There are few places quite as magical, where anything can happen, like the bar. Think about it, you can have attentive bartenders who double as psychologists, you can have romantic dates and brutal brawls, and much much more! In this poll, we face off the 10 bartenders who make it all possible!


Doug Coughlin (Cocktail) vs Violet Sanford (Coyote Ugly)

Your new nightclub is opening tomorrow and you need to hire a bartender that will really dazzle the guests! Which bartender do you hire?

Which bartender would you hire to dazzle your guests?


Arthur the android bartender (Passengers) vs Guinan (Star Trek)

You don’t have money for both booze and a shrink, so you want a 2-in-1 deal. Who do you choose as your bartender/confidant?

Who would you choose as your bartender/confidant?

Best friend

Lloyd the bartender (The Shining) vs Marion Ravenwood (Indiana Jones)

It’s time to take your relationship with your bartender to the next level! Which one do you rather befriend?

Which bartender do you think has a more interesting life story?

Feel good

Samuel “Mayday” Malone (Cheers, TV series) vs Isaac Washington (The Love Boat)

You slept badly, your morning has been shit, and your day has been even worse–but it’s finally time for the pub! Who do you visit to lift your spirits at the end of the day?

Top 10 Fictional Bartenders Poll

Which bartender would you go to for a pick-me-up at the end of a long day?


Weasel (Deadpool) vs Steve Brady (Sex and the city)

You’re at the end of a long day and there’s nothing like hearing the crazy life stories of your bartender. Whose tale are you more eager to hear?

Which bartender would you choose?