Epic Battles League, Round 2: Preview

Epic Battles League

The first round of the Epic Battles League ended with many surprises. Thank you for voting and sharing your thoughts and ideas with us and the face-off community. We are left with the top 8 legends, divided into 4 different groups. Your Vote Vote on the poll below, or on Instagram and post a comment clearly supporting … Read more

Wonder Woman vs Might Guy: Who Would Win?

Wonder Woman vs Might Guy

On one corner we have Princess Diana of Themyscira, one of the most dreaded warriors in fiction. She was even able to put up a good fight against “Pet Cemetery” Superman. Wonder Woman possesses incredible superhuman physical abilities. An inhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and healing. She is a master combatant and can generate energy … Read more

All Might vs Might Guy: Who Would Win?

Might Guy vs All Might

These two mighty warriors represent the peak of training and skills. Who would win? It’s Might Guy vs All Might. Evidently, having superpowers can tremendously influence one’s career choice. Super-powered individuals who will choose to become warriors or vigilantes will probably enjoy better work outputs and lower insurance rates compared to their non-superpowered colleagues. In … Read more