Super-powered Teenage Boys

Trying to cope with growing up is confusing enough! You got to deal with rampant hormones, ups and downs, high school, and your parents. It’s a nightmare! The last thing you need is having lethal superhuman abilities. From Peter Parker to Adam Davenport, in this category we faceoff the most remarkable super-powered teenage boys who are struggling to balance their special abilities with trying to be normal teens.

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1. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) vs Dick Grayson(Teen Titans)

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Peter Parker is Spider-Man. At a science demonstration Peter got bitten by a radioactive spider. This made him sick so he went home, but on his way home he dodged a car he hadn’t seen by jumping up and sticking to a wall. He quickly learned that the spider bite had given him super powers. Peter could now leap 30 feet in the air! He could crush a steel pipe in one hand! He could stick to walls! And he had this weird “spider-sense” that warned him of any incoming danger! As Spider-Man, Peter uses those powers to try and make New York, and sometimes the world, a better place. He doesn’t seek out fame and fortune. He doesn’t use his abilities to make himself rich. He’s one of us. He’s just a geeky dude with incredible power.

Dick Grayson is Nightwing, a crime-fighting hero. When his entire family was brutally murdered by a mobster, Dick was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne who trained him to become his sidekick. Dick took the name Robin and became one of the toughest vigilantes around. As Robin, he has been in some brutal fights and has proven a danger to even superpowered adversaries. When he left his role as Batman’s vigilante partner, he adopted the identity of Nightwing and started to do things on his own. His code, like Batman’s, is simple—don’t break the law, or else! Despite the fact that Nightwing doesn’t go as far as Batman in his crime-fighting activities, he still manages to be very effective.

Both Peter Parker and Dick Grayson crime-fighting careers were born out of a family tragedy and both suited up at a very young age to take on foes twice their age and size. Also, both are amazingly acrobatic fighters, being the lights of their respective dark worlds.

Faceoff Question:

Which one of these teenage vigilantes has suffered more tragedies over the years? Peter Parker or Dick Grayson?

2. Aang (Avatar) vs Superboy (Young Justice)

Super-powered Teenage Boys

Aang is the last Airbender, and holds the title of the “Avatar”, the spirit of peace manifested in human form. As such, Aang can master all four elements – water, earth, fire, and air – a feat that no one but the Avatar can perform. The world relies on the Avatar to keep the Four Nations at peace. Aang, is the most powerful person alive during his time which was also true for all previous Avatars before him.

As The Avatar, he can enter “The Avatar State” which is a state that the Avatar can go into when they really need or want to go all out.  When an Avatar enters it, its already magnanimous power gets amped. Imagine it like an advanced version of an advanced version. Aang actually has seemingly limitless power and he can get help from dozens of powerful Avatars that lived before him, as well as help from other beings in the spirit world. 

In the Young Justice animated series, Superboy, aka Conner Kent, was created in a lab as a binary clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, having spent his first 16 weeks of existence as a science project. He has Superman’s DNA and as such has some, but not all of Superman’s powers. This includes super strength, speed, and durability, and he can jump very high, but not fly. He also does not have heat vision. He possesses extraordinary levels of superhuman strength enabling him to easily lift several hundreds of tons overhead.

Faceoff Question:

Who would win in a battle? Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender or Superboy from the Young Justice animated series?

3. Brandon Breyer (Brightburn) vs Andrew Detmer (Chronicle)

Super-powered Teenage Boys

In Brightburn movie, Brandon is an alien from an unknown planet who landed and was adopted by human parents who raised him as their own. However, in his teens Brandon became troubled. He developed superpowers and turned into a psychopathic killer. Using his super strength, invulnerability, flight, heat vision, and telekinesis he began to terrorize his adoptive hometown. Brandon is seen to easily lift a large four-wheel drive vehicle 20 feet into the air with flight power and strength. Flies through wood and concrete buildings at near bullet speeds without resistance or injury and get shot in the head at 15 paces with a high caliber rifle and isn’t wounded. It is unknown whether Brandon turn bad, or was he sent in by his race to conquer Earth. Regardless, he is a major threat to Earth.

In the Chronicle movie, Andrew Detmer is a bullied teenager gifted with telekinetic powers who descends into villainy. Originally a regular human, after finding a glowing rock covered in the transparent crystalline spire, Andrew develops telekinetic powers. He can move, bend, or solid matter with the strength of his mind alone. He was capable of tossing a bus over one hundred yards away, crushing an automobile frame, and projecting waves of telekinetic force capable of bowling over cars and people with ease. Also, using his telekinesis on his own body, he could levitate himself in the air and fly at moderate speeds. His telekinetic force could be used to shield him from physical harm. Making him practically invulnerable.

Faceoff Question:

Which one pf these evil superpowered teenagers is more twisted? Brandon Breyer from Brightburn or Andrew Detmer from Chronicle?

4. Adam Davenport (Lab Rats) vs Will Stronghold (Sky High)

Super-powered Teenage Boys

In Disney’s TV series Lab Rats, Adam Davenport is a bionic Superhuman whose main power is super-strength. Because of this, Adam serves as the muscle of his team. He is shown to be at least 10 times stronger than the average person is, and that is before he got some upgrades. In fact, he is the strongest man in the universe, having beaten the Crusher in a weightlifting contest. Also, he has Super Jump, Heat Vision and he can shoot balls of electricity from his hands and even a Blast Wave. Truthfully, Adam is a bit dim-witted most of the time, but still likable.

In Disney’s TV series Sky High, Will Theodore Stronghold is the son of two super-powered parents, The Commander and Jetstream. He has inherited some of his parents’ powers, such as Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, and Supersonic Flight. Despite being the main hero, Will is kind of a jerk, possessed with the idea of being popular and accepted.   When he understands his errors, he apologizes to his friends for his behavior. However, it seemed too little, too late for some fans.

Faceoff Question:

Which one of these Disney super-powered teenage boys is more likely to be your friend? Adam Davenport from Lab Rats or Will Strong from Sky High?

5. Mark Grayson (Invincible) vs. Five Hargreeves (Umbrella Academy)

Super-powered Teenage Boys

In Amazon Prime’s animated series Invincible, Mark Grayson is a teen superhero and the son of Omni-Man the greatest superhero on Earth. Mark trains to be a hero under his father’s wings and also fights crime and alien invaders together with a group of teenage superheroes named Teen Team. However, Mark’s world is shattered when he finds out that his father is an alien who was sent to Earth by a galactic empire in order to weaken it and prepare it to be conquered. Mark is an alien/human hybrid, but in his case, it seems he is nearly a full-blooded alien who inherited many amazing superpowers:  

He can fly at incredible speeds, capable of breaking the sound barrier inside Earth’s atmosphere with ease but also fly multiple times faster in space. He has a lung capacity to hold his breath for weeks at a time and shows Nigh-Invulnerability, although powerful weapons can hurt him to some degree.

In Netflix’s Umbrella Academy TV series, Five Hargreeves, aka Number Five is one of the 43 babies who have been all born on the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989 to moms without any preceding symptoms of pregnancy. He has the capacity for area-time manipulation. It lets in him to journey thru space and time and teleport objects without physical contact. Five Hargreeves is also a skilled assassin and fighter, who was trained in advanced combat techniques by the Temps Commission, an organization overseeing the space-time continuum.

Faceoff Question:

You can pick the power set of one of those two super-powered teenage boys. Whose powers do you pick? Mark Grayson from Invincible or Five Hargreeves from Umbrella Academy?

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