Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who Wins?

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson! The Two teen characters have taken the genre of fantasy by storm. As such, they make one of the most fascinating match-ups that pop culture has to offer. They share so many similarities.

Harry and Percy are Half-Blood kids. Harry Potter is half wizard and half muggle, and Percy Jackson is half human and half god. Both have old mentors, Albus Dumbledore and Chiron, who are leaders in their own right.

Both are given magical objects (the cloak/ Riptide) by their mentors, which their fathers intended to pass on to them. Likewise, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are accompanied by female friends, Hermione Granger and Annabeth Chase. They are extremely clever and always seem to have a plan. Mind you, this battle report is not a battle to determine who is a better character, who is more likable or has a more charming personality, etc. We are here to determine who will win in a fight to the death. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Battle conditions

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson

The battle takes place in the shopping mall in the movie Mallrats. Percy with his Riptide sword. Harry with his wand. No outside help. Both know of each other’s abilities as well as what they are (Wizard/ Demigod) Morals Off. The combatants will be put through three excruciating rounds in the following key factors: Powers, Biggest Feats, and Fighting Skills. Whoever wins more rounds overall wins the battle!  Harry Potter and Percy Jackson movies and book versions combined. Starts at 100M.

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who Is More Powerful?

With several parameters in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson, and who would win in a fight.

How powerful is Harry Potter?

He is among the most accomplished and powerful wizards to ever come out of Hogwarts. Harry certainly proved to have skills far beyond his classmates, as he summoned a Patronus (a magical animal guardian) in his 3rd year in school, a feat that managed to impress even the Wizengamot who was attempting to convict him. He was one of the best Quidditch (a wizarding sport played on broomsticks) players in the school and it all started with his first time on a broom in which he managed to convince McGonagall he was a good seeker.

He also managed to hold his own against many powerful foes, including Voldemort, many Death Eaters, and several creatures from Dragons to Skrewts, and managed to fight off the Imperius curse and see into Snape’s mind, quite possibly the best occlumens and regimens in the wizarding world. If we simply look at “powerful” in the sense of the “ability to fight the dark forces”, Harry has a full seven years of practical experience battling the most powerful dark lord in the wizarding world.

It is heavily implied in the Harry Potter series that magical abilities are genetic. Both Harry Potter’s parents are magical, pure-blood wizards and muggle-born witches, which almost guarantees the ability will be passed on. And indeed Harry was born with veins flowing with magic. There is no doubt that Harry is incredibly, natively powerful. He can perform advanced magic at an early age at greater levels than we see done by any other wizard (for example when he blasts the Dementors away with his Patroness). Hogwarts is a prestigious school for people that have more magic in them and it seems that Harry’s native magical abilities surpass that of anyone else in the school and even the entire series besides Dumbledore, and perhaps Voldemort.

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How powerful is Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson is a Demigod, the son of the Olympic God Poseidon, and a mortal woman. He is one of the most powerful demigods living. The only other demigods whose powers rival him are Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, and Jason Grace. He has fought and defeated many monsters, probably more than any other demigod we know. On more than one occasion, Percy has contributed to the salvation of Olympus and the world as a whole.

He has Hydrokinesis, which means he can control great volumes of water, breathe underwater without needing air, can speed up or slow down a current, can control a sea storm and even the ability to be healed by water. He can even control poisons and other liquids to a certain degree as they have water content in them.

As the son of Poseidon, Percy is considerably stronger than a regular mortal and demigod. He could strangle a snake when he was a toddler, rip out the Minotaur’s horn, and tip over a seemingly insurmountably strong Cyclops.

He also has superhuman speed that allows him to cut a volley of arrows in half, and deflect a bullet moving 1,700 miles per hour, even though he could barely see the bullet. Among his biggest feats are killing a Fury and the Minotaur with no demigod training, summoning a hurricane, Stalemating Ares at twelve years old, being able to hold himself against Kronos, and Atlas, and holding up the sky for several seconds.

However, being the son of Poseidon holds even greater congenital advantages for Percy Jackson. Poseidon is not just any god. He is the God of the sea, the storms, the earthquakes, the droughts, and the floods, one of the Big Three gods of Olympus, Zeus Poseidon, and Hades. As his son, Percy was born with a wide array of divine and magical abilities at his disposal, like supernatural alertness and keen senses that keep him alive in battle, the ability to summon storms and strong winds around him, and even divine authority over sea creatures.

Percy has superhuman strength that allows him, for instance, to snap Clarisse’s second electric spear “like a twig”, and KO demigods with one hit. He even held onto a ledge, while supporting Annabeth’s and his own weight with just his fingers, without much discomfort. It just seems that having wizard DNA, which is what gives Harry his abilities, isn’t as strong as having the DNA of a major god. Percy has more abilities in terms of numbers, making him the clear winner in this regard.

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who Has Better Feats of Strength?

Here are some of Harry’s feats:

Held Voldemort to a stalemate in the graveyard during the Goblet of Fire at the age of 14. Broke into Snape’s mind for a few seconds during occupancy, who is arguably the best at it, without practicing. Managed to chase down Bellatrix and land the Cruciatus curse on her and causing her slight pain after just the first time using it. It is safe to say that Harry pushed the boundaries of magic.

Throughout the series, Harry Potter has done some genuinely impressive feats. He has killed the giant serpent Basilisk by stabbing it with the Sword of Gryffindor. He has fought off two Dementors on his own. Harry improved on the Patronus charm and made it usable for even basic skilled wizards to pull off. That is a major accomplishment for the wizarding race against the worst of beasts. He has survived Voldemort’s Killing Curse with just a scar. He has defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Here are some of Percy’s feats:

Percy Jackson is no slouch either. He had split Mount Saint Hellen’s and his feat affected the entire West Coast of the US. That was when he was younger, weaker, and less experienced. He fought off an entire legion of undead, thousands strong, and well-armed, and held them back though they couldn’t die. The moment they could die, he immediately defeated all of them. In Tartarus, which amps monsters and weakens Demigods, Percy jumped hundreds of feet. He has tanked lightning from Jason and got up like 5 seconds later. He killed Arachne, a major monster, in a single sword stroke. Since we couldn’t find a single feat that would tip the scales in favor of one of the opponents, we will call it a tie in this department.

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who Has Better Fighting Skills?

Let’s start this off by saying that Harry Potter can fight. If he hadn’t, he would not have survived the many brutal and violent fights he went through. Sure, regarding his dueling prowess, Harry is not on the same level as Voldemort, Dumbledore, or even Snape.

However, he has proven to be one of the best fighters in the series. Much of his success in duels come from luck, but also from intuition and knowing how to act and act quickly. But despite this, he is a great wizard when it comes to Defense against the Dark Arts, so it’s not all luck or intuition. He is likely to get even better as he grows older and becomes an Auror.

Although Harry usually uses spell-based attacks, in some instances he had to physically attack his enemies, using punches and kicks, and even resorted to attacking a Dementor with his wand for it to release him. Unfortunately for him, this time he is fighting a particularly tough opponent, who is a natural-born warrior.

Percy is a naturally talented swordsman. It is clear that his skills continue to grow as time passes, capable of holding his own against and defeating larger, more experienced, and more powerful opponents. He was able to disarm Luke, the most skilled swordsman at Camp Half-Blood for the last three hundred years, in a swordsmanship class with a complex maneuver he just learned.

In The Son of Sobek book, Carter admitted that Percy was a way better swordsman than he was even with Carter’s specialty being combat magic. Percy is trained for combat including supernatural powers, close combat, and sword fighting – while Harry depends solely on his wand and mind. This round goes to Percy!

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who Wins?

So, after all, three rounds, who is the chosen one? The score is 12-9 in favor of Percy Jackson. Sometimes the score says it all. Harry Potter is an exceptional duelist. He is a master at defensive spells. He is fearless in the face of adversity, which is really only enhanced by his jock-like traits of endurance under duress. We have no doubt he will give Percy a run for his money.

However, he cannot hope to win this fight! He can bombard Percy with spells, but he’ll just postpone the inevitable. Percy has INSANE reflexes and superhuman speed. He could dodge every spell and curse, deflect it off using his sword Riptide or even block it with water.

Moreover, based on The Son of Sobek book, it appears that spells will have a very limited effect on Percy or none at all. But more importantly than that, Percy could control any liquid. This includes blood. If he had to, he could make Harry blackout, or fill his lungs with spit (he’s done that before when he started drowning an ancient goddess in her snot and tears).

The shield charm that Harry uses (Protego) can block only some certain hexes and kinetic objects but NOT a whole barrage of blows from Percy!! Percy has achieved godlike levels of power and few even compare. In short, don’t mess with Percy Jackson.

Verdict: Percy Jackson Wins!

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson

Who Wins?

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