Omni-Man vs Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Omni-Man vs Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

With the announcement that Invincible is coming back in 2023 for season 2 on Prime Video, I thought it is high time I wrote about Omni-Man vs. Superman. In the world of superheroes, there are few battles more epic than that one. Both characters are incredibly powerful, with abilities that have captivated major audiences over the … Read more

Top 20 Best Marvel Movies Ranked

20 Best Marvel Movies Ranked

Marvel movies are the most ambitious film project of our generation, a franchise that has made the money squeezer of pawnshops and trilogies a joke, with 29 films (as of 2023) unfolding a story on a scale never seen in the worlds of cinema, and we are still far from the end. Love them or … Read more

Brightburn vs Superman: Who Would Win?

Brightburn vs Superman

The superhero plot twists contained dozens of plot moves where the heroes were corrupted and became a dangerous destructive forces. And Brightburn and Superman are no exception. There are a number of similarities between Brightburn and Superman. Both are orphans with superpowers who end up being raised by adoptive human parents. Both also have alien … Read more

Top 16 Iconic Superhero Poses

Top 16 Iconic Superhero Poses

Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or DC Comics, most of us can agree that superheroes are some of the most iconic figures in pop culture history. From Superman to Batman, they have become larger-than-life figures that have influenced generations of fans and shaped popular culture. But what makes them so iconic? Part of it … Read more

Homelander vs Superman Who Would Win?

Homelander vs Superman- Who Would Win?

Who would win in a fight between Homelander and Superman? One comes from a beloved comic book franchise and the other is one of the most iconic superhero characters ever. Homelander, the leader of The Seven in Amazon’s hit TV series The Boys, and Superman, the Man of Steel himself. Who would emerge victorious if … Read more

Top 26 Unforgettable Characters With Black Hair

26 characters with black hair

Black hair is the most common of all human hair colors globally, so no wonder there are so many fictional characters with black hair. Despite its dark color, black is not necessarily negative, as there are quite a few black-haired characters that are brave and selfless. However, there are also very evil characters with black hair color. From … Read more

Superman vs Superman

superman vs superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an all-out blue superhero battle! In this epic battle extravaganza, I Faceoff everything Superman vs Superman-related tropes, from actors who played the Man of Steel to Superman villains, Lois Lane, and Superman-like characters to find out who is the bests. Born Kal-El, Superman is the last son of Krypton, … Read more

Ranked: Top 40 Superheroes That Wear Blue

blue superheroes

In this list, we are going to explore the color that makes us feel like in heaven and check out the greatest top 40 blue superheroes measured up against the other blues. Blue is the color of the ocean, the twilight, and the sky. It signifies power, trust, wisdom, and confidence. So no wonder why … Read more

Captain Marvel vs Superman: Who would win in a fight?

superman vs captain marvel

An epic battle between Captain Marvel and Superman is not only intriguing because the two are such powerful heroes in the DC and Marvel universes, but also because they share so many similarities. Both are popular and respected superheroes! Superman and Captain Marvel are both flying superheroes (even in space)! They share alien DNA. In … Read more