword, armor, or even powder. Mulan is a brave and determined sword-wielding woman. She took on Khan all by herself, but there’s no way she could compete with a level of sword-fighting legends.

25 / 30

Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

sword fighting series

Arya is a gifted sword fighter. As a child, she trained with Syrio Forel, and as a teenager with the Hound and Brienne. They have different fighting styles, but Arya is more able to use that to her advantage. Arya can kill anyone she is a trained Assassin. She is quick, but she is also weak, and not particularly large.

24 / 30

Xena the Warrior Princess

sword fighting series
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Admittedly there’s a magical component, and unrealistic, in Xena’s sword fighting. Xena the Warrior Princess IS the daughter of Ares, the God of War. She relies on speed, and combat skills. She’s can jump to extreme heights and she’s strong and big. When Xena draws her sword from her back her motion is always a little clumsy, not the kind of smoothness a real fighter would want—and that’s with a sword that’s a little shorter than many knightly swords

23 / 30

Wonder Woman

best swordsman in movies
DC Universe

One of the most powerful superheroes Wonder Woman‘s sword was blessed by Skyfather, and only the worthy could wield it with expertise. One thing that makes the DC’s Justice League member’s sword superior is that it was hammered so sharp, it can cut through Kryptonians. That’s why her sword seems magical and works against virtually anybody, it ignores durability. Her sword, along with the rest of her equipment, seems far stronger than naturally occurring metals. This DC female superhero is Damn Impressive!!

22 / 30

Lagertha, Vikings

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, Lagertha, Vikings
The History Channel, Amazon Prime

Lagertha has both experience and sword skills on her side. She masters both political and military leadership skills. She’s tall and tough and had participated in enough one on one swords fights (Winning hundreds). She’s at her best when she practices “Hit and Run” Tactics. Lagertha kills grown male warriors and lived and died as a full-out warrior all of her life. Lagertha is fearless and confident. She is a killing machine!

21 / 30

Brienne, Game of Thrones

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, Brienne, Game of Thrones

Ser Brienne of Tarth is a knight of House Tarth. She was knighted by Ser Jaime Lannister. She is the first woman of the Seven Kingdoms to become a knight. Brienne is unusually tall and muscular for a woman by Westeros standards. She developed a taste for martial activity since childhood. She was able to beat the Hound in combat, by pushing him down a cliff. Brienne participated in The Battle of Winterfell. It was the final battle of the Great War between alliances of living armies, against the army of the dead. And thanks to her amazing skills at arms, survived it. Following the death of Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne is appointed the new Lady Commander of the Kingsguard.

20 / 30

Connor McLeod, Highlander

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, Connor McLeod, Highlander

Connor MacLeod, aka The Highlander, is a powerful Immortal, who was born in A.D. 1518 in Glenfinnan, Scotland. He was mentored by Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, an ancient immortal of Egyptian origin, who taught him the ways of the sword and the rules of the game of immortals. Connor eventually won the Prize in The Gathering of 1985 after beheading the most dreaded immortal opponent ever – the Kurgan. He defended the title again in 2024.

19 / 30

Night King, Game Of Thrones

sword fighting series

The Night King is the master of the White Walkers, having existed since the age of the First Men, and also the supreme leader of the Army of the Dead. He is nothing more than an emotionless killer, with his only goal to kill all in his path and add to his army, practically being the ultimate embodiment of death. The Night King possesses a number of supernatural powers, such as the ability to freeze anywhere he goes and anything he touches. He can turn male human babies into White Walkers by pressing the tip of his finger to the baby’s cheek and raise and reanimate unburnt corpses as undead wights. He is immune to fire and has a weather manipulation power that allows him to create massive blizzards. His weapon of choice is the Ice Blade.

18 / 30

Jen-Yu, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows,  Jen Yu, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Trained by Jade Fox in the Wudang martial arts techniques and has been secretly reading the Wudang manual behind her illiterate master’s back to the point that she surpassed her fighting skills. Jen Yu’s stubborn and fearless nature, as well as her obvious leaning toward the dark side, makes her a dreadful warrior but also leads to a tragic end.

17 / 30

The Bride, Kill Bill

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, The Bride, Kill Bill

AKA “The Bride” and “Black Mamba”, Kiddo uses every skill she learned under the cruel tutelage of the legendary martial arts master Pai Mei to kill the assassination team members one by one and to slay any of their subordinates who stands in her way.

Armed with a sword crafted especially for her by the famous swordsmith Hattori Hanzō, she cuts through an army of Yakuza fighters, some of the world’s top assassins, and whatnot.

The Bride was trained in some of the most secret and deadliest blows in all of the martial arts, including the Three Inch Punch, the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and she can pluck an eyeball out of its socket. Combined with her ability to force her body to recover from injuries and her exceptional determination Kiddo makes an unbeatable warrior.

16 / 30

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

best swordsman in movies

We admit, adding the master Jedi from Star Wars to a sword fighter list is pretty silly. Swordfight choreography in Star Wars is at best impractical. If you are looking for realism in a fight between people who carry lightsabers and can push tons telekinetically, you came to the wrong list. But since you are here, we will mention Obi-Wan vs Anakin. Obi manages to fight Anakin to a stalemate until the very end basically because he is a more skilled swordsman than his student. Most likely he practices the Chinese sword styles (Wudang and Taijijian). He is a lightsaber defense god. When he is in win condition, he uses long stalls to make wear off his opponent’s energies. When his opponent gets frustrated, Obi waits for him to make mistakes. That’s when he is most lethal.

15 / 30

Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows,  Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia, aka The Witcher, is a magically-enhanced mutant who was active throughout the 13th century. Wielding two swords – one with a silver blade for monsters and one from steel for humans – and exercising a range of effective spells and signs he can use to subdue enemies. Geralt is one of the most dangerous swordsmen in fiction.

14 / 30

Spartacus, Blood and Sand

sword fighting series

Spartacus is a gladiator and commander, and leader of a failed revolution. In the TV show Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Spartacus is one hell of a badass swordsman. He’s the best one on one blade combatant the world has ever seen. He’s also an expert trained warrior with shields. Let’s just say that Spartacus is very accustomed to one vs one sword fights. He’s no stranger to a battlefield either.

13 / 30

Maximus, Gladiator

best swordsman in movies

Everyone knows the gladiator Maximus as a warrior. He is clearly based on Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus, a hero of the earliest days of the old Roman Republic. He’s led thousands of men into battle and has killed more than his fair share. He’s a true one-man powerhouse. Maximus is also gifted with leadership and tactical skills. He was thrown into so many Colloisium fights where he fought alone or in a small band of misfits in that we would say Maximus would be a killer one on one fighter due to his ability to fight alone or in small groups.

12 / 30

Kratos, God Of War

The son of Zeus and demigod, Kratos, is a power-hungry Spartan general with Olympus blood flowing in his veins. When Kratos finishes a battle, hope is lost on both sides. He slaughters villages, conquers kingdoms, and slays Gods before his Greek breakfast. His life is cursed by war and endless suffering, but ultimately, he delivers the final blow and gets to see another day.           

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11 / 30

The Kurgan, Highlander

best swordsman in movies

The Kurgan is one of the best villains in movie history. He’s a powerful Immortal who defeated numerous warriors throughout his three thousand years of life. He fights with strength, usually attempting to end the fight before it began. He exhibited impressive flourishes with the sword, as well as methodical slashes and strikes. The Kurgan draws pleasure from the brutality and the fear and anguish of his victims. His sword was assembled from several pieces taken out of a coffer. It’s a normal sword made on earth a few hundred years ago. The sword was built to fight against steel blades. There can be only one.

10 / 30

Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows,  Jon Snow, Game Of Thrones

Jon from Game Of Thrones may not be the best swordsman. He’s more a hero than the greatest swordsman. However, he has incredible sword-fighting skills which he showed time and time again. Jon has earned his reputation using a famous Valyrian sword, Longclaw. It is made of highly prized Valyrian steel, which means that spells were used in its forging and that it has magic power. He defeated a White-walker in one-on-one sword combat using his Valyrian sword. While Jon is still working hard on his skill sets as a swordsman, he will only become better in the time to come.

9 / 30

Bjorn Ironside, Vikings

sword fighting series

Bjorn is the King of Kattegat. Following in his father’s Ragnar footsteps, Bjorn desires to test himself as a fighter as well as an explorer. He fights in battles without getting a scratch. he garnered the famous nickname “Bjorn Ironside.” Björn is as skilled a warrior, strong enough to match his uncle Rollo in a drunken brawl and fast enough to go through a battle and never be struck.

A testament to his prowess came during his time alone in the wilderness. Surviving for several months in the icy mountains of Scandinavia, he managed to track down and kill a bear with only a hatchet and knife; he received only a minor injury to the chest. He also manages to overpower a supposedly invincible “Berserker” warrior who intends to assassinate him. Physically, Bjorn is even more formidable than his father. While both of them were severely wounded during the siege of Paris Björn recovered quickly, while Ragnar remained weakened by his injuries for a long time.

8 / 30

Leonidas, 300

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows,  Leonidas, 3000

As a child, Leonidas was trained by the Spartan army both physically and mentally to become a Hoplite Warrior. Believed to be a decedent of mighty Hercules, Leonidas quickly became a warrior-king and a general of elite, vicious killers. Leonidas, the commander of the Spartan army, took 300 men to face a Persian army and slaughtered tens of thousands of Persian soldiers. He used their corpses as walls around their base. 11 days of mass-killing led by an over-the-top, insane tactician and sword fighter.

7 / 30

Themistocles, 300 Rise of an Empire

best swordsman in movies

Themistocles is known as an efficient Athenian naval strategist. Athenians spent 5 hours every day in the Stadium, training since the age of 5. Athenians also were taught how to use a shield and a spear since the age of 16. Themistocles has a lot of battle experience. The man sliced entire Persian elite warriors as if they’re nothing, he is pretty much a bulldozer.

6 / 30

King Arthur, Legend of the Sword

best swordsman in movies

King Arthur is the son of King Uther Pendragon, who was murdered by his treacherous brother. He was raised by prostitutes and was taught the art of battle by a martial arts master from the east. Arthur grew up to be an extremely skilled fighter. When he unleashes his magical sword’s potential, he becomes the “chosen one” and is practically invincible. He proved it by single-handedly killing a whole platoon of soldiers sent to kill him. His superior skills are put to a fatal test when he confronted the demon knight in a separate dimension. He managed to slay him.

5 / 30

Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings

Aka Elessar and Strider, he is the greatest of the Dúnadan. Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings movies, wields the sword reforged, Narsil, the sword that cut the One Ring from Sauron’s finger. This magical sword was now used by Aragorn as Andúril – The Flame of the West.

As the true king, Aragorn has an inherent power, majesty, and presence. He inspired men and other races to fight for him. In addition, he is a master swordsman, one of the best swordsmen on Middle Earth. He also fought off the five Nazgul ring-servants and killed Orcs and Wargs on several occasions.

4 / 30

Conan, Conan The Barbarian

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, Conan, Conan the barbarian

The huge swordman legendary Conan is a 27 inches long blade, including 36.5 inches long handle. Conan is a powerful warlord who killed plenty of people with swords. He is the descendants of Atlantis, which was swallowed by the Ocean and only reverted to Barbarism due to the endless conflict with the Picts. Conan’s destiny trumps any opponent during a fight. He has trained and lived and fought with a great adept with many different weapons during his adventures. A big issue with Conan (Conan the Barbarian) is that he has this prophecy going for him. That he cannot die until he becomes king. This is what ultimately allows him to defeat enemies far more powerful than he is.

3 / 30

Achilles, Troy

The top 30 Sword Fighting Legends in Movies and TV Shows, Achilles, Troy

Troy’s Achilles is invulnerable, and one of the world’s greatest sword fighters. He was immersed in the River Styx by his goddess mother. Achilles is a Myrmidon king who by default is the best warrior leader based on prowess in combat. Myrmidons are semi-gods or direct descendants of Gods blessed by Zeus himself. He’s basically a demigod-level human. He lives and breathes for fighting. Even without magically enhanced skin as he had in mythology, he is the superior fighter. 

2 / 30

Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

best swordsman in movies

As mentioned in The Princess Bride movie, Inigo is one of the “Greatest swordsmen on the planet”. Actually, he is one of the top 5 swordsmen in the world. He loves to use a theatrical sword fighting style. Montoya has studied La Verada Destreza started by Narváez, as well as Fabris, Thibauld, Cappo Ferro, Agrippa, Liechetenauer, Talhoffer, Meyer, Mair, Fiore, and so on. He can fight afoot, on a horse, vs multiple opponents, and with all bladed weapons including daggers, arming swords, & longswords. Again he is one of the most dangerous and deadly men on the planet.

1/ 30

Zorro, The Mask of Zorro

best swordsman in movies

Our number one sword fighter is Zorro. He is a skilled sword fighter and has a great range of knowledge to draw on. Zoro’s advantage is the power and quickness he uses with his sword strikes (Zorro inspired the creator of Batman). Hands down Zorro is the complete swordsman. His dynamic fighting style allows him to master multiple sword fighting techniques. He’s spent the majority of his life mastering a sword. Pure skill goes to Zorro.

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If you are looking for some good TV shows with lots of battle scenes I would suggest you check out this list

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3. Barbarians

4. Norsemen

5. Troy: Fall Of a City

6. The Last Kingdom

7. Vikings

8. Rise of Empires: Ottoman

9. Black Sails

10. Merlin

11. The Shannara Chronicles

12. Ragnarok

13. The Witcher

14. Naruto Shippuden

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