Anime vs Superheroes: It’s Time To Pick A Side!

Here we go to the Epic Battle League! Where the mighty anime combatants will take on the greatest western world heroes in an epic extravaganza of East vs West, Anime vs Superheroes!

It has long been a debate among fans who are the most powerful characters out there. Are they the characters from western comics, video games, movies, and TV shows? Or are they the anime and manga characters who rule?

The problem is comic book superheroes, for instance, just tend to fight against other superheroes or supervillains and never get to meet anime characters. Similarly, anime.

Anime vs Superheroes

This time, however, we’re going to mix things up and make some superheroes and other super-powered characters visit the world of anime and vice versa.

The Anime vs Superheroes tournament will be conducted in a way that first settles who are the four greatest combatants in each conference and only then will the remaining four be pitted against the four greatest combatants from the opposing conference.

Anime vs Superheroes: Western Conference

Anime vs Superheroes

Group 1: The Fast and the Furious

  1. Quicksilver vs. The Mask
  2. Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman
  3. Smaug vs Drogo
  4. The Flash vs Deadpool

Group 2: Super-Brawn Fighters

  1. Doomsday vs Hulk
  2. Kratos vs King Leonidas
  3. Dr. Doom vs Thanos
  4. Superman vs He-Man

Group 3: Vigilantes

  1. Green Lantern vs. Iron Man
  2. Shazam vs. Mr. Incredible
  3. Batman vs. Nite Owl
  4. The Man with No Name vs. Harmonica

Group 4: Magical Fantasy

  1. Doc Brown vs. Rick Sanchez
  2. Rey vs. Eleven
  3. Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson
  4. Doctor Strange vs. Darth Vader

Anime vs Superheroes: Eastern Conference

Anime vs Superheroes
Anime vs Superheroes

Group 1: Adrenaline Junkies

  1. Saitama vs. Gilgamesh
  2. Luffy vs. Might Guy
  3. Adult BSM Naruto vs. Tatsumaki
  4. Rin Tohsaka vs Kazuma Yagami

Group 2: Powerful Anime

  1. Boros vs. Meliodas
  2. Mihawk vs Shanks
  3. Toriko vs. Saitama
  4. Yhwach vs. Midora

Group 3: The hatful eight

  1. Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki vs. Dangai Ichigo
  2. Naraku vs. Zeref Dragneel
  3. Yamamoto vs. Sasuke
  4. Kasumi vs. King Bradley

Group 4 : Super Amplified Anime Warriors

  1. Goku vs. Pegasus Seiya
  2. Kai Chisaki vs. Edward Elric
  3. Current Genos vs. Prime Whitebeard
  4. Roronoa Zoro vs. Saber

Anime vs Superheroes

That gives us 32 characters. This is an elimination tournament, where the loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated. Each winner will play another round, until the final match-up.

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The Epic Battle League – It’s time to pick a side!

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