The Top 20 Martial Artists in Movies and TV Shows

Martial Artists in Movies and TV

The martial arts genre has much to offer pop culture enthusiasts. From the beautifully choreographed fight scenes that leave us inspired to go out and learn martial arts, to the eastern aesthetics of comic reliefs. In our search for the Top 20 Martial Artists in Movies and TV Shows, we inspect everything from action movie … Read more

The Best Ninjas Movies and TV Shows

ninjas in movies and tv shows

First invented in feudal Japan, the ninja is a covert special agent trained in the martial art of ninjutsu. Ninjas are known for doing the dirty work that samurais wouldn’t do. From sabotage and espionage to guerrilla warfare and assassinations, they’ll most likely take you out before you know they’re there. In this list, we … Read more

The Bride vs Jen Yu: Who Is The Ultimate Swordswoman?

The Bride vs Jen Yu

Martial art movies are filled with memorable male characters portrayed by macho actors like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Jet Li, and many more. Indeed, it is a male-dominated genre. But, some female actresses have proved that it doesn’t take a ‘Y chromosome’ to be an action star. Actually, some of … Read more