Take Over The World

Take Over The World Gru vs Dr. Evil

They want to be in charge of everything and everyone. Talk about ambition. Their plans of world domination are motivated by the need for power, greed, or just to implement some twisted ideals on the population. From babies and cats to sea creatures and supervillains, in this category, we face off against characters with aspirations … Read more


superhero headquarters

Everyone needs a place to hang up their capes or Katanas, kick back, and just revel in their crime-fighting prowess. Be it a mansion, a tower, or a sewer, these are the coolest, most iconic home base in fiction. Superhero Headquarters Faceoff Headquarter sweet Headquarter, a superhero headquarter is a comic book icon. Every superhero … Read more

Dark Lords

dark lords

In this category, we face off the most powerful Dark Lords characters, villains of near-omnipotence in their realm, who seeks to utterly dominate everything they gaze upon. Dark Lords are often a diabolical force, and may indeed be more a force than a personality as they often personify evil itself. Besides their usual supernatural abilities, … Read more

City Flattening

Is the city getting too crowded for you? Is the line of massive skyscrapers blocking your ocean view? Do not move to a different city just yet! We’ve prepared a selection of gigantic robots and aquatic monsters to flatten your urban surroundings and thin out the population just a bit so you can live a … Read more


Alien characters

Many times, our world faces threats that let’s face it, are out of our league. If humanity is to survive this hostile universe, we are going to need some FRIENDS. In this category, we face off the best 60 Alien Characters ever! 1. ALF (Alf, TV Show) He’s small, furry, arrogant, and he’s courting the … Read more

Post Apocalyptic Heroes

Post Apocalyptic Characters

Whether it’s a Plague Apocalypse, Robot uprising, Natural Disaster Armageddon, or Nuclear Holocaust, you’re gonna need some major help if you want to survive it. The world is now swarming with crazed, homicidal, brain-eating zombies. Some of them waddle slowly towards their prey, some are speedy predators, and some just want to live a normal … Read more

Queens and Empresses

Fictional Queens

Some little girls aspire to be queens, and who can blame them? In fairy tales, queens get to live in majestic castles, wear lavish clothes, and have ladies-in-waiting at their beck and call. But as we’ve learned from watching queens in fiction, it doesn’t always play out that way. In fact, a queen’s head may … Read more


movie snakes

SSSSS! Tuck your pants into your socks and bust out the anti-venom, cause this poll bites! In this Faceoff, we clash with the deadliest movie legends snakes. Which snake will triumph and which will get the hiss-of-death. See also: Cats and Dogs A gargantuan amount of venom: Giant Cobra vs The Basilisk A monstrous kaiju … Read more

Super Predators

Monsters Beasts and Super Predators

These huge, monstrous creatures are quick to attack any human who dares to come near them. If you see one of them, we recommend running as fast as you can in the other direction, but if they’re hungry you will most likely become trail-mix. In this battle scenario, we face off those big scary lurking … Read more

Post-Apocalypse Dictators

Post-Apocalypse Dictators From Movies

After an apocalypse, it’s only the strong that survive, and they’re usually ruled by the strongest amongst them with an iron fist. These heartless tyrants seem to have spent their entire life pre-apocalypse preparing for the end of modern society. In this poll, we face off those special individuals to successfully create a post-apocalyptic colony. … Read more