Batman vs Deathstroke: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Batman vs Deathstroke: Who Would Win in a Fight?

The dark knight of Gotham, Batman, has faced off against countless adversaries throughout his years of crime fighting. However, none may be as formidable as the merciless assassin, Deathstroke. With unparalleled combat skills and a cunning mind, Deathstroke is a force to be reckoned with. As the two prepare to clash, the city holds its … Read more

Eyepatch Tough Guys

Eyepatch Wearing Tough Guys

No matter how tough you may look regularly, slap a patch on your eye, and boy you just cranked it up a notch. Somehow, this little black fabric has become synonymous with danger, force, and general badassery, even though the wearer could have just fallen on a fork. In this category, we face off the … Read more

Charismatic Babies

Charismatic Babies

Normally, we would expect a baby to lie helpless in the cradle and make cute sounds. But not these babies! In fact, these babies are out there making a change, taking on the bad guys, or planning to take over the world. We’ve got them all: the good babies, the evil babies, the ambitious babies, … Read more


Ghosts characters

Like monsters, vampires, and zombies, ghosts can be scary as hell. But there is something about the stories of lingering dead spirits that can be both awe-inspiring and spooky. Sure, a select few of them might be friendly, but the majority have one purpose–scare the living daylights out of you. In this category, we face … Read more

Take Over The World

Take Over The World Gru vs Dr. Evil

They want to be in charge of everything and everyone. Talk about ambition. Their plans of world domination are motivated by the need for power, greed, or just to implement some twisted ideals on the population. From babies and cats to sea creatures and supervillains, in this category, we face off against characters with aspirations … Read more

Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs characters

Meow! Though they pretend not to care a whit—because, you know, cats—what would movies and TV shows be without that feline air of superiority? Cats have occupied essential roles in some of our favorite fiction works and in this category we’re going to say thanks by facing off the most iconic kitties ever. Vote for … Read more

Warriors With Tails

warriors with tails

Having a tail could really be of use in a fight! It all depends on the type of tail, of course, but basically, you can use it to tail-whip or slap your opponent. You can attack someone who is right behind you with your tail without having to rotate your torso for a back kick, … Read more

Sadistic Psychos

Sadistic Psychos

Some characters in fiction are just plain sadists! And I’m not talking about those who are just horrible people who do horrible things like emotionally manipulating others or even killing people. We are referring to characters who genuinely feel joy at seeing their victims suffer physically and mentally. In this category, we face off the … Read more

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Trying to cope with growing up is confusing enough! You got to deal with rampant hormones, ups and downs, high school, and your parents. It’s a nightmare! The last thing you need is having lethal superhuman abilities. From Peter Parker to Adam Davenport, in this category we faceoff the most remarkable super-powered teenage boys who … Read more

Laser Gun Warriors

10 best laser gun warriors in movies and tv shows

What’s the coolest thing about any sci-fi action movie? Lasers. There is nothing like a good pew that makes movie watchers feel like they’re watching a future war battle. Ray guns, plasma rifles, blasters, and Phasers are just way cooler than regular firearms and also more eco-friendly. From Star-Lord to Chewbacca and Buzz Lightyear, in … Read more