Drug Lords

If you thought drug dealers were earning well…Hold my beer. Drug lords sit on hordes of wealth and boy do they know how to flaunt it. From gorgeous ladies and rare cars to exotic pets and a sea of servants, Drug lords are the perfect figures to demonstrate how power and crime can change a person and ultimately lead to their downfall. In this poll, we face off the most ruthless movies and tv series drug lords to ever appear on the screen.

See also: Arms Dealers.

Drug Lords Faceoff

Drug Lords: Gustavo Fring vs Pablo Escobar

These drug lords have very different management styles. Who would you rather work under, Breaking Bad’s Gustavo Fring, or Narcos’ Pablo Escobar?

Who would you rather work under?

Go legit: Tony Montana vs Nino Brown

If these drug lords had to go totally legit who would do better than the other? Tony Montana (Scarface, movie) or Nino Brown (New Jack City)

Who would do better if he went legit?

Let’s party! Reese Feldman vs Ricardo Diaz

Leading your own drug cartel may be stressful at times. Which one of these drug kingpins knows how to unwind and party? Reese Feldman (Starsky and Hutch, movie) or Ricardo Diaz (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, video game)?

Which one of these drug kingpins knows how to party?

The Post-Apocalyptic Tyrant: Rogelio Torrez vs Drexl Spivey

These guys made a lot of money in the world we live in now. Who would thrive even more in a post-apocalyptic world? Rogelio Torrez (Machete, 2010 movie) or Drexl Spivey (True Romance, movie)?

Who would thrive in a post-apocalyptic world?

The New Drug Kingpin is a She! Paloma Reynosa vs Ma-Ma

Is it harder to be a female drug kingpin? These women say. Who is more violent? Paloma Reynosa (NCIS) or “Ma-Ma” (Dredd, movie)

Who is more violent?