The sport of boxing has inspired countless fiction works and larger-than-life figures over the years. The greatest boxer characters in the genre are beloved for their grit and determination, not to mention their jaw-dropping ability to take a punch (or several). In this category, we collected 10 of the greatest boxers in movies. They are the toughest boxers to ever enter the ring for a once-in-a-lifetime.

Boxers Faceoff

Ring wars: Rocky Balboa vs Jake LaMotta

These two men are two boxing legends, who have fought wars in the ring. Who comes victorious? Rocky Balboa (Rocky 3, movie) or Jake LaMotta (Raging Bull, movie)?

boxers in movies

Who comes victorious?

A lifetime of preparations! Billy “The Great” Hope vs James J. Braddock

Both boxers have lived a turbulent life in and out of the ring. whose life has better prepared him for this fight? Billy “The Great” Hope (Southpaw, movie) or James J. Braddock (Cinderella Man, movie)?

Whose life has better prepared him for this fight?

The world heavyweight championship title: Muhammad Ali vs Clubber Lang

It’s the world heavyweight championship and both contenders are in their prime. Who wins? Muhammad Ali (Ali, movie) vs Clubber Lang (Rocky 3, movie)?

boxers in movies

Who would win?

O.K or K.O? Maggie Fitzgerald vs Diana Guzman

These strong women have worked hard to get to this point. Who would K.O be the opponent? Maggie Fitzgerald (Million Dollar Baby, movie) or Diana Guzman (Girlfight, movie)?

Who would K.O the opponent?

The title shot: Micky Ward vs Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter

These two boxers just got a title shot. Who is more likely to step up? Micky Ward (The Fighter, movie) vs Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter (The Hurricane, movie)

Who is more likely to step up and win a title shot?