10 best laser gun warriors in movies and tv shows

Laser Gun Warriors

What’s the coolest thing about any sci-fi action movie? Lasers. There is nothing like a good pew that makes movie watchers feel like they’re watching a future war battle. Ray guns, plasma rifles, blasters, and Phasers are just way cooler than regular firearms and also more eco-friendly. From Star-Lord to Chewbacca and Buzz Lightyear, in this category, we Faceoff the 10 best laser gun warriors in fiction.

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1. Chewbacca (Star Wars) vs Seven of Nine (Star Trek)

laser gun warriors

Chewbacca is over two meters tall and is almost 250 pounds. Being this big, he is of course very physically strong. However, Chewie is also known for his weapon skills. His signature weapon is the Bowcaster which is a traditional Wookie weapon, but Chewbacca’s Bowcaster is particularly singular. As we all know, Chewbacca is a natural tinkerer and has improved his own gun over the years.

Chewbacca adapted his bowcaster which generally requires its user to cock and reload after every shot, to cock itself automatically after each shot. It also has a high-power scope and a modified power circuit that accepts Imperial power packs. The weapon is extremely powerful because it isn’t just firing packets of plasma like a blaster; it fires metal rods enveloped in plasma, at a high percentage of the speed of light, which gives it quite an explosive punch; plasma alone needs to be charged to punch through armored targets; the Bowcaster does it for fun! Obviously, it takes a Wookie to wield such a hefty weapon, which explains why no one else uses one.

In the Star Trek TV series, Seven of Nine is a human who was captured as a child, by the Borg Collective and was assimilated into the hive as a Borg Drone. She was later liberated by the crew of the USS Voyager and joined the crew. The doctors managed to remove most of her Borg implants, but she still had some Borg technology left that gave her superior physical features over most Humans. As a former drone, Seven of Nine has superior physical strength, vastly superior visual perception and is highly resistant to injury and radiation. When Seven of Nine was betrayed by a woman who murdered her child, Seven went on a roaring rampage of revenge. Holding two phasers, she came gun blazing until she got bloody satisfaction. This ex-Borg is a truly badass warrior who has risen above personal tragedy to carve out a life of purpose.

Faceoff Question:

Which one of these celebrated laser gun warriors would win in a laser shootout? Chewbacca or Seven of Nine?

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2. Lone Starr (Spaceballs) vs. Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

laser gun warriors

Peter Quill is the son of Meredith Quill and J’Son of Spartax. He was abducted from Earth by the Yondu Ravager Clan, and raised as one of their own, building a reputation as the infamous outlaw Star-Lord. As such, Peter is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant who was even able to hold his ground against Gamora in a fist fight. Having been personally trained by Yondu, peter is well-versed in the use of weapons. His favorites are his own Quad Blasters which have two separate triggers and barrels, for the index finger and middle finger individually. Both of which can be fired at the same time and have a deadly and non-deadly attack function. Peter is shown to be very accomplished with his primary weapon.

In Spaceballs movie, Lone Starr is a mercenary and the captain of the Winnebago Eagle 5 in which he travels the galaxy. Lone Starr seems to be a combination of Luke Skywalker’s and Han Solo’s characters from Star Wars. This means that he is both a naturally talented Force/Schwartz user and a great laser gun warrior.

Faceoff Question:

Your beloved cat was kidnapped by an evil galactic warlord. Who do you call to get him back to you? Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy or Lone Starr from Spaceballs?

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3. Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) vs Gary Goodspeed (Final Space)

Lone Starr (Spaceballs) vs. Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Rick Sanchez is a drunk mega-genius who has too high of an I.Q and life experience in different dimensions to be a good amount sane or balanced. Therefore the alcohol and repeatedly getting intoxicated to numb his emotions. However, to get back to the good things, Rick creates complex scientific inventions like cybernetic implants, various energy weapons, and force fields. Those inventions, together with his brains and ingenuity make Rick quite unbeatable. For example, Rick defeated WorldEnder which is a villain that destroyed many planets and is equivalent to Thanos. He did it while being absolutely drunk! Some say the only person who can defeat Rick is Rick. We agree!

In Final Space, Gary Goodspeed is the son of Infinity Guard John Goodspeed and notorious super-criminal Sheryl Goodspeed. After his father died and his mother abandoned him, Garry turned to a life of crime. He was later sentenced to five years on a penal ship, where he came into contact with a powerful being which he named Mooncake. He was soon dragged into conflict with the evil Lord Commander, where he proved his strong will and formidable fighting skills.

Throughout the story he has shown feats like blocking blows from Avocato and Little Cato, kicking down a metal door, head-butting off a robot’s head, and more. He also showed great marksmanship, like gunning down Infinity Guard soldiers, shooting homing missiles out of the air, shooting through an Infinity Guard’s armored head, and more. Garry has two blaster pistols, a plasma knife, and a robot arm which was transplanted onto him to replace his amputated one. In short, Gary is one tough cookie!

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Faceoff Question:

Which one of these animated laser gun warriors would win in a laser tag game? Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty or Gary Goodspeed from Final Space?

4. Fox McCloud (Star Fox, Nintendo) vs Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Fox McCloud (Star Fox, Nintendo) vs Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

In Nintendo’s Star Fox video game, Fox McCloud is the chief protagonist of the series. Fox He is the leader of the Star Fox team and is joined by his teammates on various missions. He is an anthropomorphic fox whose attacks include a blaster, a dash attack, and the Landmaster Tank as a “Final Smash”. Fox has one of the fastest ground speeds in the game, slower only than Captain Falcon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fox really does move rapidly and you should definitely make use of that by switching from lasers to force your opponents to approach you and pressuring them by weaving in and out of their immediate area. It is usually effective to dash in and shield, wait for the opponent to react with an attack or block, and then grab them. Fox’s vehicle, the Arwing II, can receive either twin lasers or plasma blasters, depending on the storyline.

Buzz Lightyear is a Space Ranger action figure who was originally under the belief that he was a real Space Ranger from the Intergalactic Alliance and the captain of the Alliance’s team. He also believed that his laser beam was a weapon that could “kill” his enemies. Needless to say, it is only a LED light. However, he later came to terms with the fact that he is actually a toy. Buzz is highly trained in several forms of martial arts and is a skilled warrior in hand to hand combat. Besides his laser, he has a great Karate chop action and a Glow-in-the-dark feature. Throughout his adventures, Buzz has proved to be quite resourceful.

Faceoff Question:

Rocket Racoon is in town again, wreaking havoc. Whom do you send to restrain him? Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story or Fox McCloud from Star Fox?

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5. Agent K (Men in Black) vs Martian Ambassador (Mars Attacks)

Agent K (Men in Black) vs Martian Ambassador (Mars Attacks)

In Men in Black, Agent K is a top field agent in the MiB government organization, whose primary objective is to police hostile or dangerous extraterrestrial activity on Earth. After working at the MiB for forty years, K is very indifferent and shows nearly no emotion. Agent K is very proficient with a large variety of weapons, but his signature weapon in the series is the Model 6 Inhibitor, which is a handheld weapon that fires orbs of energy that can vaporize enemies. K is also seen a lot with the shotgun-sized Series 4 De-Atomizer which has been the staple of agents starting from the Eighties but existed since the beginning of the agency. Of course, Agent K also uses the MiB’s Standard Issue Agent Sidearm J2 Gun that is carried by all agents.

In the Mars Attacks movie, the Martian Ambassador is the alien ambassador for the planet Mars and the Martian Leader’s second-in-command. He is a mean, dark figure who single handedly murdered the human General Casey and at least fifty Congressmen. He is also seen leading the Martian troops and shows at least moderate fighting skills.

Faceoff Question:

Whose laser gun would you take to show off at a party? Agent K’s or the Ambassador’s?

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