Eyepatch Tough Guys

Eyepatch Wearing Tough Guys

No matter how tough you may look regularly, slap a patch on your eye, and boy you just cranked it up a notch. Somehow, this little black fabric has become synonymous with danger, force, and general badassery, even though the wearer could have just fallen on a fork. In this category, we face off the … Read more

Charismatic Babies

Charismatic Babies

Normally, we would expect a baby to lie helpless in the cradle and make cute sounds. But not these babies! In fact, these babies are out there making a change, taking on the bad guys, or planning to take over the world. We’ve got them all: the good babies, the evil babies, the ambitious babies, … Read more


superhero headquarters

Everyone needs a place to hang up their capes or Katanas, kick back, and just revel in their crime-fighting prowess. Be it a mansion, a tower, or a sewer, these are the coolest, most iconic home base in fiction. Superhero Headquarters Faceoff Headquarter sweet Headquarter, a superhero headquarter is a comic book icon. Every superhero … Read more

Strong Independent Women

Strong Independent Women From Movies And Tv Shows: Female Spies and Action Girls

Whether they’re working mothers trying to make ends meet, dancers escaping zombie invasions, these strong women have one thing in common, they are all badass fierce survivors. In this list, we faceoff the most inspiring women in movies and tv shows. Strong Independent Women Faceoff Strong Independent Women From Movies And Tv Shows: Teachers For … Read more

Bounty Hunters

In this battle scenario, we face off the top 10 ultimate Bounty Hunters to find out who is truly the best in the biz? Tasked with tracking down and bringing in fugitives or criminals, dead or alive, Bounty Hunters have always been portrayed as cool, mysterious, and above all else, dangerous characters with a dark … Read more


Wherever there’s a young outsider or a bumbling protagonist, you can bet there will be a bully to make things worse. These menacing tormentors come in all shapes and sizes, from the devil in nurse’s clothing to some fairly lovable meatheads. One thing’s for sure with this bunch of wedgie-giving oafs—no one’s lunch money is … Read more

Women Chasers

Generally, pursuing a straight girl when you’re gay is an exercise in futility. The best you might get is somebody wanting to experiment, otherwise known as bi-curious. But, if you’re a fictional Lesbian, when it comes to wooing or flirting, lesbians are no different from straight people. In this poll, we face off 10 LGBTQ straight … Read more