Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs characters

Meow! Though they pretend not to care a whit—because, you know, cats—what would movies and TV shows be without that feline air of superiority? Cats have occupied essential roles in some of our favorite fiction works and in this category we’re going to say thanks by facing off the most iconic kitties ever. Vote for … Read more

Sadistic Psychos

Sadistic Psychos

Some characters in fiction are just plain sadists! And I’m not talking about those who are just horrible people who do horrible things like emotionally manipulating others or even killing people. We are referring to characters who genuinely feel joy at seeing their victims suffer physically and mentally. In this category, we face off the … Read more


anime female hackers Tsugumi vs Ritsuko Akagi

They often live their lives on the Net, with very few friends aside from some virtual ones. Most of these hackers have used their skills for crime at one point or another, and while some are still at it, others have been recruited by the good guys. One thing is for sure, they’re too valuable … Read more

Show Me The Money Brokers

Wall Street Movies Faceoff

It makes the world go-’round and drives people to irrational behavior–money is like an elusive seductress that everyone wants, but only a skilled few know how to get. In this category, we face off the best wall street movies with the money-hungry brokers, the hottest bankers, and the mildest accountants to work in the moneymaking … Read more

Arms Dealer

arms dealers movies and tv shows

War means mayhem, needless suffering, and ruthless violence, but not to these guys. For these arms dealers, war is just one big dollar sign. They aren’t scared to seek out violent conflicts in order to pad their wallets just a little bit more. In this quiz, we face off the greatest arms dealers and the … Read more


boxers in movies

The sport of boxing has inspired countless fiction works and larger-than-life figures over the years. The greatest boxer characters in the genre are beloved for their grit and determination, not to mention their jaw-dropping ability to take a punch (or several). In this category, we collected 10 of the greatest boxers in movies. They are … Read more

Drug Lords

Movies Drug Lords

If you thought drug dealers were earning well…Hold my beer. Drug lords sit on hordes of wealth and boy do they know how to flaunt it. From gorgeous ladies and rare cars to exotic pets and a sea of servants, Drug lords are the perfect figures to demonstrate how power and crime can change a … Read more

Corrupt Lawyers

Movie Lawyers

Lawyers don’t have the best rep, but where would we be without priceless gems like “I object!” and “I’m out of order? You’re out of order!” From the fast-talkers to the slightly sketchy, these lawyers won’t rest until they see justice done (or at least their version of it). In this poll, we face off … Read more


There are few places quite as magical, where anything can happen, like the bar. Think about it, you can have attentive bartenders who double as psychologists, you can have romantic dates and brutal brawls, and much much more! In this poll, we face off the 10 bartenders who make it all possible! Showtime! Doug Coughlin … Read more