Top 10 New Fantasy TV Shows

Top 10 New Fantasy TV Shows

In the ever-evolving landscape of television, the years 2022 and 2023 ushered in a fantastical era, offering viewers an array of captivating fantasy TV shows. From epic tales of mythical realms to gripping narratives woven with magic and intrigue, this period witnessed a surge in groundbreaking storytelling that transported audiences to imaginative worlds beyond the … Read more

Top 20 Best Dragons Ever!

best dragons

Dragons! Just saying the word fills you with so much joy. Dragons are magnificent flying creatures. From their beautiful designs, rich lore, and their sheer power, dragons are always a delight to see on the big or little screen. They are a huge part of film, books, TV, video games, and more. Many have even … Read more

10 Movies Like The Goonies: Heroic Kids

movies like the goonies

In this list, we face off against 10 movies and TV shows like The Goonies, featuring the most courageous kids who weren’t afraid to rise to the challenge and save the day. The 1985 American adventure comedy film, was co-produced and directed by Richard Donner. The screenplay, by Chris Columbus, was based on a story … Read more

Anime vs Superheroes: It’s Time To Pick A Side!

East vs West Epic Battles League Group Stage

Here we go to the Epic Battle League! Where the mighty anime combatants will take on the greatest western world heroes in an epic extravaganza of East vs West, Anime vs Superheroes! It has long been a debate among fans who are the most powerful characters out there. Are they the characters from western comics, video … Read more