Warriors With Tails

warriors with tails

Having a tail could really be of use in a fight! It all depends on the type of tail, of course, but basically, you can use it to tail-whip or slap your opponent. You can attack someone who is right behind you with your tail without having to rotate your torso for a back kick, … Read more

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Trying to cope with growing up is confusing enough! You got to deal with rampant hormones, ups and downs, high school, and your parents. It’s a nightmare! The last thing you need is having lethal superhuman abilities. From Peter Parker to Adam Davenport, in this category we faceoff the most remarkable super-powered teenage boys who … Read more

Laser Gun Warriors

10 best laser gun warriors in movies and tv shows

What’s the coolest thing about any sci-fi action movie? Lasers. There is nothing like a good pew that makes movie watchers feel like they’re watching a future war battle. Ray guns, plasma rifles, blasters, and Phasers are just way cooler than regular firearms and also more eco-friendly. From Star-Lord to Chewbacca and Buzz Lightyear, in … Read more

Supervillain Teams

Supervillain Teams

No supervillain is an island. Even the most dangerous of supervillains sometimes need to team up with other like-minded troublemakers. From The League of Villains to The Sinestro Corps, in this category we Faceoff the most notoriously unforgettable groups of supervillain teams to ever combine forces in the name of evil, crime, or world domination. … Read more

All-Female Super Teams

female super team faceoff

The importance of female friendships among women is undeniable. Women just thrive on strong relationships with their female friends. And these girls are no different! In this category, we Faceoff the best girl squads in fiction history for all your patriarchy-dismantling requirements. See also: Supervillain Teams All-Female Super Teams: The Powerpuff Girls vs The Sailor … Read more

Fire Superheroes

fire superheroes

We didn’t start the fire – they did. In this category, we face off the strongest superbeings who can create, shape, and manipulate heat and fire. Superhuman Firestarters: Firestar vs The Human Torch Your work on the elevator time machine has paid off and now you’re standing in front of Hitler’s bunker. Who do you … Read more


superhero headquarters

Everyone needs a place to hang up their capes or Katanas, kick back, and just revel in their crime-fighting prowess. Be it a mansion, a tower, or a sewer, these are the coolest, most iconic home base in fiction. Superhero Headquarters Faceoff Headquarter sweet Headquarter, a superhero headquarter is a comic book icon. Every superhero … Read more

The Superest Superheroes

The Superest Superheroes

With all the superheroes being gifted beings to be found, making the cut for this category is no easy feat. We’ve searched high and low for the ultimate beings and have come up with a roster that won’t disappoint. From mutants and aliens to fluffy fantasy creatures and the devil himself, in this category, we … Read more

Telepathic & Invisible

Telepathic Invisible Characters

The right recon can make or break just about any mission, and who better to gather the intel you need than a Telepath? From Telepathic superheroes and aliens to mutants and everything in between, in this category, we face off some of the mightiest mind readers out there. Carl Jenkins vs Darryl Revok Carl Jenkins … Read more



Super speed is a power desired by many. From mutants and superheroes to birds and hedgehogs, these speedsters can get from point A to point B before you can say “muskrat”. But what’s the fun in pitting them against normal people? In this category, we face off the fastest of the fast in order to … Read more