Epic Battles League, Round 2: Preview

The first round of the Epic Battles League ended with many surprises. Thank you for voting and sharing your thoughts and ideas with us and the face-off community. We are left with the top 8 legends, divided into 4 different groups.

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Vote on the poll below, or on Instagram and post a comment clearly supporting one or the other. Comment votes count ten times more than Instagram votes.

Round 2 Battles

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars) vs Meliodas (7 Deadly Sins)

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Meliodas

Talking about different fighting styles! Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Meliodas, the only thing these two masters have in common is that they both start from a standing position.

Wonder Woman (DCEU) vs Might Guy (Naruto Shippuden Netflix)

Wonder Woman vs Might Guy

Wonder Woman vs Might Guy On one corner we have Princess Diana of Themyscira, one of the most dreaded warriors in fiction. On the other corner, with his “nice guy” pose, is Might Guy. With his almost unparalleled skills in the Strong Fist style.

Supergirl (CWTV) vs Hancock (Movie version, 2008)

Supergirl vs Hancock

With an Alcohol-drinking problem, violence issues, and a history of lawsuits against him Hancock is practically a public menace. Coming up against him is Supergirl, the perfect miss goody Two-Shoes: Hancock vs Supergirl!

Alita (Movie, Netflix) vs Raiden (Metal Gear)

Alita vs Raiden

In this epic battle of bionic knights, Cyber-Girl Alita takes on Raiden, the cyborg mercenary.

The tension rises as the combatants enter the arena to the roars of the crowd. Now it’s up to you – Keep voting and feel free to also comment about each match-up and share your thoughts with us.
Let the tournament continue!

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