Super Predators

These huge, monstrous creatures are quick to attack any human who dares to come near them. If you see one of them, we recommend running as fast as you can in the other direction, but if they’re hungry you will most likely become trail-mix. In this battle scenario, we face off those big scary lurking along the path, both alien and Earthborn.

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Super Predators Faceoff

Rancor vs Eborsisk

Your punishment for shoplifting is to be put in a maze with one of these creatures (overkill right?). Which creature do you think you are more likely to outsmart? Rancor (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) or Eborsisk (Willow Movie)?

Which creature can you more easily outsmart while they hunt you in a maze?

Shelob vs Ursa

You’ve finally found where your arch-nemesis is hiding out and it’s time for him to go! Which creature would you send after him? Shelob (The Lord of the Rings movies) or Ursa (After Earth)

Which creature would you send to eliminate your arch-nemesis?

Kikimore vs Basilisk

If you want to win over the heart of that girl you’re in love with, you have to show her you’re tough! Which creature would you set out to slay to prove your point? Kikimore (The Witcher, TV series) or Basilisk (Harry Potter)?

Monsters Beasts and Super Predators

Which creature would you face to prove to your crush that you're a badass?

Acklay vs White Ape

You’re in a colosseum about to face an onslaught of deadly creatures. Which of the below would you choose to aid you against them? Acklay (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones) or White Ape (John Carter, movie)?

Monsters Beasts and Super Predators

Which creature would you choose to aid you against other creatures in a colosseum?

Moorwen vs Frost Beast

You’re being sent on a dangerous mission deep in enemy territory, but you won’t be alone. Which would you choose to tame and take with you? Moorwen (Outlander movie) or Frost Beast (Thor)?

Monsters Beasts and Super Predators

Who would win?

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